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Part 21

I opened my eyes slowly, but shut them swiftly when almost blinded by the light hanging from a lofty. I blinked severally, and each time my vision seemed to clear up.

"Anna!" I heard mom's voice

"Oh Anna, thank goodness you are a wake" she was all over me, her hands cupped my face and there were tears.

"I thought I lost you, please never do that again angel" she cried.

I looked around a little bit confused. What did she mean that she almost lost me? I know am sick but that doesn't mean I am going to die. Am i?

And why was everybody in my room?

Looking worried?

"Dad" I called him softly.

"What happened? Why are you all here? And why is mom crying?" I asked looking around. Mom sat down beside me looking at me with sad eyes. Nobody answered me.

"Ben, what happened?" I asked sitting down.

"You don't remember?" he asked me

"Should I remember anything? The last thing I recall is coming to my bedroom and sleep only that"

Their was awkward silence inside the room.

"Can you just tell me why you guys look so worried? What really happened here?" I was getting a little bit impatient.

"You almost drowned in the swimming pool,m" Eddy said after a while.

"Drowned!" I exclaimed.

Looking down on what I was wearing, I realized i was no longer in my pink PJs rather in a baggy t shirt which wasn't mine.

"What! The swimming pool? Me? Drowning?" I said confused . There was no way he was telling the truth, I couldn't do that. Especially when I was ready to fight Twilight.

"Yes, If Ben hadn't seen you then you..." he swallowed " I don't know what would have happened" he finished.

Panic rose in my chest, booming there like an oversize heart. I quickly became out of breath mostly because of fear.

"No, no, no,no,no,no,no,no" I shook my head crying. I felt mom's hand on my shoulder and I looked at her.

"Am telling the truth mom, I didn't do it" I looked at her pleading.

"I swear dad, I didn't do that" dad came closer and held my cheek.

"We know that you didn't mean it, you were just sleep walking that's all" dad tried assuring me.

Sleep walking? All the images from the nightmare all came flashing in front of my eyes.

"No, I wasn't, i..i..." I was almost going into a panic attack

"Anna, try to relax" Ben said but it wasn't doing anything to calm my nerves.

"No! I didn't go to the swimming pool, I didn't sleep walk, I was in a maze" everyone was silent.

"Anna" Ben called out softly.

"Listen to my voice, I want you to breath it through your nose and exhale it through your mouth" he continued and tried to listen to his voice and do what he was said and my heart beat stopped rasing.

"It was dark and... there was a girl in chains... she was me" I looked at mom.

"She blamed me" when I looked at everybody, they were all staring at me as if I was a lunatic. All but Ben whose face was blank


That's what everybody thought I was. What you are thinking now.

But I couldn't blame them, I mean even if you in their shoes you would have believed the same.

How many times have we judged people based on what we are seeing?

Just because you don't believe in something it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

It's just so sad that we brand everything that we do not understand as crazy.

Everybody has their own demons which their are fighting, in my case it was Twilight. Its funny, growing up, a devil will. come with horns, ugly, scale, that when you him, you will run away.

Little did I know, that it would come in disguise as an Angel.

I wasn't crazy, just a little bit unwell. Nobody believed me at the beginning, that's why they thought I was just throwing some tantrums, the reason why I was sent into an asylum. But they came to understand. They came to see, the other side of me.

Mind is such a powerful organ. It can use your imagination and trap you inside it without even knowing. There is no greater battle than you fighting against yourself.

It sometimes reached a point where I was so exhausted, because I wasn't only hurting myself but everyone around me. I was tired of trying, of holding on to.

"Twilight is so strong, I can't defeat him" I cried after a while

"No he is not, you made him, you called him and you let him into your life" Ben said

Yeah I already know that what the point

"I already know that"

"Didn't occurred to you that he is using your weakness to defeat you? Anna, he is generating your fears and that makes him stronger than you."

"How am I supposed to defeat him then?"

"By showing him that you are not afraid of him, you need to be physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger not to mention mentally, all his powers are just illusions to trap your imagination and bring it to life. Once you believe in it, it becomes true." he paused.

"I need you to prepare yourself now. You need to go to him this time" he continued

"What? Why should I go to him?" I squealed.

"Anna that is the only way for you to defeat him. Show him that you are not afraid of him"

"We understand you doc but Anna is so exhausted now, can't it wait until tomorrow?" dad asked.

"Am sorry Mr. Armani but you saw what happened earlier, she almost lost her life. We don't have any time to spare"

"But how am I going to face him? It's not like am going to call him and he comes." I asked

"You don't have to call him, you have to go to him" everybody gasped in the room.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Twilight broke his barrier, you also need to break yours" I didn't understand anything that came out of his mouth.

How was I going to him?

"I need a..a " Ben scratched his head

"A timer!" Eddy removed his smatch Watch and handed it over to Ben.

"I need you guys to reduce the lights" he continued.

"What are you going to do? I thought you were just going to talk to her, to help her" Mom asked looking unsure about the whole situation

"The thing is that we have no time to talk"

"What do you mean doc?" Asked dad looking worried

"Twilight is owning your daughter. He is taking control of her mind. He was able to make her slit her wrist, and then drown herself in the pool what will be next? She might attack you!" Said Ben looking worried

"Then what are you going to do?" asked mom

"I need to put her under hypnosis"

"What! Hypnosis?" mom exclaimed

"I know, but it is the only choice we have,"

"No, I won't allow that!"

"Mom, let him do it, he is the doctor remember? I am tired of this already" I said weakly

"Are you sure? I don't like this at all, what if you get lost and never come back?"

"I won't, Twilight may take control of my mind but not my heart. You guys are in my heart. So I won't get lost" I assured them as a tear escaped my eyes.

"I love you, we all love you" Mom gave me a peck while brushed his hands through my hair

"We will all be here, by your side" dad said slowly.

Ben came towards me with an arm chair. He settled it beside me and sat on it.

"Anna, you must know that it is going to hurt" he said giving me a

Hope you change your mind look"

"It's just a therapy, I was in the asylum remember?" I tried appearing strong when in reality I was as scared at myself at this time. But whatever the pain I was about to experience couldn't be much worse than what I have been going through right? Plus it would all be worth it.

"No you don't get it. This is no common therapy. You will be facing your enemy, in your brain. You will get hurt, even get burnt. You might even die or get lost in their"

Now he was scaring the hell out of me.

"But it is the only way right?" I asked him

"What are my chances of returning?"

"It depends on you. Do you want to come back Anna?" he answered raising an eye brow

"Of course I do" I said with determination

"Let's do it" I said lying straight on my bed

"Are you sure?"

"Damn it Ben, just do it. You said It yourself that chances of coming back is up to me and am determined to come back, if I stay, Twilight will still own me completely. So let's get rid of him"

Honestly there was no dilemma in the situation, either I take the risk or wait for him to conquer me. If I was going to die, then at least I fought, right?

He motioned to dad, whom in response reduced the light to dim. Taking the timer, he dialed it

"We only have twenty minutes, until you come back" he said looking at me

"Twenty minutes? Twenty minutes to make me face the man who made me suffer for almost an year? Can't it be an hour or two?" I was now getting scared.

I was going to face my worst fear and I had only twenty minutes? Twilight was powerful and I was no ninja or wonder woman. How was I going to fight him within 20 minutes?

"No, it can't be more, twenty minutes is the longest you could go, if you don't return within" He looked down

"You will be lost forever" he finished as mom gasped

"Ready?" he asked again

"Yes" I sighed.

"Please come back to us" it was a prayer from mom.

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