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The darkness in my life was over, looking back, I did not want to remember anything, I closed the act of suffering and pain but I decided to carry an important lesson.

I was in a hurry to have a love life. I got obsessed with beautiful things.

Sometimes the Devil uses the things that make our heart melt to entice us in his prison of pain and before you notice it, your life has been shuttered into pieces.

But with the love of family and friends around, getting through any kind of situation is worthy it. God sent his son to save us all, no matter how much sufferings we go through, He is always there listen to your cries, because he never sleeps nor slumbers. He said,


“Hello Angel!” Eddy’s voice brought me back from my emotional state.

“You know am never going to get enough of that right?” I joked hitting him slowly on the chest.

“Well as long as I get to see that ugly smile, it’s okay” again with his corny jokes which pretty well never stop ruining the moment.

“Anna!” Joan came running to me.

“Yes princess”

“Erick wants me to dance with him” she said putting her hands on her waist

“Who is Erick?” I wondered. He pointed at Sir. Edward’s grandson

“Ooow, there is no harm in dancing, go ahead!” she quickly went to the dance floor.

“So tell me Bess” Lydia came from behind, I raised my eyebrow at her.

“What’s you deal with hot physiologist?” she asked with a smirk

“He is cute but for now, I want to concentrate with putting back my life on track, like joining the collage and getting my certificate” I answered.

“And this school, did Mr. Hot guy recommended? “asked Lydia winking at me

“Yes, he is the counselor in that school” I winked back as we all burst out laughing,

She pulled me to the dance floor and we all started dancing, watching my mom and dad embracing each other, looking so lovely.

Now this was not the end but the beginning. I know challenges would be their but i was ready to accept the punches and avoid the knock outs.

"Do you want our fortune read? I know the perfect augur” Lydia blurted out

“Thanks a lot but I prefer if life surprise me instead” we giggled


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