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“Let go of me! Let me go!” I tried to pull myself away from her grip but she was just too strong. ‘You did thissss…’ A frightening whisper came from her making me halt only for her to start whimpering again. “No! I did nothing, you must have gotten the wrong person. I-“ I was cut short when she abruptly let go of my hand to my relief but when she raised her head, the shock was enough to have me stumble back and fall on my butt. I started moving backwards dragging myself on the floor shaking my head in denial. My heart was beating fast like it was about to pop out of my chest. No, no.no this can't be. I started hyperventilating, I couldn't breathe. I was having a panic attack. 'You did this!' She bellowed in an inhumanly voice, her eyes full of accusation, distaste and hatred. Like it was all my fault she was in that situation. What is happening to me?

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Entangled by my own rope, I struggled to set myself free

From my deadly addiction, but like a sheep tied to a pole

Am only allowed to hobble around my mighty master,

If I dare disobey him, ways to goad me he knows

Enslaved to what I detest, my mystery is my master’s joy

He smiles when I cry, my pain brings him joy

Yeah, my work is to serve all his selfish deeds

As a slave my needs matters not,

My master first, I should always put

Escaping once I tried, missing death by the skin of my teeth

“Last warning! He said, “Death will be too easy”

Lest I tried to escape again, a fate worse than death awaits

And deep into my flesh, his claws and fangs he dug

To ensure I knew he meant business

Seems likes I went into oblivion, remembered not by anyone

Just like the cries of the innocent into clogged ears, they fell

My voice became soar, from willing and screaming for help

Who will come to the rescue from this retched addict?

What keeps me going, the reason why I don’t give up,

Is that my help will come, detoxifying my system of him I shall,

My master farewell I’ll bid, backward again I shall never look

Like a bird I shall spread my wings

Away from the cage I shall fly away

By Ava Agen’ga


Hello everyone!

Thanks for taking your time to go through this book.

Entangle is my first story that I wrote when I was still in high school, and I was so excited to find a platform where I could share it with the world.

I hope you enjoy the story, but, just a word of caution, it is still going through heavy modification. It still a lot of grammatical mistakes that I am still working on rectifying.

In the meanwhile, hit my profile to take a peak in my other books;

The Cursed One

Actually You.

Hope you enjoy

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