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Part 4

I rushed back home even more disturbed. Her words again kept playing in my head again and again.

Wow everything backfired. So much for putting her in her place.

This time I had no one to blame but me and my two little feet that led me there.

I could no longer take it. I needed someone to speak to but Lydia had gone to ushago (country side), I had no choice but to confide in my parents anyway east or west, home is always the best.

My only worry was how they would react.

“What? You went back to that witch? But what for?” Lashed out my mother

“I wanted to prove her wrong to show her that am doing okay but then...” I tried defending myself.

“But then what was the point of you going there? We have warned you and your siblings about fortune tellers, why did you disobey us then? Before you bumped into her now you carried those tiny feet of yours to her place?” Daddy was furious.

I tried to apologize but they won’t let me.

“Miss Annabel Armani, you are grounded henceforth” continued my father.

“dad! That’s not fair, you can’t do this” I wasn’t expecting this at all.

“And who told you can tell me what to do young lady” I ran into my room and fell on the bed I started sobbing uncontrollably.

So much for confiding in my parents, if you lie you are in trouble if you speak the truth you are in trouble.

Now I was grounded for the entire week and I had to meet Lydia tomorrow at our favourite park since she was coming back.

Why did I even open my big mouth? I had to think of something, a way for my dad to be a little bit lenient, but what? I was too tired to think and I didn’t even know when I slept.


“Excuse me are you okay?” A voice woke me up. I was under our favourite tree.

“Are you okay?” He asked again. Using my hands to block the sun from my face, I looked at him.

“Who are you?” I asked still confused and trying to focus on him.

“I was passing by when I saw you having trouble sleeping. Isn’t it too early to sleep at the park?” He asked

“What! Am at the park?” I bolted up and looked at my surrounding.

I really was at the park, but how? I felt a little dizzy and I almost fell down but strong hands steadied me.

Ooh he was real for a second I thought I was dreaming.

“Thanks but I have to get home” I blushed. I was still a little bit disoriented.

“that still isn’t a good idea, you look a mess, how about this, let’s have an ice cream to get rid of the troubled face and the eye bags.” He suggested while signalling an ice cream vender.

I just stood there staring at him when the ice-cream vendor made his way with the cart towards us.

“I really should go and I don’t have the cash to pay for it.”

“Relax, it’s my treat” he smiled and bought two flavours.

“Strawberry or Vanilla?” he asked

“Strawberry please” I slowly took the ice cream and scooped a spoonful and the flavour bust into my mouth

“Mmmh! it feels so good! Thanks again for this ...Mr....”

“Oh no! You don’t have to thank me” he cut me short.

“And it’s Twilight, my name” he smiled. Oh my Goodness. How did I not see this earlier, he was so cute and his smile, it was like sunshine. I didn’t even realize I was staring. He was good looking, tall, well-built, his skin was chocolate and his orbs... oh my you could look into them and be in a trance.

Though I couldn’t make out the colour of his eyes, I guess it was because of the sun. They looked like a darker shade of Amber but then again when look deeply it seemed to be turning into a lighter shade. I think handsome was an understatement, no he was gorgeous that it made my stomach flatter.

His hair was short and curly like he had relaxed it and applied gel. He was dressed in a nice leather jacket, his pants were dark blue jeans and his shoes, wow! I like a man with nice shoes something I inherited from my mother. She always tell me that you can tell the character of a man by looking at his shoes.

I look down at what I was wearing, I felt embarrassed since it seemed like I slept walk from my house to the park. I was still in my pink pajamas drawn with teddy bears. I never sleep walk, I wondered how I reached here but then again its was two pm, but then again why didn’t anybody try to stop me from leaving home, especially dressed like this?


“A penny for your thoughts” he said bringing me back to reality.

“mmh, yeah, I have never seen you before, do you live around here?” I asked trying to make a conversation

“I doubt even if you have seen before, you’d recognize me”

“And why is that?” I asked

“Because your eyes seem so heavy, like you are still sleeping” he smirked

“Thanks for the complement.” I countered back attempting to smile.

“Okay I have to leave now, it was nice meeting you” I was sure once mom found out I was not in my room I’d be grounded for the rest of my life.

“So soon?” he asked. I felt the urge to stay longer,

“Actually it’s late already and you have to wake up Anna”

“What?” Suddenly I opened my eyes and when I looked around I was in my room and it was nine thirty am.

“Anna are you awake?” I heard Joan’s voice calling from outside my room

“A dream in a dream?” I muttered under my breath confused. Whatever that was, I thank the heavens for sending him to rescue me from the nightmares

“Am coming Jojo let me shower first” I shouted heading towards the bathroom and took a cold shower. I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror remembering that I was grounded. Now that my head was clear, I thought of a way to get my mom lift off this punishment. The sleep did help.


Down stairs was my mother, sitting on a love seat, she said it was her favorite and she was reading from the EVE’s magazine.

I went straight to her and gave her a warm hug.

“Morning mom” I said with a cheerful voice.

“Today the weather looks great, don’t you think?” I ask excitedly but she kept reading ignoring me.

“What’s new in EVEs today?” I pursued her

“Nothing new honey just a story about a girl who deceived her parents” she answered sarcastically.

I sighed.

“Mom but I apologized” I whined “Am not lying look” she answered by showing me a title on the magazine it said


‎ A girl deceived her parents about her warebouts and met with accident...

‎ ‎I was ashamed for a second. My mother looked at me with disappointing eyes.

Goodness gracious! I hated that look. Eddy was the one who always got them.

“Mother I promise cross my heart to die, oh no not to die but pinky promise I will never do things that you have warned us against” I decided to borrow a few tricks from Eddy.

“Don’t be dramatic, it does not suit you. Okay I forgive you” said my mother sighing heavily.

I went and hugged her I never really wanted my mom to be mad at me

“and about my punishment?” I asked holding my breath.

“What about it?” she quirked her eyebrow.

“Am I also pardoned?”

“Don’t push it Anna, it was your dad who has a say in it.”

“Mom Lydia is coming today and I promised to meet up with her” I gave her my best puppy face.

“Ok go but be back before four PM” she sighed.

“What about daddy. Will he not...”

“I will talk to him, now get out of my sight before I change my mind” I hugged her and kissed her over and over and then ran off to my room to change.


‎I dressed myself in my ‘Choose day best’. Blue high waist jeggings accompanied by blue crop top not to mention blue sneakers. I took a selfie and posted right away to my Instagram page.


I went straight to the park to meet up with Lydia but she was not there. Apparently she was running a little bit late.

I looked at my phone annoyed at her text and I almost ran into the ice cream cart.

It felt like déjà vu.

“Excuse me miss, want to buy ice cream?” the vendor asked me.

Gosh! He was the same ice cream vender I saw in my dream.

What was happening to me?

Was I going crazy?

I stood there as still as a statue, “Miss are you okay?” He asked.

“yes I am” I snapped out of it.

“Am still waiting for my friend, I will take two when she is here” I smiled at him he just nodded and left.

After a couple of seconds, Lydia arrived wearing a royal blue jump suit with blue sneakers. The jump suit did fit her well, flowing down her curvy body. If there was anything I envy about her, was her hour glass shape figure.

“Which royal wedding are we invited to?” I asked.

“Prince Mark and lady Day, unfortunately you are out of theme color” she answered playing along

“poor them, I won’t be able to grace them with my presence since I have been invited in Skyline kingdom by queen Skylar to attend the sky dance”

“Mmmmh, you and your imagination” she jabbed me on the shoulder and we both laughed.

The ice vender man came again. We bought two ice creams and treated ourselves. I got lost again in my dream.

“Anna, don’t tell me you have a crash on him?” Lydia brought me back.

“Are you insane? I was just wondering...”

“About what?” I told her about my dream even the part where I met the stranger in the same park.

We were siting at the exact spot where I met the man of my dreams .

“Wanna here something stupid?” I asked teasingly, she gave me a curious look raising her eyebrow.

“I went back to the Augur”

“No you did not!” she whispered yell.

“I did and guess what? She still stuck with her darkness premonition upon my life” I continued feeling a little bit affected.

“Hey listen, I know she said that my life was to become bed of roses which is kind of now but you can’t let her word get to you. I believe in good only and refuse to believe in bad” that was my friend trying to make me feel better.

“I know Lydia but, I just kind of feel like there is something wrong, something is amiss and I can’t put my finger around it” I admitted.

“listen, it’s all in your head, don’t bring that darkness in your life by thinking of it too much”

“You know what else I did stupid?” I teasingly asked again.


“I told my parents”

“No you did not!” I nodded.

“Are you crazy? For how long have I been gone again? What was their reactions? Oh I can just imagine your overprotective mother’s reaction and an angry lion you have as a dad” she joked.

“You have no idea, a mouthful scolding and one week grounding”

“You don’t say! And how come you are here?” she asked giving me the accusing eyes again.

“What? I have my ways”

“And those ways include jumping off the window?”

“Nah! Am too smart for that, my way include having my grounding uplifted by my darling mother but only for today thanks to you” I bragged.

“You are such a genius” she patted my shoulder and we both laughed. We continued with the banter about our future planning’s after high school and joked around about everything and nothing we also took photos and the ice-cream guy was kind enough to take one photo of us. Before we knew it, it was half past four.

“Shit am in trouble,” I muttered and bid my bestie good bye running all the way home.

Good thing our house was near the park.


The moment I stepped into the house Jojo was sitting in the living room with headphones on. Strange.

That when I heard voices from my dad’s study, it seemed like they were arguing and I wondered what was wrong. They rarely argued in fact it was the first time I heard them.

I moved closer to the study when my mom sighed.

“Come on honey please let’s stop arguing the children are listening” said my mother closing the door so we won’t hear a thing.

I wondered if it was about me again I went towards their door and tried to listen from the door. - it’s a bad behaviour I know, but it seemed like it involved me.

“why can’t you just let me discipline my daughter” Dad continued”

“But the doctor said that she shouldn’t be stress out”

“Stop using the doctor as an excuse all the time for goodness sake! You spoil her too much and you don’t even see it, she can’t be punished, when she wants anything you give it to her without any questions.”

“That’s enough honey!” my mother cut him short.

“I just want to be able to correct my daughter my own way without you interfering. Is that much to ask for?” there was a little silent and I knew what will follow next so I quickly hid behind the huge verse and watch while dad moved out of the room slamming it back.

I felt bad, like really bad. This was my entire fault. I peeped in the room only to see mom weeping silently.

I opened the door to comfort her but the she just gave me a mirthless smile and asked me to leave.

I always knew where both my parents go whenever they have fights -. My mom at the garden and my father at the town square café.

“This is all your fault” Joan lashed from behind startling me.

“what!” I exclaimed.

“don’t play innocent, mom and dad always fight because of you, you are a bad sister and a bad daughter” she ran into her room.

Ouch! That really hurt.

" She is right you know” don’t you get tired of making them fight? Eddy’s voice rang in my ear, though he wasn’t here.

“I have never wanted them to fight” I whispered to no one

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Triple ouch because it hurts even more. The truth sucks by the way

I went into my room and put on my warm sweater; it was time for me to put things into order. I quickly headed down stairs and went into the garage, I took my bike and a helmet and was all ready and set.

I cycled down the estate to the nearest pub I knew my father would be in - I know I said a café but there is also a café there.

“Are you planning on solving your problem with alcohol?” those were the first words I said when I sat beside him.

I surprised my dad that he ended up spitting the tequila he was having

“Anna! What the heck are you doing here and how did they even let you in?” he roared but in a low tone.

" I have my ways but that isn’t important” I answered making myself comfortable on the seat.

“You have really crossed your line this time!” he continued angrily gritting his teeth.

“waiter!, I want what he is having” I signalled the waiter still ignoring him. I was really a dare devil type.

The waiter quickly brought a glass of tequila and looked at me for a while then my father obviously wondering how an underage girl got in the pub

“take it away please” my dad ordered him and pulled out a his wallet to pay his bill.

“Keep the change” before I knew it he was dragging me outside the pub.

“you ought to be ashamed of yourself Anna, if you can stooped this low in front of me who knows what you can do when we are not around.” He yelled, his jaw ticked.

Man He was furious.

For a moment I thought he was going to hit me. His grip around my arm tightened.

“You are hurting me!” I pulled my arm free.

“Show me some respect young Lady, don’t forget that am your father”

“Exactly my point. Am sorry dad for whatever happened I know it is my fault that you and mom are fighting, I know am the reason why you guys keep on fighting. I don’t want this anymore and am so sorry dad please. Just don’t be mad at mom be mad at me, punish me and I will do it without complaining, I promise dad but just forgive mom” I cried.

He let out a loud sigh and held my shoulder bending so that we can be at the same height.

“Listen Anna, am not mad at your mother but sometimes I swear she turns a blind eye to everything you do. I have the right to punish you don’t i? But then that does not mean that I love you less. Am just trying to put you on the right track get it?” I nodded my head in agreement.

“Okay, let’s get going and next time please don’t enter that pub again” I chuckled and he gave me a warning look though I could see some amusement in it.

“how did you even get in there” he asked as we walk away and I just laughed at him.

I picked my bike and we went home in silent.

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