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Hi guys, so the book is almost ending and am so excited!

I have been dying to put this idea on paper for a very long time and finally

I made a story out of it!

It has been a beautiful journey with a lot or rocks of course. I almost gave up when their was no inspirational but then remember the slogan

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Just like now Anna is now ready to fight. Watch out for the next chapter


I hope you enjoy it and please tell me what think in the comment section.

This is just one of the adventures that I have started. Their are still more to come with different genre.

Thank you for coming all this way with me.

Remember to keep safe guys, let's follow what the ministry of health says. Wash your hands all the time, keep social distance and always wear your masks all the time.

I know its tiring and irritating having to stay indoors all the time not to mention the mask but we got to do what got to, to stay safe.

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