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Kristen is a young girl who has grown up isolated with only Filia, her guardian/mother figure. When her anger is sparked against her protector, Kristen decides to brave the surrounding world. She is quickly swept up in a dizzying flurry of events. Of all the new people she meets in the strange world, Kristen will have to decide who to trust.

Fantasy / Adventure
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"I think this belongs to you," the woman said, handing the paper towel-wrapped bundle to the fidgety brunette.

The young girl eagerly unwrapped it. Her face turned from hunger to disgust. "Ew, no! This has pickles!"

"Pickles? Well, that's weird. I thought those were your favorite."

"No, no!" The child giggled, nearly dropping the sandwich.

The woman put on a shocked expression. "Do you mean to tell me that it's not your most favorite food in the entire earth?" The girl couldn't answer for her laughter. "Oh, that's right. You must have the onion one, then, right?"

"No! I have the tomato one!"

"Tomatoes!" The woman exclaimed, hiding her smile behind a dubious expression. "You can't like tomatoes!"

"They're my favorite!"

"Alright, here you go."

The girl reached hungrily for the sandwich, putting a wider smile on the woman's face. They laughed and played all throughout the meal, the youngster's antics amusing the woman.

Having finished first, the girl became rather mischievous. She inched closer to the woman, who watched from the corner of her eye with a smile playing on her lips. When she was almost in the woman's lap, the girl snatched the sandwich and took off running.

"Hey, you! Come back here with my supper!"

Her shrieks and laughter were blown away by the wind as it billowed out her hair.

"Catch me, catch me!" she laughed.

The woman gave a roll of laughter of her own as she reached for the child. "I've almost got you!"

The duo rolled in the thick grass as the woman wrapped the girl in her arms. The little one snuggled up to the woman, her contented sigh calming the wind. Soon, her gentle snores could be heard. The woman cradled the girl as she rose, their forms silhouetted by the setting sun.

She dipped her head to gently nuzzle the girl's hair and whispered, "Don't worry, Kristen. I'll always be here to catch you."

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