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Part 18

Twilight wasn't ready to let go off me that easily.

"So you took the pills again to get rid of me again?" he smirked.

"Huh?" I asked puzzled.

"I warned you but you are so persistence on defying my orders" what the hell was he talking about?

"Oh come on please, stop acting so innocent"

"What are you talking about?"

"So you are going to play dumb?" he snapped his fingers and I prepared myself for the chains to start burning but nothing happen. I was confused and when I looked at him he just smirked.

I heard someone yelped from downstairs. I rushed out of my room quickly going to check what was happening.

"Mom" I called out but it came as a whisper. She was at the tap rinsing her bleeding finger.

"See what happens when you disobey me?" Twilight asked standing at the door. Eddy and dad were already with her

"Oh my God! Mom?" Eddy exclaimed

"Honey! What's wrong? Are you okay?" asked dad worriedly

"Am okay, I was cutting a fruit, then cut myself accidentally. Sorry I scared the both of you" she apologized.

I gave out a sigh of relief seeing that she was okay

"That was just a glimpse" said Twilight from behind.

"It was just an accident" I corrected him "Like it was with Alex? Or like when you cut your wrist?" he asked faking a surprised. I grind my teeth and made a fist

"I need water" I was about to go back to my room when I heard Lydia's voice. She was witt Ellie

"Oh Lydia finally you are here, you left so abruptly that I was worried" said my mom rushing towards her "Oh Auntie, what happened to your hands?" Asked Lydia noticing mom's bandage.

"This is nothing, what Is happening? Why did you leave like that? And why did you ask me to call them?" she asked pointing at dad and Eddy

"Shall we?" Lydia said leading them to the living room. However I followed silently and hid under the dinner table where I could see and hear what they were talking about.

"So what is this all about?" dad asked scratching his head "I kept thinking of what Anna said today" she started

"Wait, Anna? what do you mean what Anna said? Did she let you inside her room?" asked dad

"No she came down here and she was so happy. She even asked for toast bread. can you believe it?" answered mom

"But Anna doesn't eat eggs, why would she ask that?" Eddy was confused

"Exactly, she does not eat Toast bread, but she asked for it still" Lydia said

"Did she eat?" dad asked

No, instead she was talking in riddles."

"I couldn't understand what she was talking about" mom sighed. Lydia took a pen and a paper and started writing. She repeated what I had told her earlier word by word and when she was done, Eddy and dad were even more confused.

"sooooooo?" dad asked not getting what Lydia was saying "So I was thinking, what if by the toast she meant something else, or even someone."

"Assuming you have already figured it out please tell us" Eddy spoke

"Yeah right" Lydia "It's a riddle, and I was thinking maybe we can figure it out together. They kept repeating what I was saying earlier bit by bit.

"You mean the thing is attracting who?" asked Eddy

"Her stomach.. That is Anna" answered Ellie

"Yes, then once she eats it, it destroys her world" Lydia continued

"Like If Anna gives in, the thing destroys Anna? Because she is the stomach that its burning up and the thing is the Toast bread, wait am even more confused. Can someone speak in English please" said Eddy getting frustrated

"So what does that mean? That something is after Anna, something is causing her pain? Nothing makes any sense" Mom said raking her fingers in her hair, messing it up

"Okay guys just calm down. What if Anna is afraid and is asking for help, that's why she is spoke in riddles"

"Afraid? Afraid of what?" dad asked

"Let's say the toast bread is the threat in disguise and Anna takes it. What if this enemy is threatening her not to speak?. When she sees, her eyes sends a message to the brain that later reacts and gives her pains" Lydia continued

"Am not following" Dad threw his hands up surrendering

"Instead of using Toast Bread, how about we just nick name it with any letter" Elllie suggested "T" Joan came from nowhere

"What did you just say Jojo?" asked Lydia getting excited

"Lets name the toast T, it starts with a T, T for...."

"Twilight!" Lydia exclaimed almost jumping from her seat.

"I was going to say Toast" Joan whined and I smiled. They finally cracked it. Twilight was shocked when Lydia said his name.

"Twilight? Who is Twilight? And how come I have never seen him" asked mom

"He is the one torturing Anna!" she exclaimed

"I don't get a thing, where is this Twilight?" asked Eddy also confused "Because he is not real, I too I have never seen him. He is in her head. He is controlling Anna. She is making her imagination come to life. She did all of this on purpose, asking you to say hi to me when I was away! She knew I would ask about her, and you would tell me she wasn't fine!" she started pacing around the house "That day, when she came from the hospital and I asked her about was happening, her posture immediately changed and she grabbed my trouser saying Twi... which means Twilight. All this time she was giving me clues but I didn't see them." Tears started rolling down her eyes

"Then today, she told me that she is my friend, the one she tells every little secrets. Because am the only one who knows about Twilight. She made that riddle for me to crack!" I was smiling from where I was hiding.

The rest of the house was just watching her in awe. With a sad smile, I released some of the tears. "You traitor!" Twilight hissed going toward Lydia, he was going to hurt her but something like shield stopped him

"Lydia, what are you talking about? Who is Twilight and how come he is in my daughters mind?" dad finally found his voice. Lydia sat down and started telling them everything about Twilight

"Say what!" exclaimed both my parents after Lydia finished

"Actually to be precise what Lydia mean is that Twilight is a spirit" Ellie elaborated. Someone gasped "Wait, am not getting this, what, my daughter dated an invisible boyfriend, how? Why?" Asked dad trying to digest what was happening.

Well as blunt as always Ellie "Well he is not just an invisible person, but a spirit, am always curious when it comes to myths and misconception and I have encountered one of the myths about spirits. They actually approach naïve people and manipulate their mind making it their sanctuary and according to Lydia, she advised her to break up with him and start dating real guys, which must have made Twilight jealous and there is no dangerous thing like a jealous spirit" she finished explaining her facts.

There was a little silence in the room

"Are you guys for real? First she was a hot headed girl who needed to be taught discipline then a bonkers who had to be taken to an asylum now this? Spirits and... What's happening to you guys? Cant you see how ridiculous this sound?" complained mom as if she was going out of her mind

"Mom, both Lydia and Ellie might be right, before Anna tried to commit suicide, before we noticed that something was wrong with her, she kept telling you that 'he was after, that he did it. She kept saying 'he' all the time is after her, remember?" Commented Eddy

"Thank you children but would you excuse us for a second?" Dad asked them to leave. I couldn't help but to smile at my amazing friends and brother.

"You will pay for this you do know that?" Twilight hissed

"Yes I know, as long as you can't hurt my family anymore" I winked at his annoying face

"Don't tell me you believe them" complained mom again in a lower tone "Honestly at this point, I don't know what to believe in" said dad scratching his head

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Come down, let's think this through, do you remember that day while we were bringing Anna from hospital that is after trying suicide? She told me to stop being right all the time and she was right, am always right am never wrong and that is the problem. I don't want to say that they are right because I know so but because it is possible that they might be"


"She also told you to stop being a super woman all the time, honey sometimes accepting defeat is winning, for the first we know what might be hurting our daughter, the cause and why is remaining unsolved, I hope you understand honey" he finished.

Mom started weeping and dad embraced her "We have tried everything" she cried

"Not everything, am not a believer but I also know that there is someone up there, who is been watching us in silent, waiting for us to call him" dad said with determination in his voice

"The information we know isn't sufficient, we might as well go to the source of all this problem" said mom sniffing. They all started looking for me unaware that I heard everything.


My dad drove off to an address that Lydia gave him, the place was so familiar but I was too tired to think. The car stopped and Eddy took my hand leading me to a mini hurt.

It was the augur's hut!

"You knock when you enter my sanctuary" roared the augur

" Its more like hell to me, " smirked my mother,

hell no! she wasn't the one to bit around the bush

"You don't have to ask who i am, i mean am sure you recognize two out of them right?" she continued arrogantly "Yes, yes, the two ladies whom I read their fortune, you must be their mother" answered the augur smiling

"Yes! Am the mother whom you destroyed her daughter's life" she blurted out

"You are mistaken, I don't destroy lives I only read fortunes"

"Then take a look at her, see how she is in pain every single day, this is all you're doing, you witch "yelled Mom. Dad held her back

"I warned her, I told her to resist but like how a moth is attracted to light so was she, spirit is tormenting her soul, she has too much spiritual wounds that bleeds"

"So the spirit is real, right?" Eddy asked

"Yes" confirmed the augur looking at me, "It's the most dangerous spirit, it can hurt even you her family but now it can't" answered the augur "What do you mean?" asked Eddy again "The spirit can only hurt the family and friends if no one reveals its name but you already know the name so you are safe but for her sake, stay away from her or he will hurt her even more"

"But don't you have any medicine or a solution to this?" Asked dad curiously "like I said before am just a fortune teller, she needs spiritual healing, but I must say, it will be too hard to get rid of him since they are already engaged"

"What do you mean?" Mom asked in a shock

"You" the augur pointed me "Did he gave you a ring?" I nodded "According to my research, her accepting the ring means that she is bound to him" Said Ellie

"But can't she give it back?" asked Lydia

"She can't, he is the one to ask for it" answered Ellie

"Okay let's get out of here, she is of no help "said mom storming outside. The augur walked towards me and grabbed my hand "You are in a lot of anguish and pain, your hopes are shuttered but worry not, peace and happiness is coming your way in abundance just hang on" she whispered. Eddy pulled me outside faster and we all headed home.

For the fast time I wanted to believe in that fortune teller's words, that freedom and peace was finally coming my way.

I was too tired to speak, or to do anything but glad at the same time my plan worked. I figured that since Twilight won't let me tell the problem, having Lydia come over was going to work. Before I was in this battle alone but now, my family was also there to fight alongside me

I went into my room hoping to take a rest but then I remember i could no longer do that. Twilight was also no fool; he figured out that I did stage everything. He was furious that night and he descended all his anger on me. I never felt that kind of pain before but it felt like hell had dropped on me, enough was enough,

I was tired of the pain the suffering "Why me God? Why me? Am I such a bad person that you allowed such tragedy upon me? Please enough! I have had it enough" I screamed my heart out.

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