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Part 12

Mom didn’t want me to stay at the hospital but the doc said I had to stay for a day or two. I had lost of blood. I was so exhausted, my energy was drained and I had no will to fight anymore.

If I had told them about Twilight nobody would have believed me. Right now everyone believed that I tried to commit suicide and for what? I failed in my exams.

Eddy face timed me and I couldn’t help but notice the pity in his eyes. He too believed the same.

Wow my life was just great.

I scoffed when I ended the call. Now I was the black sheep of the family. The poor girl who wanted to take her own life because failing was too much for her. I hated my life. I can just picture people gossiping about me.

I really hated my thoughts, I didn’t want to be left alone with my thoughts. They were so dark and they were about to swallow me.

I decided to get out from my room, I pulled the IV pole on my way out since I couldn’t dare remove the needles connected to my hand.

Thank Goodness I didn’t meet anybody on my way out.

The hospital was really clean. This was the private wing, I entered the elevator which was at the end of the hall I just clicked a random floor no. as long as there will be people to distract me.

When the elevator stopped I went out and all the nurses who were at the nursing station stared at me as if I had grown horns.

“Miss are you ok” one of the nurses rushed towards me. I mean I was in a hospital gown and I was pulling the IV pole. I looked more sick.

“Am good am just looking for err...” I didn’t know what to say

“Do you have a sibling here? This is the children’s floor”

Looking around I saw a man who was pacing at the hall way.

“Yes am with him,” I pointed at the man. The nurse was unsure for a little bit seemed like she wanted to take me back to my room.

“Please it will only take a while I’ll be back in my room before you know it,” I gave her my puppy eyes.

“Ok but only 5 minutes,” she sighed.

I went to where the man disappeared. When I opened the door I stopped in my track, there were so many children in this area. It was like a hall with lots of beds. All head turned to me.

This was a hallway filled with bed and children were all over, I mean it was so crowded.

Is this where children’s ward is?

Nurses didn’t seemed to be in a hurry even though there were children in dire need of their attention.

I skimmed my eyes around the place and there was the man whom I had seen in the hall way earlier when I was speaking to the nurse.

He seemed like he was in his mid-fifties and he had a worried look on his face and beside him on the bed laid a young boy around Jojo’s age. I didn’t know what happened but I just found myself walking towards him as if I was in a trance.

“Hi, I am Anna” I said smiling at the boy and in returned he smiled. His lips were dry and his eyes big and round.

“Miss Can I help you?” the man cleared his throat. He was looking at me strangely his eyes travelling to my hand. I followed his gaze and that’s when I remember that I was still pulling the IV pole.

“Err... I got bored inside my room so I decided to take a walk” I know it sounded crazy but that was the only thing that I could think of.

“I am Anna by the way” I said stretching my hand towards him. He was polite enough to accept my greetings but didn’t tell me his name. He was still holding papers with his left hand and he seemed stressed out.

He had a permanent scowl and wrinkles on his face like he was constantly worried about everything.

“Sir, are you alright?” I asked him. He was silent for a few seconds then sighed taking a seat on the bench.

“I am not, how can I be? My only grandson is seriously ill and he is the only light in my life.” He was silent for a few seconds again and I thought that he was done talking.

“I promised my daughter that I will take care if his son but now I can’t do anything” he continued helplessly.

Life was indeed strange, here he was opening up to me and I felt like just by listening I was helping him out. For a moment I forgot about my troubles, I thought I was the one carrying the weight of the world on my shoulder but somebody else had bigger problems than me.

He seemed like a strong person but now he looked so defeated.

“May I?” I asked looking at the bench.

I wanted to sit beside him which he scooted over and I sat down. “What is wrong with him?” I asked looking at his grandson.

“Am sure he will get well soon” I continued

He was a man of few words and I could see him straining to be polite by answering my questions even though I could see that he was hurting. I took a peep on the papers which were on his lap now which I gathered his grandson was suffering from something to do with kidney.

“I can give my life for him if I could, but am helpless” he said.


“The amount they are requesting for, I can’t raise it in time for his surgery”

He was right; I forgot that I wasn’t in a VIP section. I was about to say something when I spotted Eddy at the door.

“Eddy?” I almost shouted. Apologizing to the man, I wasted no time to went towards him.

When did he came back? I waste no time and went towards to him. They must have been looking for me since I left without telling anybody.

“Eddy?” I called out for him.

“Anna?” there was a relief on his face when he spotted me. He quickly came to where I was and I couldn’t stop myself from hugging him.

“Thank goodness you are here, when did you come back?” I asked almost crying.

Lately I have been a cry baby

“You had mom and dad worried, why did you even leave your room?”

typical Eddy, he couldn’t even ask how I was.

I rolled my eyes finding it funny.

“How are you? I was so worried when I heard what happened that I had to take first flight when mom and dad told me what had happened. Are you okay? Oh you, you almost gave me a heart attack. Do you know how I was worried...”

“Eddy, Eddy, calm down, breath” I tried calming him down

“Am here okay, am fine” I assured him and he just hugged me again.

“Come let’s get you back to your room, mom and dad are worried sick” I let him lead me out of the ward and before I left I glanced at the old man whom was now holding is head in his hands. I wished I could help

On our way back, Eddy called mom and dad telling them that he had found me.


The man back in the ward kept invading my thoughts. His only grandson was dying and he couldn’t save him because he had no money where as my dad was the CEO of Galaxy bank and mom was the president of the foundation for children with cancer. That’s when an idea sprout in my mind but it had to wait.

Back in my room, mom and dad looked at me but didn’t say anything.

Thank God.

I knew what was in their mind, maybe they were thinking I’d tried to commit suicide again. The nurse came and put me back in bed and fixed the IV. She looked worried like she was afraid being in the same room with us.

I wondered what was wrong. Eddy seemed to have read my thoughts when he whispered

“Mom and Dad almost shut the hospital down when they couldn’t find you.” I really felt bad for her, I don’t why I never think of the consequences of my action before doing them

When I was settled and had taken my dinner, Eddy went home to be with Jojo. He wanted to stay behind but mom couldn’t let him since he was still jetlagged.

Mom and dad were being polite and extremely gentle around me and I thought it was a perfect time for me to bring up the subject about the old man’s grandson.

It took a lot of convincing before mom gave in to look into it and dad no objection. It was strange but why not take advantage when they were willing to do anything for me, after all it was for the better good.

I felt better somehow knowing that I had helped in a way.


The following day when I was discharged, mom was fusing all over me again like the last time.

She wanted to ensure that I was comfortable as possible. I had bandages on my wrist and another one on my ribs where Twilight had kicked but according to the doctor, I fell on the bathtub when I was about to pass out.

Strange thing he hadn’t appeared yet, maybe he thought I was dead already but that was silly since he was a spirit. He knew everything, I knew he was plotting something evil again.

Mom was telling me the instruction the doctor gave her, apparently I wasn’t supposed to move or exhaust myself.

She had been babbling ever since we left the hospital which was kind of funny. Dad was looking at her from time to time smiling.

“Mom,” I whined

“What is it dear?” She asked.

“I know you are as super mom and I love you so much but you can’t always be a super hero. Sometimes you just have to relax, I will be okay,” dad laughed.

My mom frowned at him hitting on the shoulder lightly.

“She is right” Dad said “You too dad, stop being right all the time” This time mom was the one laughing.

We finally arrived home and the hair at the back of my neck stood up and my whole body tensed, I should have been happy because it was my home but hell awaited for me. As soon as dad opened the door, guess who was in the living room? Twilight my darling.

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