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Part 13

I didn’t want to fall asleep ever, I did not want to find myself in that world again, something that once was beautiful how it could just fade away in seconds.

I though the heavens brought upon myself a blessing to protect me from my own thoughts little did I know that it was hell disguise as heaven.

Every night I would force myself to stare; at the roof, at the window, at the floor anything as long as isn’t closing my eyes. I had to hold on my breath every time, I stay awake too hoping that Twilight would never return but at the thought of him, he seemed to appear everywhere.

I was afraid, more so terrified of the reality that was unveiling before me. Now coming to think of my life after this mess also scared the hell out of me.

I had failed in the worst terrible manner with no recovering from it. I could just imagine the hurt my parents were going through. Looking at Lydia’s results broke my heart even more; she had an A while i a C-.

What kind of sick game was the world playing with me?

Why did I have to fail when I was the brightest?

Why the darkness did chose me amongst forty million people in the country?

I had many questions that I was afraid I would never get answer for

“Boom!” I yelped when the sound come from behind me.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha-ha” I turned around quickly only to see that it was my brother laughing his heart out.

“Am sorry I didn’t mean to scare you though you’ve been spacing a lot this days” he said looking at me with worried eyes. I just faked a smile not to disappoint him,

“Anna, are you okay?” he asked searching my eyes for an answers.

I could no longer hold on, the emotional pain was just too much to keep in.

When I could no longer hold it, I busted out crying. He took me into his arms hugging me.

“Shush now, you know I got you” he said patting my back softly.

“I know, Eddy but am scared, am terrified of what is happening” I cried harder socking his t-shirt with my tears.

“What do you mean Angel? Failing exams isn’t the end of the line, where is Anna that I know? The one that never lets anything gets in her way? Are you just going to give up on your dream because of one failure?”

Yeah right, only that my dreams were no longer dreams but nightmares.

I wanted to tell him what was really happening but I couldn’t. What if he didn’t believe me when I myself was finding it hard to believe?

Due to lack of sleep for many nights, I found myself dozing off then the next thing I knew, Twilight was in the room holding a.

“Aaaw! How touchy, did I ruin your moment?” he asked placing his hand on his chest coming closer to Eddy.

“But you know am a jealous man, don’t you? And I don’t like it when any man gets closer to you” he continued looking at Eddy

This man was sick, Eddy was my brother

“Anyway stop avoiding the inevitable, sleep, come to me or I will be coming for you” With that he left.

“Hey! Angel, how about you take nap because you look exhausted” Eddy snapped me back to reality. I nodded and laid on the bed. He adjusted my pillow and tucked me in.

I closed my eyes and pretended to be sleeping already.

I opened my eyes immediately he left the room.

‘Sleep, come to me or I will be coming for you’

Were the only words kept repeating in my mind.

I took a couple of breathes preparing myself on what was about to happen next.

“Don’t be like that! It’s just me, your love” he said with mockery in his voice, coming towards me. I got up from the bed and moving away from him until i hit the wall. Now he had me cornered.

“Nowhere to run?” he asked tilting his head. He disappeared then reappeared on my side. It was like he was playing a peek a doo

“Go away please” I closed my eyes willing him to leave me alone

“You little pesky human being, tsk, tsk, tsk, you know very well what am capable of, then why are you running?” he asked his face a few inches from mine. He was about to kiss me when I looked away and his kiss landed on the side of my mouth.

He was really annoyed and he slapped me half across the floor. “You’ll pay for it” he hissed and disappeared. I crawl from the floor to the bed and cried silently until my body couldn’t take it anymore because of exhaustions and I fell asleep.


I was on the swing at the backyard and my eyes were closed, the wind blowing silently messing my already messed up air. I didn’t mind.

It was peaceful.

Suddenly the wind stopped and the atmosphere changed. I opened my eyes slowly and was almost blinded by the light. I blocked my eyes with my hand to see what was happening around me.

In front of my was the park. I thought I was in the back yard.

I got off from the swing and walked slowly towards the park when everything turned into ashes leaving the swings that look like they were on fire. Terrifying creature started crawling from behind the trees making scary sounds reminding me of the movie Goosebumps. Fire busting from everywhere and the heat was too much though the fire wasn’t spreading.

“Welcome babe, to our new world!” Twilight grinned appearing from nowhere

“Seems like you headed my advice, you came!” he was so excited to see me. I stood there like a zombie.

My body was like a shell, I didn’t feel anything and when he saw me not responding in a second he was in front me, strangling me.

He was cutting my air supply and my eyes were becoming bigger that I felt they were about to pop out of their socket.

“Please no.” I chocked trying to gasped for air .

“That’s what you get for ignoring me” he said his voice deep and raspy. He threw me on the ground

I gasped for air.

“Get up now, you don’t look good on the ground” he spoke.

“On second thought, I think you’ll look good on your knees, now kneel” he commanded and I didn’t obey

“Twilight stop this, Just leave me alone, I don’t love you!” I pleaded

“Stop this?” he asked his eyes turning darker

just how darker can his eyes get?

“You started this, now it’s up to you to end it! Take me back and this place will once be a paradise” he offered.

Remember when the devil offered the world to Jesus if He knelt down in front of him? It felt exactly like that.

“No! Never!” I spat.

“You think it would be easy? I promise you will kneel down” he said and I could see fire burning inside his eyes.

Still dazzled on what was happening, I winced when I felt heat around my mid part of the body. I looked down and jumped when I saw a chain around me. It started glowing producing a heat which was unbearable

“No,no,no,no, what are you doing? Make it stop! please make it stop, it hurts so much please” I cried trying to free myself from the burning chains. The pain was too much that I fell down.

Twilight gave out a tempestuous laugh. I realized he got what he wanted,

I was down on my knees.

“Now henceforth, that will be you companion. Let’s see if it will make you behave” he added. I screamed!

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