WET. (LGBTQ lesfic short stories)

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Short lesfic stories to make you smile ear to ear. Love you all

Fantasy / Drama
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The lady waitress

Out the stairs of my cottage stood I and by my side two of my bestfriends jade and Monica all suited up in our swim wears.

It was after all early summer and with us three held the joy of a week off work back home in new Hampshire.

We made a choice to skip the mischievous ways the road kept bad luck for us and headed to Vermont. A place we always fancied to visit sometime.

At the beach we stood together wondering were to start. Suddenly jade ran fast and flipped twice into the water and with her followed Monica which met I was next.

Know8 to be better at flips, I took quick step backwards to race off for the waters.

As I began to flip, my eyes spotted her. A gorgeous lady who shock my tummy to the sight of her. As I turned to have a clear view, she had vanished into thin air.

I insisted on looking hard for my luck, but Monica was so loudly calling me on to join them so I let it pass.

Though I dearly felt something by the sight of the lady. Its was all in vain cause I expected not to see her again.

When we both were done at the shores, we headed back to dress up for the evening.

Parties held at the beach where known to be lit and mostly it was the major reason we chose the place.

Later that night, we all stationed at our assigned tables for dinner, lovely games and cultural music that made it feel like we were in Hawaii.

I was dress in my boy Jeans and a weasy flower printed shirt, military leather jacket and down were snickers. Monica and Jade were in pretty short pink and blue dresses. I always sat and stood between them both cause I was so much of a tomboy and gay to function like a real girl. Acting like a man.

It was flashing late for me to head back and rest for I was an early sleeper when a lady waitress asked from my back whether I needed anything else.

The voice creamed my heart pound and i quickly turned to see the face that possessed such a lovely bold voice. To my surprise, It was the lovely lady i had seen earlier at the beach.

As close as she was, she even got more divine. Her lovely blue eyes twinkled as she gazed into mine. Then suddenly flashed away when I stupidly nodded no.

On the turn, jade and Monica were both staring at me in a cheesy way forcing me to head over to the counter and talk to the beauty which I did in a sip after informing then that they were not to see my again in the night.

I smoothly walked up the counter where the lady had turned arranging the table.

"Hello." Said I as she turned to see who it was.

"Hi." She sweetly replied.

"I'm Dan."

"I'm Lexa. I would have bet you are a woman." Supposed she staring at my flat chest.

"Oh yeah. I'm a woman. Dan is just for Daniela. Though I love it when am called Dan."

"Okay Dan. You would have made a pretty man if you were."

"Thank you....um.. Do you mind if I asked when your shift ends."

"In a few minutes. Beatrice in coming on next in ten."

"So do you mind if I.. um... asked you to take a walk with me at the beach for a while."

"Not at all." Said she cleaning a glass to its wits.

"Then I will wait right here."

In ten, a young woman came in for the next shift. Had Lexa's arm around mine and out the hall we went.

Its was eleven passed midnight and I wasn't sleepy at all. We walked by the shores as I kept asking about her work till we found a cosy place by the sand where we sat together. She was in a very short sleeved blouse that hardly helped her with the weather.

I took off my jacket and helped her dress in it.

"Your so gentle." She said.

"Well it because I'm human." As I stared at her. It was ranging in me to tell her how gorgeous I thought she was.

"You're extremely gorgeous. " said I.

"Thank you. You are not so bad yourself."

"No lexa... you're irresistibly gorgeous that I want to kiss you right now." Said I softly.

"Then what's stopping you." Said she staring sparingly in my eyes."

I had my fingures pass through her thick black hair carressing her cheek down her chin then slowly got closer and kissed her.

Staring right in her eyes as hard as she did in mine, then again took her lips on mine. It took a while for us to stop kissing then I had myself kneeling with her legs laid straight the ground between mine.

There, I was holding both her cheeks with my tongue in her mouth. She though was slowly unbuttoning my shirt. Suddenly, I felt her soft hand carressing my breasts past the vest I had inside.

"Are you sure?" Asked I.


I picked her off the ground kissing her with my hands tightly holding her waist. I got her inside my cottage.

She passing her hands through my back with my shirt off, slowly started licking my belly taking off my belt.

We had sex that night and woke up with her in the morning.

Charging at how pretty she look sleeping, I knew she was the one I wanted to wake up with every morning.

We took on with what we had for the whole week and during the time, I was preparing to take her home with me.

But the end of summer, I had a girlfriend by me with would i needed to be home and get responsible.

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