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Part 22

I was lying down on the bed, while Ben sat on the Arm chair. My family were waiting outside my room except for mom and dad.

I took deep breath, in and out trying to calm down my nerves while I lied down on the bed as Ben had requested.

He took a necklace from his neck and told me to breathe in and out just as Ben had requested.

"I only need you to concentrate on this necklace" he said swinging a gold necklace in front of my face

"See the way it glows, let it be your light, concentrate in its beauty." the more I looked at it, the more the medallion changed its color, it was so bright, like the sun

"Breath, feel the sound of your heart beating. Let everything fade except for this medallion" his voice was now becoming an echo. The medallion was getting far, second by second. And before I noticed. It went off. My head snapped and I realized that I was alone, in a black room laying on the bed, which was the only item in the room.

Looking around, it really didn't seemed friendly; I could feel my heart beating faster. I was scared

"Just relax and let me guide you" I heard a male voice echoing inside the room

"Where am i?" I asked looking around

"You are in the world of your world the one that you created"

"This is not my imagination, I never dreamt of being locked up in a dark place" I said

"Then make it your own, imagine anything that you want" Immediately, the whole place vanished and I was in a beautiful park. There were teenagers running around, kicking the ball all over the place. Everywhere was green, which means no pollution, it was calm and peaceful everywhere, no violence could be haunted. Near the far end of the park, away from the football ground, was a beautiful garden for children to play.

There were swings, a newly built boy was swinging really high and got tripped over and started crying because he got injured badly. Thus his mother picked him up and first aided him. Then suddenly someone hit the boy with a tennis ball and he started crying out loud

"Hey watch it! Who the hell do you think you are?" I yelled walking toward the man with the ball on his hands.

"Hey! Am speaking to you!" I shouted at his back but he didn't flinch.

"Are you deaf or something!" I spat

Turning around and surprise, surprise, Twilight, was the man who just hit that innocent kid with a tennis.

"Well, what do we have here?"

"None other than the Feisty Annabel Armani"

"Welcome my beloved, welcome" he said bowing down dramatically like he was welcoming royal person.

"Beautiful isn't it?" he said referring to the park.

"Yeah, it is beautiful..." I said feigning interest.

Twilight was now smiling.

"But there is a stench that needs to be rid of, don't you think so babe?" I sarcastically asked.

Twilight' laughed comically throwing his head back.

"Dramatic much"

"Egoistic much"

Twilight clapped his hands. "Oh my darling, don't forget who is still in charge"

Snapping his fingers, the park became a mess, people started to disappear. The baseball, and football playground became deserted and the swings, no one was sitting on them reminding me about the scene from Avengers infinite war.

This time I wasn't fazed at all. I was getting used to it and my mission was to end this façade.

"It's a good thing you came here, now no one is going to stop me from making you feel my wrath" His voice boomed an evil smile on his face "I am here to destroy you Twilight, you can no longer hurt me" I said trying to appear strong even though i was shaking to the core

"hahahahaha!" he laughed out obviously mocking my naiveness

"Is that so? Do you think you can stop me?" he looked down at me as if I was a mouse

"Don't underestimate me!" I retorted back

"Oh no darling, if there is something I don't do, is to underestimate my prey. Now let me give you a little bit of welcome party" he said clapping his hands twice.

Everything started fading away at the park, and the sky changed its color to dark red. The sun looked like it was on fire.

Okay I know sun is like fire but this one seemed like it was blazing. Whatever but you understand right?

Twilight was in a different form. He wore a black robe, something I've never seen him wear, his eyes were black as a pit and he had a menacing look on his face and to top it all he was floating on air.

He was so terrifying I think he was the devil himself. Too scared to even move a muscle, Twilight took advantage of my situation and threw something like ash on me and I could not see clearly. While I was struggling to get my sight back, he attacked me with a whip lash and started wiping me.

My screams became louder as the intensity of the pain increased. I don't know what was happening but I felt the whole world shaking. The pain only worsen with time. Ben was wrong for sending me here, this was Twilight's world.

He was more powerful than ever. Gathering the strength that was left. I got up and started to retreat. Sometimes running was the best option. But the thing was, where was I running to? My imagination was wild and uttered with darkness because of Twilight. There were creepy creatures all around and it was cold as he was looking.

He had a smirk on his face, I guess even he saw how futile my efforts were. Just then I felt a something warm around my wrists which turned to scalding hot, that's when I remembered the chains. I fell on the ground and tried screaming but no sound came, Twilight Laughed when he saw me writhing on the ground.

My master the one who I created was there in front of me, floating in the air like some kind of superman, he was supposed to be my knight in shining armor only he was tormentor.

“You think that you can come to my world and destroy me?” he roared

“You have just dug your own grave. You have trapped yourself here.” he continued and I shook my head in fear.

He could not be right, I could not stay In this place

“Ben! Ben! Get me out of here,” I screamed hoping that he will help me.

“Oh so you brought reinforcement? Do you think he will help you? No one wants you; they sent you here because they knew you will get trapped. They are tired of your tantrums!’

“No!” I yelled

“They knew it was dangerous but what did they do to stop him? Huh? Even your mother agreed!”

“No, no, no that is not true, you are only messing with my mind”

“The only people messing with your mind are your family, they are hypocrites, and they pretend to love you”

“No!” I was trying to cover my ears but his voice penetrated in.

“I am the only person who genuinely loved you, but you betrayed me! You chose them over me! Now you will feel the wrath of a betrayed person!” he hands were bold into fist and I felt the air leaving my lungs, I was now floating in the air heading towards him.

“Please!” I tried talking but he was choking the life out of me. He was cutting my air supply my eyes becoming larger.

Remember you the one who created him

I tried to struggle but all were in vain.

“Anna!” Ben’s voice echoed

“ i…cant..do..it…h….elp me” I struggled

“Listen to me, remember that whatever is happening, is not real, he is just an illusion. You are just imagining him” Twilight was sucking the life out of me

“You created him remember, you are his god! You gave him the power” I saw Ben appearing

“And he who giveth, taketh”

“You are stronger than this baby” Mom also appeared

“You are an Angel and no devil can win over an Angel” dad also came

“ Do you remember what you told me once?” Mom asked

“You told me that if you were to have a supernatural power, then you would want the combination of wonder woman and super girl, so that you would float on air especially above the sea. Kicking off the bad guys and making the world a better place. I told you that it was stupid but guess what, everything is possible in the world of imagination. Be that hero you kept imagining about”

Twilight was even squeezing his fist harder but I wasn’t thinking of the pain at the moment, my childhood came flashing before my eyes. That day when mom bought me Supergirl’s outfit during Halloween. I remembered crying because i wanted wonder woman’s outfit too.

She was right. I always imagined myself having super power

The combination of wonder woman and super girl by the way.

I imagined how it would feel flying in the air watching the world from above and just like that, I started feeling light, I didn’t feel pain.

Suddenly the place started changing the sky was clearing up and the darkness was fading. Twilight quickly let go of me and started looking around in surprise.

“What, what is happening?” he asked shocked

“I am happening’ I answered feeling strong and confident

“You think you can scare me with this?” he scoffed but insecurity was written all over his face “Aren’t you?” I started walking towards him. He slowly started floating in the air and surprisingly I was too

“You were wrong when you said that this is your world.”

“It is my world and am going to destroy you” he roared

“Then what are you waiting for?” I asked and he sent some of his creepy creatures towards me but all of them turned into ashes

“I owe this world! and I alone control everything! You polluted my mind, you deceived me but it’s over now. Am now stronger than before, you can no longer hurt me!” I waved my hand and a force like a wind pushed him down

“I am powerful now Twilight, get ready because your time is running up” I slowly went down to him

“Any final words my beloved?” I asked looking at him pitifully

“Am sorry” was all he could say. Two words! Two simple words and I felt like my whole world was crumbling down. I felt the heat of anger rushing through my veins and my blood boiling fast “Sorry? Sorry? Is that all you can say? Sorry" tears stared clouding my eyes.

"Eleven months of my life in which you killed me slowly, all the sufferings, the pain, the anxieties, the torture , eleven months you snatched away my will to live, you took away all the hopes, my dreams and sorry is all you can say? Sorry? How dare you?" I yelled out in rage and a powerful force strangled him

“I…I lost myself, it was the work of the devil" he chocked in his word

"You are the devil himself, so don't you try use that on me," the force was getting stronger and I was sure that I was going to kill him.

"Please try to understand me"

"Understand what? That you caused Alex’ accident? You manipulated me during exams and made me think that I was writing the correct answer when in true sense I was writing what you wanted me to? Give me a valid reason why I should even try to understand you" I flew back, swing my head aside and bang Twilight on the swing nearby.

Falling down with thud, he tried to get up but too weak was he.

"All my girlfriends dumped me, I blamed myself for not being sufficient so when I met you, I saw how nice you were, you were suffering, they did not deserve you that's why I made them cheat on you, why I swore that I will be a better man for you, I will protect you"

did he just say made them cheat?

“You are the one who made them cheat on me? You used my naiveness to your advantage? All this time I thought that I wasn’t enough to make a guy love me while you were the one…" I snapped my fingers and threw him on the tree trunk

"Yes, am sorry, I have made a lot of mistakes with you, I have been hurt so many times and you

We’re doing the same"

Why can’t he just die?

"Don't try to justify your action by blaming others, nothing you can say to me will make me forgive you"

“Please let me make things right” he pleaded

“You talk about making things right, then why am I still in chains?” I asked him looking at the chains that were still around me

“I can turn back time" Twilight said trying to get up


Screaming out loud in pain, only this time, it wasn’t physical pain but my pain from my Broken heart,

All over sudden, Twilight’s froze and started turning into ice from his feet going upwards.

“Enough of your lies because they are only pissing me off” I hissed making a fist. I wanted all this to be over, I wanted him disappear for good

“So what are you going to do my beloved?” he asked looking at me with a defeated smile

“Kill me? Will that make you any different from me?” he scoffed

“You tried to kill me, then Alex, and messed up my family, why won’t I kill you?” I asked.

As they say, Anger and bitterness is the poison to the soul once you let it in, it fall on your flesh like alloys ready to wither you to the core. Twilight was a bitter spirit who only enjoyed tormenting others. I didn’t want to be like him, someone who hurt others to feel happy. I closed my eyes and let my body calm down.

“I am not like you Twilight, I don’t feed on others fear, so leave me alone and never come back, I cast you out of me in Jesus!” I rebuked him as his body continued freezing,

“You time is up Devil!” I added and turned back to leave

“Anna!” he called out helplessly

“You still have something that belongs to me” he said. I looked at him confused

“Anna!” I heard ben’s voice.

“You have to come back, I am going to count up to three and when I snapped my fingers, you will wake up,”

Ignoring him, I headed towards Twilight again

“One!” Ben started

“What are you talking about?” I asked Twilight, he just scoffed and looked at my finger, that’s when I remembered the ring

“You want it back?” I asked hoping that he would say yes

“It is mine after all,” he shrugged

“Then say the word!” I demanded

“Two!” Ben continued and my heart beat increased.

I walked toward his halfway freezing body and I narrowed my eyes feeling them glowing

“I want my ring back” he snapped,

By saying those words, the ring magically removed itself from my finger and headed toward him. Immediately he completely froze and broke disappearing in thin air, at the same time the chains around me also broke free.

All the bruises and the wounds I had disappeared.

“Three!” snap.

I gasped opening my eyes. Looking around, I saw Ben’ Medallion, taking a closer look, the park slowly faded and I was back in my room. Everybody their holding on to my hands.

“Mom, dad!” I called out tears welling down my cheeks.

“Please just tell me that it wasn’t a dream”

please it’s not

“A nightmare honey, a night mare” dad said squeezing my hands tight

“Twilight, what happened to him” asked Ben

“He is gone, gone forever. He took the rings, the chain vanished and the wounds. He is gone” I chirped shedding happy tears

“Twilight,” I called looking around waiting for him to appear but nada

“He is gone” I said happily

“He is gone” I whispered

He was really gone. The absence of chain which was his signature, the wounds which were his trail and the ring, his throne, were all gone. All gone and now a history.

A story that when told may feel like a myth, a fantasy. Seeing my family so happy altogether in one room embracing me, actually felt like a dream and I was afraid that I might wake up, only it was real.

It was a happy time. Everybody was smiling and crying at the same time

“Thank you” I mouthed at Ben whom in returned nodded his head smiling and left the room.

The rest of the family came into a group hug.

Gosh! I would leave in this moment every day.

I can’t imagine after suffering for eleven good months it only took twenty minutes which seemed impossible for me to get well.

Hiroshima was destroyed in one day and Rome wasn’t built in one day.

Life was indeed like a limbo, I must admit.

Two months later…..

After the nightmares, I had to undergo treatment because of the excessive sedatives that I was injected when I was admitted at the asylum

I had to be detoxified. To get rid of the effects, I had to go for checkups and also visit Alex at the hospital too. He had already woken from his coma and was recuperating well.

The eleventh month was over, and the twelfth arrived, it was my birthday.

Mom and dad threw a small and simple party where we invited our friends and families, both mom and dad invited their co- workers and friends from office.

Irony of a small simple party

“Am finally turning eighteen Aaaw!" I exclaimed

”You should be thankful because Twilight is no longer in your life, if he was still here, I mean on this day then you would have been enslaved forever" said Ellie hugging me.

“Am feeling bad though” said Alex with a frown on his face.

“I wasn’t here to help you when you needed me” He continued

“What! Are you serious? I am the one who should be sorry, I got you involved in all this” I patted his shoulder

“You are my best friend, and will always be” I smiled at him

“Wait! Am I being replaced now?” Lydia popped in faking a hurt.

Both me and Alex looked at each other and burst out laughing. I was lucky to have such nice friends with me. They forgave with so much ease that i felt like I didn’t deserved it.

I skimmed my eyes at the crowd looking for a particular person

“Their he is!” whispered Lydia pointing at Ben

“No, I wasn’t looking for him” I blushed as he approached me

“Oops, I forgot that my bae is here, Alex, wanna go meet him? He is nice!” said Lydia pulling Alex along with her, leaving me and Ben alone. I cleared my throat as I stared at Ben

“So doc” I started

“How are you feeling? Apart from being the most beautiful eighteen year old tonight of course?” he joked.

“Oh doc, you flatter me too much”. I blushed at the thought he found me beautiful.

“What’s up with Doc? Am out of the office, its Ben tonight”

“Okay do… I mean Ben” I sighed

“is this how it feels to be an adult,” I went along with the joke.

“What do you mean how it feel?” he asked raising his eyebrow.

“Mmmmmh” I hummed taping my head.

“Normal? Does it make sense? It doesn’t seem like I have aged and inch”

All over sudden Eddy was beside me and when I looked at him, he was frowning. “What is it?” I asked.

“Oh my God Anna! There is something on your hair!” he exclaimed

“What!, please get it off,” I said jumping, he knew very well how much I hated crawling things. The next thing I knew, Ellie was standing next to me also. “Relax Anna, it’s just grey hair” she said smiling

“Whaaaat!” my jaw dropped making my way towards the house looking for a mirror. Before I could reach the foyer, I heard laughter behind me. When I looked back I saw everyone laughing at me. That’s when it hit me, it was a joke they were pulling on me.

“Oh my God Anna, see her face” Edddy was showing them a picture form his phone.

“Kennedy Armani you are a dead meat! And to make it worse, you have also recruited your girlfriend.” I growled.

“Your first child will be mine” I tried feign anger but failed miserably.

“Attention everybody” said daddy clinging his Champaign glass to get people's attention

"This year has been a long and tough journey for my family, there has been suffering and pain, we almost lost hope in the process but God” he pointed up in admiration.

“Gave us such nice friends who supported us all through the journey until our daughter got better. He was there for us; even though we didn’t remember him"

“Hey you know something?” I whispered loudly enough for Ben to here.

“I think my dad is now a new born” I joked and headed towards my parents leaving the smiling Ben behind.

“now that am an adult” the congregation laughed as I joined mom and dad on the platform.

Getting serious I went on. “In every painful situation there is always an advantage" I cleared my throat.

“My bond between my dad and I became strong” there was an Aaaw, from the crowd

“Thanks to this illness, my grandson got the medical care he needed” Sir Edward joined

“Thanks to the illness, I got freed from the asylum” Julia too, everybody was now picking the trend

“And thanks to my illness, I got to know just how much you guys love me and how much I love you” I continued with tears of happiness flowing down my cheeks.

“So with our glasses held high let cheers to bad times, let's cheers to the pain and suffering, let's cheers for the anguish and hopelessness that has brought us together" Ben joined making a toast

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