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Hello their lovely readers,

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So I have just finished my second book!, you can find it in my profiles and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Here is a sneak peak


“Dear Lizzy why aren’t you happy? I have just blessed your daughter with the gift of beauty, oh I wonder how many hearts she will break” she laughed dryly, taking more ashes and continued to chant.

“A witch never gives something for free, why would you give her that gift when you hate me so much?” Asked Queen Elizabeth.

“And here I thought love made you stupid” she said picking some ashes and mixing it with her blood. She also pricked the little girl’s hand and mixed both their blood.

“Now dear Lizzy after a blessing from a witch, comes a curse” Elizabeth swallowed, she knew there was a catch.

“You broke and humiliated my son because of love, now I shall take love from your daughter’s life.”

“No!” Cried the queen.

“Today I curse princess Candice that she will never accept love from any man, if she reciprocates, then she will watch her beloved die in front of her, in her hands”. she said with an evil laugh.

“No! You can’t do this, you witch” Elizabeth screeched but it was no use.

“Oh yes I can and I have. She will live a lonely life, what you took from my son will also be taken from your daughter. She will be able to feel the emotions but once she let them out” she snapped her finger.

“That person will be dead and she will have to watch them die one by one!” she thought her daughter will have a better life with Damaris. She thought they won’t pay any hind to her but Theodore was one conniving witch.

“You killed yourself to be with your beloved in peace? Now let’s see if both of your souls will be at peace knowing that your daughter will be living hell on earth” she seethed

“Please you can’t do this, she is just a child” cried Elizabeth pleading with the beldam woman.

“She is your daughter and that’s her mistake, now imagine with all that beauty, with all the men will be approaching her, poor child will carry the guilt of killing them unknowingly”

“Please Theodore don’t do this, I beg of you” Elizabeth beseeched.

“You wanted to die, then May your soul rest in peace” she gave out a stormy laugh before dismissing her soul.


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