Road To Healing

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This is nowhere near being what I wnat it to be im playing around with an idea I had, feel free to read it but it is a little graphic there will be triggering topics later on in the book but I will always give a warning ahead of time. I'd appreciate if this didn't get shared right now. I'd like to have at least 5 chapters before then. Thank you for choosing to have a read i hope you enjoy.

Fantasy / Drama
Haylee Rawlins
Age Rating:

Road To Healing

I run through the long, thick green field trying so hard to make it to the woods. I glance over my shoulder and squeal before getting tackled into the grass. "Caught ya..", says a deep honey thick southern accent.

I giggle and squirm around in his arms to face my one and only, " Whatcha gonna do with me now love bug?"

His nose meets my neck as he deeply inhales, "I think... I'm gonna bite ya."

He chuckles into my neck before gently nipping my neck making his way down to where my shoulder meets my neck. I hum in approval and slowly rock my hips against his. He moves one hand to the arch of my back and the other to my thigh, " Are you sure you want this doll?"

He pulls back to look at my beet red face. " Yes bug, I'm sure."

He gently kisses my nose and flips us onto my back. " All you have to do is say stop or no and I will stop and take you home."

He looks in my pale blue eyes with his vibrant green ones. I nod and reach my hand up grabbing the nape of his neck, pulling him down to kiss me. Our tongues dance while my hands glide across his chest outlining the lion tattoo ive admired so many times before.

His hand carreses my side just barely touching but, enough to give me chills. We pull apart to breath as he looks at me for one final look of approval. I nod and start pulling the straps of my dress off my shoulders.

Not horribly explictic content but you've been warned

He gives butterfly kisses to every part of exsppsed skin as my dress slowly comes off. Boe pulls his head up to admire my body, I can't help feeling my confidence fade when he didnt say anything.

I bring my arms up to hide my torso when he gently grabs my arms and brings my hands to his lips kissing them. " You are more beautiful than a sunset over the water Jane, don't be ashamed. You're perfect."

I smile up at him blushing worse than before. I mouth thank you and he smiles and leans down kissing everything from my collarbone to my hips. As he slowly kisses down my thighs he starts undoing his jeans.

I gasp quietly when he moves my legs apart and the breeze blows against my vagina. He chuckles softly and kisses my clit, sucking on it. I moan soflty and run my hands through his shaggy dark brown hair. He gently nibbles my clit before running his tongue from my hole to my clit a few times before, sliding his fingers in.

I jump at first but, I take a deep breath and try to relax. It feels amazing I think to myself I shouldve done this sooner.

He slowly works his fingers in, getting up to three before I couldn't take anymore. I was breathing heavy when he climbed on top and slowly worked his penis in. I bit my lip my canine making it bleed a little. He kisses the corner of my mouth, " Do you want me to stop?"

I shake my head no and take a deep breath. " No, I just... need a second..." he nods and gently leans down to kiss my neck.

I take a minute to adjust to his girth and then bring my legs up and wrap them around his waist. " Okay, I'm ready."

He slowly starts thrusting giving me time to completely adjust to him. As soon as I go to tell him to move faster theres a loud snap. He Jerks his head up his vibrant green eyes now glowing. He looks around us listening when we hear kids laughing and calling for us. "Jane! Boe! Where are you guys!?"

We both sigh a breath of relief and detach ourselves and quickly throw our clothes on. Once dressed we both stand up out of the tall grass. "We're right here children, why are you out this far?"

I shake my head as we make our way towards them. Little Dixy with her blond braids and hazle eyes runs towards me and jumps in my arms. " Momma sent us looking for you guys! She said you'd play with us before supper."

She giggles and looks over at Boe, " Say, how'd momma know you guys would be out here?" I blush and laugh softly looking at Boe for his response.

" Well..." he rubs the back of his neck, " we told her we were catching mice in the feild." He chuckles and bends down to the other 3 children. " How about we all go back to the house and I'll teach you guys to play hopscotch? How's that sound?"

They all nod their heads vigorously and start skipping back towards the house once I put little Dixy down. I shake my head and walk beside Boe.

" Ya know, this means there's family at my house right?" He sighs drastically and scoops me up making me laugh.

" Yeahhh but, your momma is also gonna give us a long old talk too. She knew what we were doing." He smirks, " Those hickeys don't help none."

I playfully glare at him. And we both laugh as we walk through the woods into the back yard.

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