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Part 14

I woke up on the floor screaming. Mom heard me and rushed quickly to my room

“Anna, Anna? What’s wrong?” she was on her knees holding me

“Why are you screaming?” she asked again

“Mom! Mom, take it off please?” I whimpered

“Its burning me, it’s so hot, it hurts, please help me” I cried hoping that she would do something.

“What is so hot?” she asked looking at me confused, Eddy and Joan had also arrived

“This chains, mom, please, get them off!” I was growing impatient,

“What chains? Am not seeing any chains” she said wary.

When I didn’t said anything and continued crying while trying to pull the chains away from me, mm tried to stop me from doing that but it was futile.

“Anna pleases top! You are hurting yourself” My mom said still trying to stop me.

“Stop? Why do you mean stop hurting myself, you think am doing this to myself? You are unbelievable

I quickly pulled myself from her got up and tried to leave the room only to bump into Eddy at the door

“Eddy, please take them off, please you are a man and strong, please its burning me up” I pleaded to him too but got the same reaction. So what if they could not help me? dad was surely going to do so.

I pushed Eddy out of my way and left the room running towards my dad’s study. He was nowhere to be seen but I did not stop looking. I was running around the house like a mad woman. When I couldn’t find him, I quickly took the telephone and rang his office where as his secretary answered

“Hello, Galaxy bank how may i…”

“I want to speak with my dad now!” I cut her short

“Sorry who is this and who is your dad?”

“Just put my dad on the phone!” I yelled out at her

“Err…Sorry miss but I can’t be able to help you if you don’t tell me…” before she finished the sentence, mom snatched the phone away from my hand while Eddy held me to stop me from fighting back

“Sorry Linda this is Mrs. Armani, is my husband in the office please?” after a few seconds of silence, my mom spoke again “Richard, you need to get home right now!”

Before she could hang up I pushed Eddy away and went to snatch the phone from mom.

“Dad, they don’t want to help me, you need to come, dad? Dad?” looking at the phone the line was dead.

“Daaaaaad!” I screamed turning back to my room.

Twilight appeared again “Poor you, they can’t see the chain” now that made sense, but how was I going to get rid of them

“You can’t get rid of them” he said as if reading my mind

“Do you want to see a little trick?” he asked with an an evil smile.

He snapped his finger and the chain glowed causing too much heat than before, I fell down on my knees screaming in pain. I was writhing on the floor.

“Anna, what’s happening?” mom cried trying to hold me, I didn’t even realize when they followed. That is when I noticed Eddy’s Arm

“You did that to him, you hurt your brother. That’s what you do right? Hurting those who loves you” Said Twilight.

“No, no, no that’s not true” I shook my head

“Careful there, you don’t want to be called crazy” Twilight teased

“No! Am not crazy!” I backed

“Crazy, ha, ha, ha, ha”

“Shut up, I said am not crazy!” I said trying to block his words “Anna” Eddy’s voice was deep with worry

“Am sorry, i…dint.. I didn’t mean it” I apologized “Baby, I need you to tell me what is wrong with you” mom came towards me “I need to know how to help you” she continued

“Please tell me what to do” she pleaded.

At the same time Twilight was singing (You are a lunatic, you are a lunatic)

“SHUT UP!” I shouted feeling irritated. Mom stepped backward with a shock

“Anna! You are crossing the line, how can you talk to mom that way!” Eddy shouted taking a step towards me.

“What?” I scratched my head

“Bu...Bu…but…it was…”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk” their went Twilight again. “You want to tell them that am here? Do you think they will believe you?” He asked.

“I said leave me alone!”

“Mom, let’s just leave, she is hopeless” said Eddy. Twilight started laughing out like a lunatic as mom started backing away from me and I could see pain written all over her face.

Hopeless, she is hopeless. I was hopeless.

I locked the door behind them and lean on it. I was hopeless to the sense even my brother thought that I was faking everything

“Anna! Anna! Open the door" I heard mom knocking on the door ",

"Annabel please open the door listen to mom, please open the door" Eddy too.

"What if she tries to kill herself again?" Eddy asked and that did it.

I became numb and fell down on the floor tears running down my cheeks but I couldn’t make a sound. Eddy my closest friend and brother also thought that I tried to kill myself.

“You see?” I heard Twilight’s voice echo even though he was no longer there.

“Nobody believe you” he continued.

I gather the remaining strength I had and walked towards the bathroom. Reaching on the switch I turn on the cold shower.

It would put off the chain.

At least that’s what I thought

It felt like I was already condemned in hell, It was like the bush that Mosses saw, on fire but not burning down. I cried for the heavens to hear me but it wasn't responding.

How did all this happen to me? Why me? What did I ever do to deserve this kind of punishment?

Did it really had to be this cruel?

“Help me please” I begged silently sitting down on the floor letting the water fall down on me.

I must have pressed the wrong switch since the water was hot which scalded my skin. Instead of moving away from the shower, I sat down and started rocking

What seemed to be hours passed when I heard dad’s voice on the door Thank God for the spare key they opened the door and rushed into my room calling my name. “Anna!, Anna” he stopped in his track when he saw me in the bathroom steam coming out

“Jesus Anna! What are you doing to yourself!” he exclaimed turning off the water...

“Am not crazy, make it stop, it’s not real, it’s all in my head” I kept saying still rocking. My mom came with a robe while my dad waited outside as she got me out of my wet clothes.

After drying me up, my skin was tender and it hurt when my mom was drying me up. I winced at the pain

“Sorry” she said “everything will be fine” when I walked back into the room, I ran into my dad’s arms when he picked me up and hugged me tightly

“It’s okay Angel, dad is here now, tell me what I can do” he said softly “Dad please take it off, its burning me” I cried when she looked at my mom, she just shrugged not knowing what to say.

He quietly led me to the living room, sitting down on the couch; my head was stacked under his chin as if he was my shield hoping that Twilight would be afraid of him.

Somebody cleared the throat across the room, when I looked up, it was a strange face. I never saw her before.

“Who are you?” I asked softly

“Angel darling, I want you to meet Mrs. Sofia, she is here to help you” said my dad addressing the stranger.

“Is she here to take off the chains?” I said with a squeak, there was silence. Moving closer to me, Mrs. Molly knelt in front of me and held my hands slowly

“yes honey, am here to help you. Everything will be fine” she said smiling. A spark of hoped ignited inside me.

Maybe I wasn’t hopeless after all

My dad stood up attempting to leave, I was reluctant to let him go but he squeezed my hand reassuring me everything was going to be okay, after everybody left the room, Mrs. Sofia Sat in front of me.

She was wearing a navy blue trouser suit, with a sky blue shirt which was tucked in perfectly with black chunky heels. When she sat in front of me she crossed her leg at her ankle. Her hair was held high on a ponytail. She had a light makeup; her eyebrows were nicely done with a touch of gloss on her lips.

“A baseball bat” she said pointing at Eddy’s baseball bat trying to destruct me “ I love baseball, I used to play when I was young a lot with my dad” she continued

“Why did you stop?” I asked weakly

“My dad took that as a queue and left” Mrs. Sofia had a welcoming feeling that I felt comfortable with her at once.

“That is sad”

“It was but not anymore, I sometimes play once in a while with my sons”

“You have sons?”

“Yes, Ben and Tom, they are twins. What do you like doing in your free time?” she asked eyeing me with a curious look

“I like….”

“Volleyball and tennis with your brother but then you prefer drama, quite a drama girl I must say” Twilight completed the sentence for me only dramatically. I had even forgotten about the chains until He showed up.

I suddenly stiffen as he started twirling with my hair slowly.

“You like?” asked Mrs. Sofia when I stopped

“I like this one, she looks friendly and nice but do you think she will be able to help you” he asked moving towards Mrs. Molly

“Annabel are you alright?” she asked putting on a concerned face

“Yes? Yeah..i mean. Yes, what was I saying?” I murmured “you were saying you like?”

“i..like ah…ah..i love.i..” I stammered staring at Twilight as I kept twitching my finger

“Are you okay dear?” she asked moving closer to me

“If you say no, she will think you are crazy” Twilight said. I nodded scratching my head violently

“Annabel, look at me, I want you to look at me in the eyes” she held my head with both of her hands so that I can look at her.

“Concentrate on me, Annabel, breath, with me” I tried to follow her lead “Listen to your heart beat, concentrate on your breathing” I felt my heart beating, slowly and slowly. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, my heart beat, Mrs. Sofia’s lips, the sweat on my face, then a..a fly. So glorious how it flew, so free it seemed, a verse which was slowly falling down.

Wait a minute, a verse was falling down,

Mrs. Sofia must have knocked it while trying to come to me. A sound of shuttering glass startled the both of us, she quickly looked behind her

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. Before she turned to me again, Twilight had already had me under his control.

“She is just like everyone else, she thinks you are crazy” he said


“That’s what they all think, crazy, insane, a lunatic” he continued

“No, am not crazy!” I shouted getting Mrs. Sofia’s attention

“Annabel! No you are not crazy” she said “She is lying look at her, she looks terrified of you!” said Twilight

“Am not crazy, am not crazy, stop please” I repeated raking my fingers in my head

“Stop it, stop it, stop it,” Mrs. Molly touched my shoulder

“You are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy” Twilight continued repeating it over and over like it was a nursery rhyme

“No! I. Said. No!” I screamed pushing Twilight but to my surprise, Mrs. Sofia was the one on the floor.

Mom and dad come running back inside the room

“What’s happening?” asked daddy “Oh my God! Mrs. Sofia!” mom exclaimed her hands on the chest while trying to help her up

“i..i..dint mean… I didn’t” I stammered as dad came towards me

“Now they know you are crazy, hahahah” Twilight laughed

“I said am not crazy!” I shouted shaking my head. With that he snapped his finger and the chains around me ignited

“No, no, not again please” I cried as mom, dad and Mrs. Sofia starred in shock

“Angel, are you okay?” dad asked

“Now let’s convince them little bit” said Twilight squeezing his fist but it felt like he was squeezing my internal organs.

I let out a loud yelp and started acting hysterical, rolling down the floor the heat was ten time than before, it felt like I had descended in hell.

All over sudden I felt something like a needle on my arm and then felt dizzy. I black out


When I woke, I was on my bed. It was the most peaceful sleep that I had in a long time. There was no dream or nightmares. Looking around the room, my dad was sitting on the arm chair dozing off, and mom was lying beside me

“Mom!” I called out but my voice come out squeaky

“Anna darling you are awake!” mom woke up immediately as If I she wasn’t asleep, dad also woke up.

“How are you feeling now?” she asked trying to feel my forehead but I moved my head away,

“What happened? How long have I slept?” I asked, still not believing how I came to sleep so peacefully. “You have been out the whole day” mom answered. Looking at the clock on my dressing table, it was ten thirty in the evening,


“I slept the whole day? But how? How is that even possible?” I asked

“You got sedated, that might be the reason” daddy answered scratching his head.

So that’s why. I might have just found the solution to keep Twilight away,

I smiled at that thought.

Mom left the room and came back with a bowl of soup. I hadn’t have any appetite but I did not want to disappoint my mother. I drunk it even though it taste so tasteless. After I finished, mom gave me a couple of pills which I gladly took. I yawned and lied back to get some rest. Mom and dad left after giving a me a peck on the cheeks.

After they were gone, I went to my wardrobe to look for the pills I had starched in my jacket from mom and dad’s bedroom but to my disappointment, when I looked in the pocket, there was nothing

I slowly sneaked out of the room heading downstairs to the bathroom cabinet where they store all types of medicines,

Well not all exactly.

Their it was, the sleeping pill that would help me sleep well. I snack one bottle on my pajama’s pocket and returned to my bedroom. Taking one of the pill I smiled at my first victory.


Weeks passed by and I was even more and more addicted into the sleeping pills and of course Twilight was getting angry but zilch he could do.

Yes I was sleeping, but what if I ran out of medicines?

I went downstairs to fetch more medicine when I overheard mom and dad arguing. They usually argued about me though this time I wondered what i had done. I slowly hid myself and ease drop which was becoming a habit.

“Maybe we should reconsider what the physiologist said" suggested my dad

"Are you serious right now Richard?" Asked mom in a high tone. She was really mad I could tell, she only called daddy with his name when she is super mad

"That's the best thing for her right now"

"You mean like how it was right to punish her heavily, if only you did not tell me to be hard on her then maybe I would have noticed that she was not feeling well”

"And what are you trying to insinuate, that it is my fault she is like this?" Mom kept silence

“Annabel is sick! Okay? She needs to be treated mentally" continued dad, but you could hear a pin drop

"Richard are you actually thinking that our daughter is a lunatic? How dare you! She’s been doing fine!" she lashed out

"Fine?” my dad scoffed

“is walking like a robot fine? She sleeps and wake up then goes back to sleep. She does not even talk to us and you know that she is a talkative one”

“That proves nothing, she is still recovering, I can feel her” she sniffed wiping tears with the back of her hands

“Melisa, she is not getting well, sooner or later we will have to face the reality she is getting worse”

“What do you mean getting worse?”

“I saw her snacking some medicine the other night and I didn’t want to tell you but you leave me no other choice. When I went to check the cabin, a dozen of my sleeping pill were missing”

“What!” mom exclaimed.

“You never got rid of those?”

“That isn’t important now, the important thing is that Annabel need to go to….”

"Don't even mention it, am so disappointed in you!" my mom turned around to leave

"Honey you have to listen to me" dad grabbed her arm

"Because you are always right? “she turned to face him again

“You know what, everything that is happening to our daughter, it’s your fault, keep that in mind" my mother pulled her arm off his grip the headed towards the door, I also turned in a hurry not wanting to get caught while ease dropping.

That’s when I tripped and fell down the stairs. The last thing I remember was my mom running.

It seemed like gravity enjoyed pulling me down.

I don’t know for how long I was out but occasionally I would get conscious, hear a few conversations then go back to blackness

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