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Part 8

No one gave me a chance. No matter what I tried: like getting up early, cooking breakfast, they would just leave me alone with it. I was going crazy; Twilight was also nowhere to be seen until that very night when I was sleeping. I found myself in the park, Twilight was finally back.

“I missed you so much babe, where were you?′ I hugged him affectionately crying.

“I was occupied” He answered.

“You have no idea what’s happened to me, everybody is mad at me, they are so angry that they ignore my existence in the house, nobody talks to me and it hurts a lot” I cried.

I was till hugging him tight socking his shirt. He wiped away my tears made me sit down and kneeled before me so that we were on the same level.

“Listen Enlight, if nobody is paying attention to you, then make them beg for that attention” he said. I was puzzled rather confused. I did not understood what he was talking about.

“You don’t know what you are saying, they won’t even look at me how am I supposed to make them beg for my attention?”

“I know exactly how to get them on their knees, instead of you chasing them; they will be the one chasing you”

“Am confused”

“Do you trust me?” He asked looking at me as if he was trying to look into my soul

“Yes I trust you”. Twilight smirked then replace with an evil smile.

What was he up to? I wondered


The following day I woke up early than usual, took a quick shower and put on my school uniform. My suspension was already over and I was ready for school. By the time I was finished, mom was ready to take me back to school. In the car nobody spoke, I wanted to talk but then I remembered Twilight’s advice.

We both went to Mrs. Leah’s office and made ourselves comfortable “Greetings Mrs. Armani” she greeted with a fake grin on her face.

“Greetings, her suspension is over, so here she is” Mom answered again faking a smile.

Mrs. Leah took the suspension letter and signed it, she also gave mom a document and she also signed it.

“So tell me Anna are you ready to be serious?” Mrs. Leah asked.

“Yes, ma’am, that’s what, brought me here after all” I answered also with a fake smile since everybody was doing it. She looked at me for a second and I never blinked. There was some arrogance clearly written on my face that one would have been a fool not to notice it.

“Nice to hear that” she answered with another fake grin. Mom excused herself as I went back to class. Lydia of course still wasn’t talking to me instead during break time break time she shared the table with another people. I felt hurt but I couldn’t be weak or else Twilight’s plan wouldn’t work

Back home things were the same as school, they did not want to talk to me? Fine, it was my time to act cold towards them, too.

I would make myself so busy not to even engage in chats with them and whenever they asked me any questions, I would reply so curtly. I was never at the dinner table nor lunch or breakfast.

I gave them exactly a taste of their own medicine. I even had to spend a whole week without meeting them. My bedroom was my sanctuary and my dream my comfort. Twilight was enough for me anyway.

Twilight’s plan was finally working; I got their attention and now they were the ones running after me, they wanted me to talk. To answer them, to explain why I haven’t been having my meals with them, but I did not give a damn.

“What is wrong with you? Am talking to you young lady!” Yelled out my mother.

“Oh really now? Don’t tell me you’ve just realized that I exist in this house!” I turned towards her my eyes blazing with anger.

“You all didn’t want to talk to me, you made me feel like I am the worst human being on planet, dad even called me disgusting names just because I loved someone! Now you want me to talk to you? What for dear mother?” she starred at me in disbelief written all over her face.

“Now this is me, this is what you have created, a human without feelings, deal with it and if you can’t, then feel free to throw me out on the street, so that I can become what daddy said!′ I walked outside my room and slammed the door behind me.

When I was speaking to my mom, I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt even after that confrontation, no anguish and that scared me. Was I really starting to become so cold? Was I really changing for the worst?

I imagined what my mother must have been going through. She loved me so much and I hurt her in the worst way possible. Twilight’s advice was driving me crazy, I know it was working.

I was finally getting their attention but at what price? That was my mother I was rude at her. I saw the hurt in her eyes when I was yelling at her, I had to stop it right away, but how? I had already made a big mess.

Twilight was wrong about everyone. About Lydia being jealous of me, about no one not loving me and about me being a bad daughter and a bad student. I really had to make things right.


“Lydia, I need your help”. She was the only person I could run to and the only one who always have the right answers.

“Wow! So am existing now!′ She exclaimed clapping her hands.

Yeah, I almost forgot that I had also wronged her, damn it!

“listen am really sorry about what has been happened, I felt so confused and betrayed when everybody turned against me, so I thought the only way to get the attention back was to act cold around you guys, am really sorry” I apologized.

“You did really get the attention” Lydia said not interested at all.

“Yes I guess, but at a very high price believe me” I sulked.

“I have ruined and messed up everything and I just want to fix it, please help me, forgive me and I’ll do anything you ask”

“Anything” she asked raising her eyebrows.

“Anything” I nodded quickly.

“Okay I will help only if you hug me so tight, that you can’t breathe” I quickly jumped on her giggling, she had forgiven me! I love her so much.

The first plan was to get my scores back intact, the end year exams were peeping around. Second step, do everything to get my family’s forgiveness. As easy as it sounded, it was the hardest thing to do, I asked Twilight to give me space so that I can focus on my studies and just like a caring boyfriend, he agreed.

I had less time to sleep and much time to work although I couldn’t keep Twilight off my mind is like every time I tried to be serious, the thought of him kept .

Mom had also taken a page from daddy’s book and decided to punish me in the most terrible way, I was supposed to do everything for myself.

If I wanted to eat at home I was to cook for myself, I had to do my own laundry and take the bus to school plus I was grounded, and did I mention I was not getting my allowance, it was cruel but I had to endure it.


A day before my KCSE, I met Twilight in my dreams, he had prepared a feast for me, to wish me luck and success, the violins were magically playing themselves, he was so sweet that made me wonder why was I exhausting myself with those ex-boyfriends I had I really life.

Twilight went down on his knees and showed me a gold ring. O M.G! It was real gold

“Babe, what is this for? Am still too you to be married you know” I blushed.

“This is a symbol of our love, a love that has no ending, a love that no one can interfere with. A love that even you can’t break” he said looking deep into my eyes.

It kind of felt like a threat, a promise, a warning or maybe I was just over thinking things. Twilight would never hurt me.

I accepted the ring and it perfectly fitted on my ring finger, like it was made for me.

The following day, was the big D-Day. I was surprised to wake up and find my dad and mom beside my bed smiling, was I dreaming? Because the last time I remember was them being super mad at me

“Mom, Dad, you are here? Smiling?” I asked amazed, it was like I was in a dream again.

“Yes honey, we are here smiling” Mom answered looking happy.

“Today is your big day, Baby and we did what we did out of love, success in your exams, we love you so much and you know that, so go and make us proud out their” Daddy said.

It really felt so good to feel that love after a very long time. I couldn’t help myself but to cry. I hugged them both so tightly.

After I was done preparing myself, I went straight to school and started my exams. Being able to contact freely with my friends made me feel even happier, I got to realize many things, that life is really nice when you are surrounded with friends, real friends and not just fantasy.

I enjoyed Alex’s company too, he was a bit older than me but handsome as well, after the exams were done, I had so much great time with him. Lydia was leaving to Greenland in a day, she was going there to help her auntie with some things, as much as I hated goodbyes, I had to treat my friend one last time.

We took a walk around the park and did many fun staff.

“Are you sure you won’t see my off tomorrow?′ Asked Lydia.

“Of course not, I was just kidding. Tomorrow I will be right there” I answered smiling.

There was silent for some seconds when she decided to break it.

“About Twilight” I groaned.

“I know I have said this couple of times but I won’t get tired, don’t you think it’s quite strange to have a dream about the same guy every day?” She asked looking worried, I sighed.

“I must admit that I have found it strange too, but he is nice, he has never hurt me and he gives me a piece if mind” I defended him as always.

" I respect your imagination believe me, But don’t you think it time for you to start living this life to the fullest, with real people and not just depend on your world of fantasy? Start dating real guys, I know they are bound to make mistakes , but what can we do? We are all human Give yourself a chance, I see Alex hovering over you all the time” She teased poking me in the ribs.

I just smiled, Lydia was right, as much as i enjoyed Twilight’s the truth remains that he wasn’t real. Maybe it was tine for to start living instead of existing.

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