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Part 6

(We are in the city of wonder, better play nice, watch out you might just go under)

Since I sent Twilight away not a night passed without me having nightmares. I was so scared to even sleep so would stay up late and when I was too tired the moment my eyes closed I was back in the nightmares.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Even if I took a nap during the day I would still go back there. I resorted to drinking a lot of coffee to stay awake and I prayed that my parents wouldn’t notice.

But I was only kidding myself. Do you know what happens when you are sleep deprived?

You become irritated by very petty things, you make rush decisions and you become clumsy, you forget easily and the mood swings don’t even get me started.

These couldn’t go unnoticed by my parents especially mom who had taken leave from work so that she could spend some time with us during our school break.

I remember I snapped at Joan just because she took my IPod to listen to music which I had never had a problem with her doing so.

My mom would tell me to do something then I would forget. I was a total mess and I didn’t want to involve anyone.

One morning I went to borrow my mom’s dryer and she wasn’t there. I went to her bathroom to take it when I saw the bathroom cabinet open. There was a bottle full of sleeping pills I didn’t know what came over me but I took a a couple of them and hid them in my pocket.

“Anna dear, what were you doing in my room?” My mom startled me.

“Mmh.. I was.. I was looking for the hair dryer” I squeaked.

“And have you found it?” she asked again looking at my hands. Damn I forgot even to pick the dryer.

“Oh I changed my mind” I said looking everywhere but her.

I made an attempt to leave a room but she stood on my way. She held my shoulders but I still avoided looking at her in the eyes.

“Anna darling, are you ok?” she asked lifting my chin up.

“Am good mom”

“What is really going on with you? Are you coming down with something?” she continued touching my forehead.

“Mom am fine please can I go now?” she just sighed and let me pass.

I went straight to my room and laid down on my bed. I was really tired and the moment I closed my eyes I was in slumber land.

When I woke up I was in the park again. This time there was no one around and it was at night. I was wondering how I got here. When I got up to leave Twilight was standing in front of me.


“Me?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yes you, what do you want from me?” his mere sight was irritating me.

“Come on princess you know am the only one who can keep the nightmares away” he said with a smug on his face.

“Yes! Since you were told about darkness you keep having crazy nightmares because it is in your head, am just here to bring closure in your life, peaceful nights”

“Who are you again?” I asked. How does he know about the darkness I never told him anything

“Call me whatever you want but then I would understand if you no longer want me as a friend” he said starting to leave.

“No wait! Please don’t go,” I was having a guardian angel to watch over me in my dreams, why was I going to let him go away? Not a chance.

“Am sorry I lashed out” I apologized.

“Can we be friends then?” He asked excitedly.

“Mmnh let me see, am Anna Armani” I said extending my hand

“And am Twilight” he shook my hand.

“I already know, you told me remember? But Isn’t that a girl’s name?” I teased him chuckling.

“Actually it’s a unisex name” he answered defending his honour.

“Okay, if you are Twilight then am Enlighten” I answered smiling.


From that night we became friends. We had so much in common; he Liked basketball, drama, and it was so pleasing to speak with him. Actually he was a good listener and a company. It even reached a point where I just wanted to fall asleep every time so that I could meet him.

And by the way, everything was possible in the world of dream. There was magic, wonder everything you ever imagine of. While with him, everything made perfect sense but when I woke up I kept having questions like how does he know basketball if he only exist in the world of dreams?

I told Lydia about him and just as a good friend would do, she vowed to keep it a secret. Twilight was the best, he took away my nightmares and during the heart breaks he was always there to lend a shoulder to cry on. He would listen to all my problems, he never got tired even when I was whining and complaining.

It had been three months since we became friends

“Twilight guess what, there is this cute dude who just came to our school and by the look of it I think he likes me”

“Really? Nice to know” he answered with no interest.

“Hey are you not happy for me?” I bumped his shoulder.

“Sorry, Elite” that’s what he called me.

“But am just worried about you, are you sure it won’t end like the others” he said in a calm voice “This will be different, trust me.” I get he was worried about me I mean, ever since I met him, I have dated almost three guys in three months and they all ended even before they started.

I thought things would be different with Jennings the guy I was telling Twilight about but only to find him kissing July! Yes my brother’s EX. Again another disaster and ready for ‘I told you so’ from my dream guy.

“Aren’t you tired of this?” Twilight fumed.

“Four men, in four months, the first one dumped you, the second was an idiot, the third one married and the fourth one cheater and a player. I am not a stress reliever you know. I warned you but you keep ignoring me” he shouted.

I have never seen him this angry.

“Am sorry, I just don’t have anybody else to talk to” I said crying.

“Why me? Why can’t I have a working relationship like other girls?”

“You can have one with me” Twilight dropped the bomb.

“What?” I was shocked, I blinded my eyes thrice.

“I love you, I have always loved, look I will never hurt you, I will never have eyes on anyone but you, please let’s give it a chance” Honestly I just stared at him mouth wide open.

I always saw him as a friend and nothing more, now here he was confessing his undying love for me. To top it all it was during the time of my weakness. Come to think of it he was right at some point, if I can’t have a working relationship because prince charming only exists in dreams.

Then why not give him a chance? He would never hurt me nor get tired of me, he will be loyal and he will love only me.

So I gave in not knowing how this relationship with my dream man was going to change my life.

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