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Part 11

I woke up in the morning sweating all over. The worst nightmare I had ever had.

“No, that’s not Twilight, no, he can’t be the darkness, it was just a nightmare!′ I tried calming myself down. Though I couldn’t stop myself from sobbing as the voice of that augur came back in my head

“Darkness is coming your way!” then Twilight’s voice in my dream

“I am the darkness! You have embraced me!”

I quickly wiped off my tears and put on my track suit and headed out to the park for a little running hoping it will clear my mind.

Peace seemed to have abandoned me. I remembered first time meeting Twilight, he looked an Angel sent from above, then the Augurs word about the darkness coming in form of light.

Then after searching for the meaning of Twilight I couldn’t believe the result. Darkness. then his confession the previous night. My tears seemed to be increasing as my sobbing turned into crying. I stopped running and held my knees for support

“No it can’t be!′ I cried “No It can’t be” his name was sweet and I did not even consider it being a disguise.


Everything was starting to connect. Twilight was the darkness that Augur was talking about and I had already embraced it.

What have I done?

Suddenly, he appeared again, he was still as dark as the other night.

“Are you really the darkness?” I asked praying that he would tell me no.

“So you got it figured out.” He answered coldly with an evil smirk as he came towards me

“No stay away from me!” I backed away

“Too late, we are now one”

“No we can never be one. You are darkness”

“Exactly, but you are my light”

“I can never be yours”

“You are mine!′ He yelled and his voice sent cold shivers down my spine.

I turned and ran as quickly as my legs could have carried me back home. I couldn’t believe that he could scare both in my dreams and now in reality too.

I entered without knocking and straight I went to look for my parents whom from the looks weren’t that pleased to see me.

“Mom! Dad! You have to help me, help me dad!′ I called out crying but no one responded.

“Have you seen your results?” Asked dad in a voice void of emotion

“What? They are already out? I must have passed, but now I need your help!” I blurted out.

“Here, look and tell me if this is what you are referring as passing!” Mom handed me her phone. The result shocked me. I got a C- but how? I had studied and was sure that I would pass.

“We had high expectations of you and this is what you get?” Lashed out my dad, at the same time Twilight arrived.

“I know I have failed but that isn’t important now...”

“And what is important? Huh! When will you start taking things serious Anna?” Dad lashed out again but I wasn’t paying attention, all I could see was Twilight walking through the door.

“Mom, Dad, save me please, he is after me, the darkness is after me” I cried for them to hear me but it all fell on deaf ears.

“Come on Anna, stop it! You can’t expect us to keep falling for your dramas every time you do something wrong!” this time my mom yelled.

“But I am not pretending, how can you think that am making things up?” Twilight was now getting closer and I was getting frustrated

“If you can’t help me than let me be, I don’t care about the results okay?” I yelled and ran to my room, locking the door from inside.

Dad followed me upstairs shouting my name.

I didn’t care, they didn’t care that I was being chased by darkness. Only their ego and pride mattered to them. They were more concerned about what people would say, about the family name. To heck with it!

I sat on the floor trying to gain back my strength. I was so drained I just had no energy left within me.

I laid down on the floor willing it to open up and swallow me. I closed my eyes sighing. At least Twilight didn’t show up maybe he couldn’t move through walls and closed doors. At least that’s what I thought but the truth is that I had just dug my own grave.


I was stupid, I have always have been. How could I forget that he was a spirit and he could enter anywhere he wanted. I remembered that when I heard his cold voice behind me.

“So alone and terrified, so sweaty and shivering.” I opened my eyes only to see him leaning on the door looking down at me with pitiful eyes. I held on to my breath thinking of a way to escape.

“Take me back and I will end this anxiety.” He offered coming closer to me. It was a good deal come to think of it. I will go back to the beautiful dream land and there will be no darkness chasing me I put an end to the absurd thoughts.

“Stay away, don’t get close! I will never come back to you!” I whispered.

As much as I had reconsidered the idea, it couldn’t change the fact that he was the darkness. The root cause of all bad things happening in my life.

“I gave you countless opportunity to take me back but you were being stubborn” he hissed between his teeth,” Now watch me as I make you suffer you will face the consequences of your actions and betrayal” he spat.

“If you can’t be mine, then you can’t be anyone else!” He said angrily taking a pen knife.

“What. What..wha..what are you going to do?” I shuddered in fear.

Twilight took me by hand. And threw me down the floor making me land with a thud, he kicked me in the stomach then drove me in the bathroom.

“No, don’t, please stop, don’t do this I beg you” I begged him.

“You are better of dead babe! Nobody wants you now, everybody hates you, your dad, your mom, your brother and your little sis!” He spit on me and cut off my wrist.

He disappeared leaving me bleeding helplessly.

“Daaaaaad!” I used my last strength to call him, usually I’d call mom but only the word dad escaped my mouth.

I heard the door breaking and my name being called as I saw dad rushing towards me. I was lying in the pool of blood that came from my wrist. My vision became blurry and suddenly everything was black.


I finally woke up, only to find myself in the hospital again. My wrist was wrapped with a white bandage and there was my brother and my parents.

“What happened?” I asked struggling to get up.

“Don’t get up, now” Mom held me back.

“You tried committing suicide Annabel!” Dad said firmly.

“What? No! That’s not possible” I said weeping, then I remembered Twilight, I remembered him kicking me on the stomach and cutting my wrist.

“Anna I know we are angry at you for failing but that does not mean that you do this to yourself and not to us” daddy said with hurt clear in his voice. I always know he loved me so much despite him being so strict.

“No, you don’t understand I did not try to kill myself, I can’t even think of doing that, it was him” I cried.

“He did all of this” I cried as the thought of Twilight crept back


Just the thought of him, he appeared again and signalling me to keep quiet

“Am sorry dad, am really sorry for failing my exams, I know you had high expectation but I failed you again, am really sorry” I cried changing the subject.

“Come down baby, I know I was expecting so much from you, but that doesn’t mean I want to lose any of my children. Just remember I love you always, don’t ever try to that again, okay?” Dad said softly.

I nodded in agreement even though I knew this wasn’t the end of my misery but only the beginning.

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