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Ch.3: The Bonfire

💙 Sienna’s POV 💙

“What the hell happened to the truck?” My mom yelled, looking at me with bewilderment. My mouth went dry, and my heart almost stopped beating. Cautiously, I approached her and turned my gaze towards what she was looking at.

Sure enough, there was a massive dent running the length of the driver’s side. The broken window glass littered the seats and the floor of the truck. My heart beat out of control, my breathing becoming short gasps. I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. I should be happy that I wasn’t insane. At the same time, terror-filled me as I realized the monsters were real. They could very much attack us right now.

“Mom, we have to leave this town! Terrible things are hiding here. I couldn’t see them, but they crashed into my car when I tried to leave the diner’s lot. And b-before that, an old lady turned into a sick twist-,” I yelled and tried to drag her into the car. It was the only mode of transportation for us. Mom dug her feet into the ground and pulled her arms out of mine.

“Sienna listen to yourself, please don’t tell me you’ve been listening to the Drevis sisters and their superstitious nonsense again. Their stories won’t benefit you in any way. If you got into a car accident, just say so, don’t loop some supernatural bullshit into the truth.” mom said, looking at disapprovingly. “Are you alright, at least?” Her eyes softened as she asked.

“Yeah, I am fine, mom.” I sighed in defeat.

“So what did you hit,” She asked, tracing her fingers over the damage. I love how she assumed it was my fault. Well, most of the time, I was the cause of the incidents. So I can’t blame her much. I thought for a while before carefully deciding something convincing to say.

“A bear ran into the side of the truck.” was all I managed to say. It sounded better in my head, but it was the biggest animal I could think of that lived in the vicinity.

“A bear?” She said again, not believing me one bit. I nodded at her.

The woman isn’t letting it go, I needed a distraction.

“Mom, you don’t have any family left here. Why do we have to stay? With the Ramones inheritance, we could go literally anywhere. Why are we still here, mom? You’re not still waiting for that man, are you?” I asked the question I often lost sleep pondering. I felt nothing but anger as I thought of my father.

“I am not allowed to leav-” She said before cutting herself off. “Don’t worry about it, sweetheart. We can fix the truck later. Good thing, it’s your day off tomorrow. Clean up the glass.” she hurriedly said before walking towards the house.

Great, she is keeping more secrets from me. I wonder what she meant. My mom never let anyone boss her around, so who could possibly have the power to force her to stay? It wasn’t that bastard, I was sure.

“What do you mean you aren’t allowed to leave?” I asked, running after her. Wanting for once in my life, that she would trust me enough to share her secrets. I stared into her eyes, pleadingly, hoping that she would finally say what was truly on her mind.

“Not now, Sienna, you’re not ready to know,” she said before opening the front door. So much for trying.

“Mom!” I yelled after her, but she didn’t answer. I was treated like a child again and hated it. I was days away from turning twenty for crying out loud. Frustrated with her, I stormed into my room, making sure to slam the door behind me.

God, why am I behaving like a moody teenager? (A/N I am 22, I’m sure we’ve all done this so don’t attack me)

There are many stories told by the old folk. Some were as old as this town. Spanning as far as the first founders, who settled in Eisenburg some 400 years ago. The stories speak of otherworldly creatures, living in a realm of their own. They have their own court, ruled by a high king and queen.

Some live in the human world, banished from the other realms. They supposedly wreak havoc on humans to vent their rage. Such creatures were invisible to us humans, disguised with illusion.

I’ve heard these stories growing up but never believed them. My mom firmly insisted I stay away from those who indulged in these myths and legends. The Drevis sisters are the ‘know it all’ about the supernatural. They run a palm reading shop in town, and mom always forbade me from setting foot in that place. She was against anything bordering the supernatural.

She said it was for my own protection, but I did not understand why I needed protection against legends and stories. There was definitely more to her actions, something beyond just fear of the unknown. However, the amount of secrets she always keeps makes the answer impossible to get.

I laid on my bed, pondering over everything. There was nothing I could do and nowhere for me to go. I didn’t know who and what the creatures were. According to the myths, humans are not supposed to be able to see them. So, why was I able to see? I wished I remained ignorant and oblivious to the horrid creatures that lived among us. Most of all, I wished I knew what the hell they wanted of me.

My birthday rolled around in no time, and I experienced no other incidents involving these things. I assumed that they lost interest in me, finally seeing how ordinary and insignificant my life was. At least, thats what I thought.

It was six in the evening, Evelyn and I were getting ready for the bonfire. Nothing exciting ever happened in this town, but the bonfires were the ‘to be’ place for the youth. It was a place where we drank, sang, and had genuine fun. One was held every month, but I usually would end up with the closing shift at the diner—courtesy of Rob. I missed the last few parties, but this one happened to coincide with my birthday, making me beyond happy.

I was going with my Evelyn and Jax, nothing else mattered. Enjoying myself is what I planned to do, and no one was going to ruin the night of my birthday.

Evelyn curled the last strand of my long black hair and then ran excitedly to a blue duffel bag she had along with her brought. She pulled out a mid-thigh leafy green sun dress., its skirt layered.

“Happy birthday,” Evelyn said, pulling me in for a hug.

“It’s so beautiful, Thank you, Evelyn! I hope you didn’t break your bank for this. It looks expensive.” I said, laughing as I returned her hug.

“Oh, don’t worry about it! Its a present, you cant give it back. Now go and put it on already. I am dying to see you in it.” She said, pushing me towards the bathroom.

As I slipped the dress on, I was in awe. Who knew a pile of fabric could make the plainest girls in the world actually look beautiful. I loved the dress, but there was something that bothered me about it. The neckline was a little too low for what I would usually wear. A knock on the bathroom door broke me out of my thoughts.

“Hurry, hurry and show me,” Evelyn whined behind the door. She was never a person with patience. I decided to humor her a bit.

“Evelyn! It didn’t fit. It’s too tight. What am I going to do?” I said, trying to make my voice sound upset.

“What? Oh my god, how did that happen? I thought I got the size right. Oh, what are you going to wear now? Your closet sucks, full of old shit. I don’t know if we will have time to go back to my place to get something el-” She rambled anxiously. I struggled to contain my laughter, covering my mouth tightly and pinching my nose. I started laughing loudly as I couldn’t hold it anymore.

I opened the door and saw her pissed off expression. “How could you do that to me!” She yelled angrily before her mouth dropped open as she saw me in the dress. “Oh, hey, mama,” She said, making a hungry face and releasing a whistle.

She mentioned for me to twirl with her finger. As I spun, the layered skirt floated up. “You are so fucking perfect, babe. I wish I was Jax tonight.” Evelyn said giggling. I felt excited to see his reaction to me in this dress. Usually, I dressed plainly and in old fashioned clothes, mostly handy me downs from my mom. If he likes me in my plainest state, I wondered how he would react when I am all dolled up.

As we left my room and were about to head out, I went to look mom to say goodbye. I saw her sitting at the dining table in the kitchen, her head in her hands. She seemed so distressed I immediately went to her side and gently shook her.

“Mom, what wrong? did something happened?” I asked her in a soft voice.

“Don’t worry about me, sweethe-” My mom tried to say, in her usual dismissive tone.

“Mom, please just tell me what bothering you, stop keeping secrets from me,” I said angrily. She sighed and looked at me, taking one of my black curls between two fingers.

“I made a deal over two decades ago, and I am nervous about the payment. They didn’t come to remind me of it, so I don’t know if they still expect me to pay.” mom said with unease.

“Is this a money problem, mom? Will the family inheritance not cover it?” I asked puzzled and in disbelief that her worries involved money. “It was such a long time ago, mom. I am sure they’ve already forgotten all about it.” I said reassuringly.

“You know what, sweetheart? It’s probably nothing and your right. They must have already forgotten and moved on.” My mom said, looking slightly less anxious. She then looked at my dress and smiled. ” You look absolutely stunning,” she said, giving me a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m going now mom, Evelyn is waiting for me in the car. She is the most patient person on the planet.” I said, heading out of the kitchen. As I noticed her expression darken again, I turned and said with a smile, “Mom, it will be fine, I promise. whatever comes at you, just know I am here for you.”

“I know, baby, I know.”

As we neared the bonfire, loud music could be heard blasting through the forest. Giving away the location of the party to miles upon miles of forestry. We parked our car along an already long line of cars on the side of the road. As we walked down towards the lights and music, I saw a familiar blond head walking ahead of us.

I ran forward and jumped on his back. At first, he was surprised and tried to push me off. “Boo!” I yelled into their ear. He seemed to recognize my voice because He spun me around to face him and planted a kiss on my lips. “Hey, Jax fancy meeting you here,” I said, mentioning with my arms at the place.

“What a coincidence indeed.” He said with a smile. As his eyes fell lower, they darkened as he took in the sight of the dress.“Wow, you look...nice.” I found his pause cute as he seemed to have an internal battle about the right word to use.

“Thats it? You look nice? How about ravishing, beautiful, or even gorgeous, but you settle for nice?” Evelyn said with amusement, slapping Jax’s arm.

“Whatever guys, we have a party to go to,” I said, taking them by the arm and dragging them behind me.

Several drinks later, we were all hammered and laughing at everything and everyone. We were sitting on logs laid out around the bonfire, listening to a band play. I sat next to Jax, who had his arms wrapped around me. Several couples were dancing in front of us, having the time of their life.

A guy came up to Evelyn. Standing 6′ 0" tall, and with chocolate brown skin. The guy had a confident feel about him that screamed of the size of his ego. His chocolate skin was adorned with the loveliest pair of brown eyes. Shoulder-length black hair was pulled back in cornrows atop his head. He wore a pair of black shorts with a green sweater.

He was totally Evelyn’s type. She shot me an uncertain look. To see if I would be upset that she left me on my birthday for some guy. “Go and have fun. I shouldn’t be the only one enjoying myself tonight,” I said, shooing her away.

“Love you!” She said, smiling from ear to ear before walking away with the guy.

We watched the band play as we sipped our drinks. The night air around us thick of the smell of burned wood and moss.

“Sorry, babe, but mother nature calls,” Jax said from beside me, he had an uncomfortable look on his face.

“Oh, of course. Go, don’t worry about me. I’ll be here, ok?” I said, smiling.

I sat there alone, enjoying the atmosphere when I felt as if someone was watching me. It was so intense, my head whipped around to see who was watching me. There wasn’t anyone looking, but the feeling only intensified. I got up from the log and walked away, unable to shake this paranoia.

Thick white fog began to seep into the encampment, drifting slowly as it moved in from the forest. As it passed over my legs, I shivered as I felt a coolness caress my exposed skin. I looked around at everyone, but no one seemed to notice anything.

In front of me, as if appearing from a haze, a man watched me. He seemed to be here, but at the same time, he wasn’t. It was as if I was looking at him through a half dozen layers of glass.

Jet black shoulder-length hair framed an angular, elegant face. Glistening blue eyes watched me with a longingly I couldn’t begin to understand. Fair skin alluringly compliments his eyes and lips, covering his 6′5" frame that towered over my 5′5". He held himself in a regal poise, much like a man with great power.

Something was intriguing and mysterious about him, but I think it may be his unusual appearance or even his unnatural beauty. His towering frame stop walking an inch away from me. I lifted my head to meet his alluring eyes, they were like two little gems twinkling in the night.

I should have backed away or even pushed him, but all I could do was stare into his eyes.

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