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That night I went back to our world, it was beautiful as always, Twilight really knew how to impress a girl, too bad all this wonderful experience was about to end

“Welcome my love, I have been waiting for you, for a very long time” he said softly.

“I missed you too, Twilight” I answered. He looked surprised;

“Twilight? What happened to babe?” he quirked an eyebrow.

“Twilight...” I held his hands.

“You are the most incredible person I have ever met, my true friend, my comforter, my love. You have played a big role in my life and I will never forget you.. .” I paused. I hoped that statement would ease the pain that I was about to inflict. I tried to remember the points I googled.

it’s crazy I know but I had to look for ways to let go of your boyfriend without hurting him

“I love you infinitely” he said pleading with his eyes like he could read my mind “I know but….” I got up and turned around.


“But am sorry that it must end now” I finally dropped the bomb.

“Wait! What do you mean, it must end? baby we love each other, what are you talking about?”

“I know that we love each other, there is no doubt about that but this, you, me and all this is just an illusion that I created, you are not real, I need to have a real life and not a life based on my imagination” I tried explaining things to Twilight knowing that he was hurting.

“So you want someone real?” He asked in a serious tone.

“Yes, am sorry Twilight” I was about to remove the ring when he asked me not to, he wanted me to rethink my decision.

But there was nothing to think of, I had already made my decision and it was final.

I was done tormenting myself thinking that I could not be loved by real people. I was hard on myself and that made myself believed that. Life is a gamble any way, if you don’t play you neither loose nor win.


The following morning I woke up early and got ready to escort Lydia to the airport. It was indeed a sad day; I was going to miss her so much, if I wanted I would have gone with her but I wanted to spend some time with my family as it was, we hadn’t been in a good term for long.

Alex was the one driving. He had offered to take us since as usual her parents were busy and it was better than taking a cab. We arrived thirty minutes earlier and we had a few minutes to spare before she could board her plane.

“What is that place called again? Nok...?” I asked for almost the 10th time.

“Its Nuuk dummy” she smiled bumping my shoulder. I was really going to miss her.

“I’ll be back before new year I wouldn’t go if it wasn’t necessary but you know aunt Lisa really needs my help at her foundation” she must have sensed the shift in my mood.

This is why I hate goodbyes. All the while Alex was just eyeing us but he said nothing, I guess he was thinking how dramatic we were.

Lydia’s flight was announced and I hugged her again so tight.

“Hey cheer up I’ll be back before you know it” she said holding my shoulders.

Then she turned to Alex and gave him a brief hug and whispered something to him which made him chuckle

We left as soon as Lydia went through the security check. The moment we were back in the car my stomach growled, it was so embarrassing but Alex was so good to pretend that he didn’t hear.

I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn’t even notice when we stopped in front of a restaurant.

“We should have breakfast first and this place their pancakes are to die for,” he smiled and got out of the car. I was still puzzled and before I could make my muscles to cooperate he opened my door.

Mmh a gentleman, he had a sense of chivalry towards ladies.

He held my hand as I stepped out of the car, he opened the restaurant door for me pulled my chair and all that little thing that he was doing was making my heart flatter. It was indeed amazing spending time with Alex, and the pancakes as he said were to die for.

I ate 4 pieces and I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to walk since I was so full. When I told him about it he joked that he will carry me if need be. I guess I even forgot how it felt going on a real date with a real guy.

Suddenly Twilight appeared, I was surprised rather shocked, usually I would only meet him in my dreams and this time he was right in front of me in a day light “Twilight?” I called out still shocked.

“Twilight? Have you watched that movie too? It so amazing right? But I think its a chick flick, I only watched because my cousin insisted” Alex said with enthusiasm thinking I was talking about a movie.

“Mmmh?′ I replied distracted by him and by the time I looked back, he was gone, Twilight was nowhere. Maybe it was just my head or maybe I just missed him.

“Alex, let’s go, am getting bored. I mean not that you are boring err..” I stuttered

“What I mean is lets go somewhere else, that is you like or err..” now I was rambling and I was so embarrassed. I felt heat on my cheeks I couldn’t bare his gaze on me so I looked at everything but him.

When I finally stopped talking and looked at him I could see him smiling, I swear if I were a white person I would have been the colour of ripe tomatoes.

What is happening to me I never blush.

I quickly looked away from him.

“Its ok Anna I get what you mean lets go somewhere else, the day is too beautiful to waste it indoors.” He finally spoke saving me from my torture.

We both left the restaurant and went to the park not the one where I met Twilight. It was beautiful I wondered why I never came here. There were people everywhere but not so many some were jogging others were sitting at the picnic area despite it being not even noon.

Children were running around, others playing with the ball and there were couples also enjoying each other’s company.

Alex held my hand and I let him, I loved the feeling and I just wanted time to stop and savour every minute. Alex was a guy with a few words and even when we didn’t talk I just loved being around him.

Where were you all my life?

From time to time he would let my hand go to kick back the ball that came our way to its owners.

“You love football,” it was more of a statement than a question. His eyes shone when he talked about how he was the captain of his former school, the fun and mischievous things he and his friends did.

That was the longest he had spoken since I knew him. He was just a cool guy but closed off somehow like he was afraid to let people in.

Since he came to our school he had only made a couple friends. When I asked him about it he just shrugged his shoulders saying that he had no time since after school he had a part time job at his uncle’s garage.

“Plus maintain a small circle of friend is easier” he grinned.

There I had to agree with him. I mean a lot of people wanted to be your friend because of what they could get from you and in my school we had a lot of that type.

We walked down the trail and a reached a place that was lined with bamboo trees. “Come, I want to show you something,” he said puling me behind him as we climbed a staircase that was so steep. Thank God I was dressed appropriately and I had the right shoes. I tightened my grip afraid I would fall.

“Just don’t look down and you will be ok,” he joked.

When we reached at the top I was surprised to find the ground levelled and there were seats like an outdoor restaurant. He led me at the seat that was at the end.

I looked in awe, the place was amazingly breath-taking. You could see the whole park from where we were standing and I instantly fell in love with the place. The most amazing part was where the bamboo trees were. They were lined and from the top they formed a love shape.

We stayed there for a while just soaking in the beauty of the place. It was beautiful more that the park where Twilight and I met. The instant I thought about him I had someone call me Enlight! Twilight appeared again. I thought it was my illusion again but it wasn’t

“Hello, babe, I missed you” He said smiling.

“No this can’t be happening, how come you are here?” I asked in disbelief.

“Who is here?′ Alex asked turning around.

“He is here and am wondering how?” I answered Alex looking terrified

“Who?” He asked not being able to understand me.

“Remember you can’t reveal my name,” Twilight warned with anger on his face. “What are you doing here?′ I whispered. Alex just stood there confused.

Darkness was always so eager to engulf the light.

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