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Part 3

It was the last night that Eddy would be with us before He went to Stanford in California so mom prepared a special dinner for his farewell since he did not want a send off party. It was only us and Lydia my best friend who was like our sister since she spent more time here than at her house.

At first there was tension around the table, it seems like nobody wanted to address the elephant in the room and it was suffocating.

Maybe It was because of the accident or Eddy leaving which came as a blow to all of us except him and dad.

Well I had some health issues when I was young and she spent most of the time with me in the hospital.

My parents always tried to hide things from me that they thought were stressful and I really hated that. It seems like Eddy was joining their league too.

When the accident happened I guess that took us back down to memory lane.

The tension was so thick that you could have cut with a knife and my food was starting to taste sour.

I cleared my throat to speak, but Joan beat me to it.

“Are we in a funeral or what?” everybody busted out laughing and just like that the table turned into a buzz.

I mean it was his last night here and it would be a while before he came back.

“Jeez Eddy! Are you ten again?” I teased as he tried to put whole potato in his mouth.

Joan was doing the same until it dawn on me they were competing to finish food first so that they won’t be the ones to clear the table.

“Mom” I whined pointing at them because they always did this to me and I always ended up last Lydia was laughing at something my dad said and all of a sudden Eddy started coughing.

It seemed like he was chocking, dad woke up quickly and stood behind him to perform a CPR.

Once twice and he coughed out the piece of food.

“Next time think twice before you do something son” warned my father before sitting down.

I couldn’t help but laugh now that he was out of danger and Lydia joined me too.

My mom gave us a disapproving look but it didn’t make us stop.

Thank God my family had such beautiful hearts!

We all started chatting and laughing again while we dug in and eat.

Dad cleared his throat put on a serious face when we were all done eating and moved to the living room

“Anna, I want you to be honest and tell me where you were before the morning of the accident?” he asked.

ok where is this going to.

I looked at Lydia for help but she was looking everywhere but not at me.

“Lydia and I went to check out this mall that was recently opened” I smiled.

“And” he prompted

“It was fun actually, and did you know like you can find all sorts of people at the mall. Even con” I answered putting a spoonful of ice-cream in my mouth

“Nothing weird happened?” He asked again

“None that I can remember, though we met someone stran....” I stopped myself before I opened up hell upon myself.

Mom and dad always warned us about talking to strange people and the fortune teller was one without a doubt, my mom raised an eyebrow when I stopped talking.

Oh no my big mouth.

I didn’t know how to lie to them either, what was I supposed to do? I was in a dilemma

“Met with whom?” Mom asked

“ah! a..a...mah” I stuttered.

They kept staring at me. I didn’t even realize that I was sweating on my forehead,

damn! It always sells me out

“Siz you are a bad liar so just spill it out already” said Joan

“On our way back we bumped into a fortune teller.

Then she touched me by force and told me that darkness is coming for me” which gave me the heebie jeebies remembering the incident.

There! I said it, though I had left out some parts.

“fortune teller? Are you for real?” asked my mom.

“I said we bumped into her mom and before I knew what was happening she had touched me. And why are you asking me all these questions?” I became defensive wanting the questions to stop.

Call me spoilt brat but that has always been my remedy to walk out of trouble

“Come down Anna, the doctor said that you were stressed out apparently that’s why you were distracted before you fell. Why are you even agitated?” he asked trying to calm me down.

“Come on siz” Eddy chipped in,

“Since when did you become so superstitious, when did you start believing in those things?” He asked

“I did not!” I was still being defensive

“Then why are you so agitated?” Joan chimed.

“Is this an integration room?” I asked getting up from my seat

“Forget about it Angel, they are just con artists” Dad concluded with a serious voice

“Con artist” I scoffed

“then why was I dreaming about what the fortune teller said” I murmured hoping no one heard.

“It wasn’t real, you thought about it too much until it affected you physiologically. There is no darkness coming for you, okay?” mom gently smoothed my hair and smiled.


Days past and my night were nothing unusual occurred. After a couple of days we were preparing for end term exams.

A bunch of us were cupped up in the study room when I heard someone call my name.

“Anna!” I turned just to see Ellie running towards me, Julie rolled her eyes when she saw her

“Hi Ellie by the way Eddie told me to give you his new number” I smiled at her just to spite Julie.

She was a bitch and I don’t even know what my brother saw in her in the first place.

“Is nice to see you again I haven’t seen you in a long time this school is so big, am glad that you are ok though am sorry I didn’t come see you”


“Thanks, I don’t mind there’s no biggie”

“well I’ll leave you to continue with your study”

“It’s okay, bye and thanks again”. She hurried off; while Julie kept boring holes on her back

“Anna!” Lydia snapped her fingers to bring me back to reality.

“did Eddy really tell you to give her his number?” She asked. I smiled sweetly at her.

“You are unbelievable” She mumbled and I couldn’t help but grin at her

“Hey, what with that smile” she asked again.

“Can’t a girl be happy?” I was trying to live each day as much as I could and at the end of every day I would say to myself look I made it.

The augurs words were not going to dull my sparkle.

When we left the study room Lydia kept on humming the song kissed by a rose by Seal.

Whatsap with her

“My world will be filled with roses” she sighed looking into the sky

“Lydia, stop. Because of that witch, I got into an accident” I said angrily cursing the augur in my heart

“sorry Anna, I forgot but then listen to me, don’t believe anything she told you” She tried comforting me.

How ironic, she asks me not to pay attention to that fortune teller while she is praising her.

“You remember Ben my crash?” she asked enthusiastic

" yes what about him?” I asked. He was his big time crush ever since we joined high school but he was two stepped ahead of us.

“He is now courting me!” she blurted out excitedly.

“What? Come-on girlfriend, I want all the details” I pulled under the tree and we both sat down.

“So this is what happened, Mr. Martin gave us a project to work on and later paired us with the university students lucky for me, Ben was my partner. After spending some time together he finally confessed that he has always liked me from the first day he saw me but too afraid I would have rejected him”

“So why is he courting, should you not just go for the jackpot?” I asked, I didn’t see the reason for her to keep waiting, I mean she has been praying for this day ever since she met him

“Are you for real? Am not that desperate” she swayed back her braids with pride.

“yeah right?” I murmured.

“Well maybe a little, but he doesn’t know and I won’t let him find out” a little was totally an understatement. She was literally obsessed with him.

“Just a little?”

“Whatever you say.” I rolled my eyes.

“He will think am cheap if I just confess. The guy has to work hard to get this” she said pointing at her body like it was some sort of a trophy.

“Yeah girl he must be worth it” I gave her a high five and we both chuckle just when the bell rang and we both ran to our respective classes.

Just as I rounded the corner I felt like I was being watched but when I looked back there was no one. I tried to shake off the feeling but I couldn’t help but feel uneasy.


Days rushed by exams came and went and before I knew it, our end term results were ready.

I took my results with pride and show it off to my entire family.

“Am I not a university material?” I asked proudly.

“That’s my daughter” my mother answered proudly.

“you are a material” mocked Joan ruining the moment as always.

“Hey watch it! Jojo” I tried to swat her hand but she missed.

“You are speaking to the future president of Armani Co Inc.” I said trying to imitate how my mom walks, I think in her other life, she was a runway model, I mean she was always calculating her every steps.


I don’t know what came over me, schools were closed and Lydia wasn’t around to keep me company.

The following day I went to see the augur again.

I know it sounds crazy but someone had to put her at her right place and that person was going to be me.

The moment I stepped in even before I could open my mouth she spoke.

“just like a baby, u put your hand in the cookie jar you just couldn’t get enough. Could you?” she hadn’t even turn.

How did she know it was me?

“Hello, corn artist. Do you remember me?” I tried not to be fazed by her words and entered a little more inside.

“of course little one, are you here so that we can finish reading your fortune?” She asked nicely ignoring my rudeness

" Am not here for that trust me, I have better things to do than let you touch me” I answered arrogantly

“of what help may I be of child?”

“I just came here to show you how am doing. Well, as you can see no darkness and only light” I showed off.

“Don’t be fooled child”

“First of all, am not your child and second, fooled by what? The nightmare I had that night? Was that the darkness you were talking about?” I asked laughing dryly.

“It will come when you least expect it.” She held my hand suddenly without my permission and said.

“It’s here, the darkness. It will come inform of light, once you give in to it, it will show you its real face, resist! Resist!” I pulled my hand away from her and ran out of there.

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