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Part 7

For a few days, I felt like a Queen, the ruler of the universe, Twilight did really knew how to treat a lady plus I did not have any reason to be jealous since I was the only one he could see him.

I was so happy that the heavens sent me such a nice, loving and caring man. I told Lydia about him and of course she was surprised but it was justified since it was a little bit weird that I kept having dreams about the same man and to make the matter worse me dating him.

I would come back from school in a hurry and head over my room to sleep, that was the only way for me to meet and hug my boyfriend. I didn’t care about the meals at all; my priority was only Twilight

“Hey babe, I missed you so much” I said hugging him tight.

“I missed you too, though am starting to get tired and bored if this relationship” Twilight said. I was surprised. Was he also starting to lose interest in me? Was I doing something wrong? I had been in so many relationships and I couldn’t let this perfect one end.

“What? What do you mean bored” I asked worriedly.

“I get lonely when you are not here, while you enjoy yourself with your friends, I sit the entire day just waiting for you to come” he answered.

“But you know I spend the entire day at school, am sitting for my exams this year and I have to study hard in order to pass.

" I tried explaining things to him “I understand that perfectly, but can’t you make more time for us? I miss you so much babe” he said looking straight into my eyes with those puppy eyes, something that has always been my weakness.

I had to make enough time for my boyfriend or else he would have gotten tired of me. At school, when the lesson were over, I would ran to the field and make myself comfortable then sleep. In that way, Twilight would see me more often even in the day. I got so addicted to sleeping that sometimes I would dose off in the class. It became a problem because I started to attract the teachers’ attention.

Lydia also noticed and tried to advise me but I wasn’t ready to listen.

“At least listen to reason Anna!” she told me.

“What!” I barked “You are taking this too far; you have to stop this immediately, last I checked it’s my life”

“Oh Yeah right!”

“It’s already strange enough that you keep seeing the same guy in your sleep not to mention dating him, you have to stop this madness”

“So this is what all of this is about? Twilight?” I sighed

“It’s all about Twilight Anna! He is messing up your life and you can’t see that?”

“Enough Lydia! Are you jealous of me?”


“Yeah! You can’t stand that I have finally found someone who only has eyes for me and no one else!”

“You can’t be serious!”

“Yes am dead serious!” I blurted out pushing her on the shoulder.

“You have your own life, your own boyfriend and you don’t see me meddling in your affairs, so how about you just cut me some slack and stop putting your nose where it doesn’t belong” I started walking away.

“You know what Anna? You are right” I stopped in my tracks

“I have always been jealous of you, not actually Jealous I envy you but do you know of what? Of your family, you have a mother who always defend you, a father who protects you and a brother who is always there for you.

How I wish I could just have parents who cared for me that much rather than concentrate on themselves with their work but never have I never felt jealous about your love life much less with someone who doesn’t exist in real life. Sorry for just trying to be a good friend” she wiped away a tear that was escaping her eye and walked away.

I went home thinking about the argument, it was justified that she envied my family though. Yes she came from the richest family I know, her father is a pilot and her mother a lecturer at one of the biggest university.

Such busy people that they did not have time to spend at home with Lydia. One advantage she got was being able to travel all around the world. She was an only child who mainly grew in the company of her nannies. Most of the time she spent time with us, she was considered as a part of our family.

I was so down that night and Twilight noticed immediately. I told him what happened and just as a good boyfriend, he made me feel good and that made me adore him even more.

My grades kept dropping that I didn’t realize when I was summoned to the principal’s office. Treading softly through the corridors that led to Mrs. Leah’s office my heart kept thumping like it was about to come out of my chest.

I could tell that I wasn’t asked to her office for a friendly chit chat especially when Paul came rushing calling out for me. My breath got caught in my throat when I saw my parents

Yes not just one but, both of my parents

The moment I got in Mrs. Leah spoke.

“Am so sorry Mr. and Mrs. Armani for calling you here especially at this time of the month, as you know we are almost approaching the final exams and Anna your daughter being one of the best students got our attention this term more than ever” Mrs. Leah looked at me

“We are quite aware of our daughters capability, we know she is a bright student and she will surely make this school proud” said my mother said proudly.

“Am afraid that won’t be possible if she keeps with her behaviour” Mrs. Leah said looking so disappointed.

“Huh, excuse me, what do you mean by her behaviour?” Asked my dad looking a little bit confused.

If there was something that my dad was proud of, was knowing that her daughter was the brightest and the responsible student, now it was all going to crash.

“Lately, Anna has become so irresponsible, she does not do her homework nor concentrate in class, she would arrive late after all the breaks and when asked what is going on, she gives lame excuses” Mrs. Leah explained

“That is impossible, Anna has always been a responsible girl” As always my mother defended me “Am quite surprised, you are saying this, didn’t you see her results for the cats we gave them? You even signed the letter we sent you” Now things were about to get ugly.

I never gave my mother any letter, Twilight was the one who signed it for me using his magical powers and I never told my parents about any cats.

“What are you talking about Mrs. Leah, I never got any letter nor signed anything” There was silence all over sudden and all eyes was on me.

“Is there anything you want to say Anna?” Asked my dad with a low but angry voice.

I stood there still trying to figure out what to say but nothing came. It was really the end of me, what was I going to do? My dad was really going to skin me alive.

“Mr. and Mrs. Armani, am sorry to inform you that if Anna continues like this, she is going to be expelled because honesty is one of our norms that we cannot tolerate cheating. Furthermore you can take her home with you, for I am suspending her for two weeks. This school cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour” she signed a suspension letter and handed it to my dad who was about to burst with anger.

They quickly stood up and headed to the car, I followed silently but quickly enough not to be left behind.

I could see the students peeping from the classroom windows as we drove by.

There was so much tension in the car and silence too. Mom and dad said nothing.

My father concentrated on the road while mommy just spaced out. I hadn’t found any courage to say a word. I wanted to say sorry but was afraid that it will infuriate my dad even more and even cause an accident.

How did I let this happen to me? Why did I let myself get distracted? I never missed to do my assignment but lately I have been like ′ I’ll do it later’ but that later is always never.

My dad parked the car, got out and headed inside the house. I was left alone with mom,

this was the perfect chance for me to explain things, and she has always understood me so I thought

“Mom, am really sorry” I started.

“Get. Out. Of. The car” she said silently trying to control her of rage.

“But mom...”

“I said get out of the car!” This time she yelled.

I quickly got out and ran into my room only to find my dad going through my things, mom also followed.

“Dad, what are you doing?” I asked looking surprised, he was already holding the CAT papers we did and never showed them, he looked under the mattress and boom, he got reach of my diary.

“Dad that’s my diary you can’t read it” I tried my best to stop him but I was too late, he opened it

“I met, the love of my life, today, he is sweet and kind, he is affectionate that I lose focus just thinking of him...” His eyes turned red.

“Is this the reason why you changed?” He asked.

“Is this the reason why, you brought this trash inside my house?” He yelled scattering the papers on the floor.

“I,..I..I” I Stuttered but there were no words coming out.

“Where did I go wrong? Huh? I work hard, me and your mother work hard to give you everything even the things you don’t need, we pay a fortune in you secondary education, we feed you, dress you and this? This is how you repay us?”

He threw the rest of the papers on my face.

“What Anna? Can’t you say a thing? Did the cat bite your tongue?” I started crying, I was so ashamed of myself.

“Oh please, keep the crocodile tears for someone else, am not going to fall for them. Aren’t you even ashamed of yourself? Giving yourself away to men who just want to use you? I wasted my precious time coming to your school to be humiliated, I faced the embarrassment of my life thinking that am raising a daughter only to find out that am actually feeding a useless piece of trash!”

Now that hit me so hard that I felt an arrow piercing through my heart. I wished he could hit me instead of uttering such words because, it hurt so much.

“If you are tired of being a student you can as well leave my house, go and make a living for yourself and if you think that you have become a woman, then stop wasting my money and go get married!”

“Honey! That’s enough!” Mom came to my rescue.

“Calm down!” She tried touching him on the shoulders but he quickly stepped out of her reach.

“See your result! Excuse me!” He stormed out of the house and headed to work. I pitied the once in the office that day, for he was going to pour all his anger on them.

“Mom...” I called out sobbing.

“Are you happy now?′ She asked shedding tears.

“Aren’t you tired of seeing us fight because of you? What did I do wrong? I always defended you, I always trusted you, then how can you be so cruel to me? Why Anna? Tell me why cause all this embarrassment and shame upon me? My daughter, my beloved daughter. I am so disappointed in you big time” She also walk away.

I was left in the midst of pain and sorrow. Remembering my dad’s word made me hate myself, and my mom’s word, gave me an eternal pain. I sat on my bed and drawn myself in tears, luckily my little sister wasn’t there to whiteness what happened and so was my brother to comfort me, I felt so alone.

I cried and didn’t even realize when I fell asleep and woke up at seven. My pillow was so wet from the tears and sweat. what was strange though was that I didn’t see Twilight in my dreams, he was the only one whom could have comforted me but he also disappeared. I called Lydia but she sent me straight to voicemail.


It was already time for dinner I peeped from upstairs to see those whom were present. Joan was already at the dining room, I would have gladly stayed in my room but I dint want any more problems. Mom on the other hand was only pacing around. I quietly went down and down next to my sister and served myself.

“Are you alright?′ Joan asked.

“Yes I am ok” I quickly answered hoping that mom won’t tell her what had happened. She did not ask further questions. Suddenly dad arrived.

“Oh! Great you are here, the food is almost cold” Mom quickly met him.

“Am not hungry and anyway am heading out, for a business meeting” he answered coldly staring at me and headed towards his room, mom followed him quickly.

“What really happened Anna, what sort of drama did you cause this time?” Joan asked noticing the abnormal mood in the house from my parents and I.

“How am I supposed to know, am I the only trouble maker in this house.” I snapped and left the dinner table, even though I knew it was all because of me, I was also tired with everyone judging me. I quickly went towards my room when I heard mom and dad’s room speaking.

“You are still angry, I am also angry but am not leaving” Mom said.

“I am leaving because I don’t want to fight with you!” Dad said.

“But we don’t have to fight”

“If it was about Eddy I would have believed you. We won’t be having any fight but when it comes to your precious fragile daughter am sorry, I have to go, am getting late.” He grabbed His tie and was about to leave when mom held his chest.

“I really hate it when we fight, I don’t like it at all, what is my fault in all this anyway?” Mom asked balancing tears.

“Your fault is that you are too easy on Anna, you always let her mistakes slide and whenever I try to punish her you intervene. Do you know what this make her think? That I love her less, that you love her more than I do which isn’t true, I love Anna so much and that’s why I never hesitated to correct her when she was wrong’” he paused a little bit.

“There is no point talking now” he fixed his tie and left leaving my mother tearfully. I even felt even worse.

I vowed to make things right but this time it wasn’t that easy like going in a pub and bring my father back, no, it was going to be a tough one.

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