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Part 2

I never imagine that one day I would be sitting on a wheel chair. I remember when I stepped out the bathroom after getting ready to go home, I almost had a heart attack when the door opened and the nurse strolled in with it.

’No no no! there’s no way am not sitting on that thing” I scoffed which earned me a stern look from my mom who was helping me to sit on the bed.

The bandage on my leg was not that big, thank God the fall was not fatal otherwise I would have had a few broken bones and casts on my limbs.

“You can’t walk yet not unless you want your leg to swell and come back here” the doctor chuckled when he saw the horrified expression on my face.

I obeyed without another complain and with the help of my mom and nurse I was set on the wheel chair.

“Don’t worry dear its only up to the car after that you will never see it again” my mom reassured me. Daddy walked in carrying my medication and release sheet smiling at me.

“Let’s get you out of here Angel”

The ride back home was filled with silent, except from when my dad received calls which I assumed was related to work. Every time I looked on the rear mirror I caught my mom staring at me but she would look away immediately.

When we reached home dad took me to my room and left me to rest. Eddy was nowhere to be seen and I was worried.

I tried calling him but he sent me straight to voicemail it felt like he was avoiding me or rather the whole family. I wondered what happened or did dad scold him after the accident.

Around 8pm I heard his movements in his room. I got up from my bed with the help of the clutch that dad bought me. I just wanted to see him, I just couldn’t let him take the guilt trip and I knew our parents had given him an earful.

I limped towards Eddy’s room and there he was with his headphones on reading a book. He seemed so engrossed on what he was reading that he didn’t notice I was in his room, I made my way in until I was standing at his bedside. He was startled when I touched his shoulder.

“Anna what are you doing here?” he got up quickly and tried to help me sit. You should be in bed resting mom will just get mad again if she finds you here”


“But nothing, you should listen to what you are told”

“Ok” I pouted and tried to get up. “I’ll be in my room” I winced when I tried to move and Eddy was by my side in an instant helping me out.

I was back in my room when my mom came with my food, I was just praying that there won’t be a repeat of last night. She set the tray at the table beside my bed.

“I can manage mom” I whined. I was in a foul mood after Eddy turned me away.

“Are you ok? Are you in Pain?”

“Mom stop am good you can leave now, I will eat.” My mom was shocked at my outburst that she couldn’t say a thing and I felt bad. I have never raised my voice at anyone leave alone my parents.

“Am sorry mom please I dint mean to” she didn’t say a word she just nodded and left.

“Damn it!” I threw the pillow down in frustration.

I had no appetite but I forced myself to eat I just did not want any more trouble.

Dad came in a little bit later when I was getting ready for bed.

“I take it you have spoken to your brother” he strolled in and sat on the armchair next to my bed. I didn’t say anything I was still ashamed by the way I behaved with my mom and I assumed she told him.

“Angel look at me” I raised my eyes and looked at him.

“Kennedy has to go and it was planned even before the accident happened, so don’t think it’s a form of punishment it was his decision” Wait what? I guess he saw my reaction.

“Anna come down, I thought Eddy told you” now that explains why Eddy was reading that brochure.

“Dad he didn’t want to go he said he wouldn’t go” I started sobbing.

“I am tired I want to sleep” I turned and closed my eyes before he could say anything.

A moment later I heard a soft thud indicating he had left.

“Kennedy Armani, you are a traitor” I sighed.


Two weeks passed and my dear brother was still avoiding me. I could walk now without the clutch and my limping was unnoticeable. At least now I could move around and I missed school so much.

I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water when I saw Eddy and Julie in the garden. It seemed like they were arguing and my brother was so mad, I could see it on his face.

“What’s wrong with those two” Joan inquired as she opened the fridge I just shrugged since I didn’t know too. Just I was about to leave the kitchen I saw Julie storming out.

“Aren’t you going to talk to him?” Joan asked “he’s a man Jojo, he can take care of himself” I ruffled her hair which she hated so much.

A moment later Eddie walked in. he was shocked to see us there, he forced a smile and said hi.

“You two finally broke up?” I blurted out. Jeez you have to control your mouth

“So who cheated on who?” I just couldn’t stop

“I did not cheat on Julie,” He said looking embarrassed “she was the one who cheated”

“Wait a minute, do you know this? You don’t look surprised.” He asked quirking his eyebrow.

“I am your sister after all. I notice everything and it’s not like you are innocent yourself. “I bumped his shoulder but he feigned innocence.

“What’s her name again? Ellie?” I raised my eyebrow.

“You are unbelievable” he muttered and left the room. That was the longest conversation we had since the accident. I could see Joan smiling and when I looked at her she just pretend like she wasn’t.

“whatever, that does not justify what you were doing. A flirt is a Flirt” I shouted behind at him.

“You can’t just steal from somebody just because something was stolen from you” Joan joined. Oh! My God! She was starting to sound like mom.

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