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WARNING:- NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTS SYNOPSIS:- Sangita is a law student, who fears to indulge herself in any messy situations. All she wants is peace and happiness in her life. Though she is studying Law, she has decided long ago that she won’t ever take the big messy cases, she will just fight for the little family-drama cases. But, her fate leads her to the cruelest mess that she never had imagined. Her cruelest fate reveals the unknown, never imagined and unwanted truths to her. The man who hates her’ the most, falls in love with her, but his destiny makes him love her in the form of hate only.

Fantasy / Thriller
Age Rating:


Sangita is a very beautiful girl, height 5ft 6in, color creamy wheatish like any Indian good looking girl, studies Law and lives with her uncle, as his adopted daughter.

One day or maybe night, I don’t know and even Sangita doesn’t know’ She wakes up and rubs her eyes but she can’t see anything, she again rubs her eyes but then also she can’t see anything, so she screams for her uncle. But hears no reply, so in her anxiety, she screams again for her uncle but she hears or gets no reply, to which she screams, screams loud’ anybody, please help me, please. She keeps screaming’ “please anybody, help me. Is there anybody? Please help me, please help me”. And starts crying hysterically for a while. But then again, she screams’ please, (with’ crying hysterically) somebody, help me. To which, she gets no response.

Sangita cries hysterically for a very long while. Then she becomes silent and starts roaming her hands on the floor, she finds that it’s not her room. She roams more by her hands, she roams all over the room by her hands. The more she roams, the more she starts feeling scared and shocked by the confirmation of her worst possible conclusion that it’s not her room. To which, she starts saying in her full disappointment on her life’ No! No! No! No! and cries her heart out hysterically. She starts feeling dizzy in her anxiety and becomes unconscious.

After a while, when she gains her conscious back, she feels extreme guilt as to why she woke up. She starts feeling suffocation and breaths heavily. She quickly gets up from the floor and starts roaming her hands in search of a light switch or something. After a long while of getting nothing, she just sits down, resting her back to the wall.

Though she feels intense fear, she tries to calm herself by just not judging anything, but all her trials move to in-veins. Realizing that, she just lets herself free to flow to hell.

After a long while of: realizing, grieving and fighting’ with her pathetic condition and her biggest and never imagined nightmare, she becomes calm like now nothing is left to process further.

After a long while of silence, Sangita starts singing her favorite songs. After some songs, she feels like’ wow! Her voice is sounding so beautiful in this darkest room. She takes a deep breath and sings more and more like’ she just wants to have this good-feeling only. She sings more and more like a maniac but after a long while, she feels real thirsty and coughs hard. And with that, she stops singing.

Sangita feels sleepy, but she fears to sleep because she thinks’ she might lose her grip on herself again when she will wake up. So, she doesn’t sleep.

She tries to think about some other things, which she could enjoy and pass her time. But suddenly, she feels intense rage thinking why to pass time on some non-sense, why not pass the time in thinking this situation of hers, And why to think silently, let’s think loudly. “She realizes that if somebody has abducted her then he must be watching her with the night vision cameras.” Then let’s fuck his mind to hell with my ways of thinking. Thinking all that she smiles in a challenging mode and roams her gaze to upper sealings of the room, though she can’t see anything as there is just darkness, complete darkness like’ she can’t even see her hands.

Thinking all that, Sangita takes a deep breath and becomes all silent in misery to her conscious and sub-conscious.

After a while, Sangita says in a loud voice’ hey! Mr. Kidnapper how are you? Look whom am I asking? You must be thrilled, seeing me in misery. Well, I am happy for you. So, you enjoyed my songs or not? (With a happy smile) I sing well, right?

Well, there actually was someone, who was and is watching her the whole time, on his big screen, in his bedroom.


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