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Ch.8: Invade Me

💙 Sienna’s POV 💙

The structure lay withered, the earth reclaiming the decayed wood. It’s once-grand bell towers pierce the clouds above with their impressive height. Mother nature took back her territory, closing her hands around the building, her veins and vegetation seeping into the church’s once holy walls. The place was once a place of worship, but that was centuries ago, long before I was born.

The prayer benches remained empty for centuries, save for when I would grace their decayed timber with my bottom. The droplets of rain from the sky’s latest weeping session dripped down several holes in the roof. The water flowed downward, collecting inside of depression in the floor to the center of the church, where they formed a pool, it was deep enough to submerge my whole body and swim a couple of laps. The water was surprisingly crystal clear, the fresh rainwater sparkling off the once white walls.

I discovered this place when I was sixteen. It was an accidental find, tucked away into the lush green forest ways away from Eisenburg. No one remembers it, and those who had it in their memory were long buried in the ground as their time came long ago. It was my secret place. The only people I ever brought down here were Jax and Evelyn, and since then, they couldn’t stay away.

As I walked to the pool of water, the sound of splashing invaded my ears, and my lips curved up into a smile.

It looks like someone is early.

I removed my blue summer dress, stripping down to my underwear, and removing my shoes. I walked down the depression of the floor, leading to the pool of water. I shivered as the cold water made contact with my bare feet. Soon the water reached my knees, my midthigh, and then my hips.

Before I even made it halfway, a familiar sandy blond head emerged. Water trickled down the bridge of his nose and his lips, gripping onto his long eyelashes. I could not pull my eyes away as I watched Jax push his hair out of his coffee tainted eyes. Eyes that drank me in with the greed of a man without water in the sweltering desert.

I made the first move, wrapping my arms around his neck, my eyes fluttered closed as I planted my lips onto his. I loved the way they always made me feel. Desired, cherished, and best of all, his lips carried the flavor of home. He was always generous with making me feel home wherever we went.

They say sharing is caring.

His lips worshipped mine as one would a goddess. His hands wandered over my body, before entangling themselves into my black hair. He pulled my hair free from its band, letting it cascade down my shoulder and into the water that kept us afloat.

As I ran my fingers through his hair, I was confused as his locks of hair felt different. They were longer, straighter, lacking the slight curl they usually maintained.

My eyes flew open as I pulled back from his lips.

Instead of the familiar coffee tainted irises, I met with glimmering blue ones. They looked into mine with an intense hunger, making me tremble as I pushed against Luthais’ hold on my waist. I was beyond confused as to where Jax had gone or if he was ever here at all.

What the hell was happening?

His hold did not weaken as I thrashed in the water to get away from him. Instead, Luthias jerked my body back to his before

His starving lips captured my trembling ones. My body moved on its own, and subconsciously my hands made their way around his neck, marking the end of my struggle. No matter how much I screamed for my body to stop, to fight back, to struggle, to do anything.

Instead, my body rudely decided to reject my ‘requests,’ choosing to bask in this man’s touch. The same touch that screamed danger roamed all over my skin as his hands made it their mission to trace every inch.

His touch made me feel things. Things that rivaled what my own boyfriend could make me feel, and I hated it. I hated the guilt as my mind went into overdrive, calculating how wrong and how right his body felt against mine.

My eyes snapped open, but my vision was blurry. After blinking several times, my vision cleared, and the familiar cracks in my bedroom ceiling came into view. My pounding heart calmed down, and my rapid breathing eased.

‘It was just a dream.’ I thought, relieved. I didn’t want more things to feel guilty about. However, a small stupid, traitorous part of me felt disappointed. We all got that stupid part of us smiling in the face of danger. Mine usually stayed quiet, as I never felt the need to go looking for trouble.

I was slightly disturbed that Luthias wormed his way into such a vivid, racy dream. Even worse, having it take place in one of my most treasured places.

As I tried to get off the bed, something heavy pressed down on my waist. It was then that I noticed something hard and warm next to my body. Panic struck me as I turned my head only to let out a blood curling scream.

Sleeping next to me on my queen-sized bed was none other than the devil himself. His arm lazily wrapped over my waist. As he heard me scream, his eyes flew open, and he winced.

“Why good morning love, hope you had pleasant dreams.” He said, the corners of his mouth curving up into a wicked smile. Just for spite, I screamed even louder, enjoying the look of discomfort on his all-too-perfect face.

“Stop screaming, or I will kiss you,” He whispered in my ear, making me shiver as the dream replayed in my mind in all its vivid colors and sensations. I shut my mouth, not daring to make a sound, but that stupid part of me made my heart pound against my ribcage with anticipation.

“What the hell are you doing here? did you...make me dream that?” I angrily questioned as he removed his hand. I knew why he was here, but I wanted to know why he lay in my bed.

“You’ve learned of what I am.” He said, ignoring my questions. His eyes held the same hungry look as when he kissed me in the dream. I had to look away. His eyes were smoldering hot, and they burned through me, straight to my soul.

Well, that answers it. The bastard invaded my dreams, my most private space, in the depth of my mind. If he could invade my dreams, it came as no surprise that he knew I went to the Drevis sisters.

“Yes, and I want nothing to do with you or your people.” I hissed angrily, pushing his arms away before trying to get off the bed. I succeeded in getting off the bed, but my leg decided to get tangled on the sheets, and I ended up in a heap on the cold floor.

“They will soon be your people. You are destined to ascend as my queen.” Luthias said, standing up before offering me his hand. I slapped his hand away and stood up on my own.

As he towered over me, I became aware of how disheveled I looked in my boy shorts and SpongeBob oversized T-shirt. He looked absolutely perfect, not a single strand of his black hair was out of place. His clothes were perfectly uncreased.

“No, I have a choice. The gates close in three days, all I have to do is wait, and this will all be over.” I said with determination, smiling as if I already won.

“Is that what you think?” He said with amusement. Throwing his head back, he let out the most musical, soul pleasing laugh I’ve ever heard. It dawned on me that there was more to my predicament, my heart sank with unease.

How far in the dark am I?

“What do you mean?”

“The gates open every year. It looks like the sisters failed to mention that detail.”

“But you said I only had five days!” I said, my voice raising an octave.

“Five days of this year. At the end of the five days, the gates will close, and your memories of me will fade, and so will the body changes. But they will open again next year. I will try again, year after year, and you will become the Azure Queen. While the gates may close, the solitaries and the other courts won’t stop their attacks. You will never be safe.” He said, placing a strand of my hair behind my ear. My heart sank with every word, and I felt like I was falling deeper and deeper into quicksand with no way out.

“Please just choose some other woman, why does it have to be me?” I asked desperately.

“I did not choose. Fate did. You were born to become the queen. The Azure court must have their queen or risk weakness against the other courts of the Shrouded Isles.”

“Why will my memories be wiped?”

“So, in the following year, I get another chance to win you over to my side. There is no way for you to know if I visited you last year or even the year before that.”

Oh my god.

There was no end to this. I will never be free.

Taking a shaky breath, I asked, “Did you? ” He didn’t answer, his eyes unreadable. I didn’t like his silence. I needed the damn answers.

“I don’t want this. I don’t want to go. I still have to find my mom. She made a bad deal, and someone took her.” I cried, sinking to the floor. I ran my hands through my hair repeatedly.

The cycle was never-ending, and I wanted no part of it.

“You will not break the contract, for they are sacred to us. Did anyone force her to sign the contract with her own blood? Did they force her to accept the payment?” He said, giving me a pointed look.

“No, but-”

“Then there is nothing you can do. Your mother is an adult, capable of making her own decisions. However, this plays in my favor. She untied herself from your life, so you don’t have to be the one to cut her loose.” He dared to say, making my blood boil hotter than molten lava.

“What is wrong with you! That’s my mother your talking about! You’re just as disgusting as the ones who took her.” I screamed.

Raising my hand, I slapped him so hard his head whipped to the other side.

My boiling blood froze solid as I realized what I had just done to the man who was far from human. I flinched back as he leaned so close to me that I felt his breath on my face, he raised his hand, and I expected retaliation.

His fingertips traced over my cheek, spreading tingles all over my skin.

“You look so hot when you’re angry,” He said, voice low and husky. Instead of the blazing fury I expected to lay in his eyes. His eyes were dark and greedy as they racked over my body.

I need to get the hell away.

Turning on my heel, I ran out of the room. I didn’t want to look at him anymore, he was making me feel too much all at once.

He was bad news.

‘Why do you run? This is fated. No one can outrun fate.’ He called after me.

“I would rather die than go with you,” I said, my tongue dripping with lethal venom. I meant my words.

He grabbed me from behind before crushing me against his chest, his breathing irregular and heavy. “You will not die. I won’t allow it. You are far too precious to me. My Azure Queen,” He said before pulling my face close to his.

Before his lips brushed against mine, I turned my head to the side, Jax’s face full of betrayal was painted vibrantly in my mind. I won’t betray him more than I already have. We have six years’ worth of priceless memories. I wasn’t willing to erase them just because of a handsome stranger who literally danced his way into my life. I owe it to Jax.

“Is it him? The one who is unworthy of even a lock of your hair? Let alone a queen?” Luthias growled, his grip tightening around me. I was too scared for Jax and remained tightlipped. “What do you see in the human male? Is this form not pleasing enough for your eyes?”

“No! you will never be as good as Jax,” I shouted, before slapping my hand over my lips. I stupidly said his name, and that was already too much information to give a jealous man.

“Since this form is not to your liking, I shall discard it.” He said, stepping away from me.

Blue fires emanated from his right hand, and he made a circular motion in front of his body. I let out a surprised scream as his body to change.

His black hair lengthened, falling to the base of his spine, then its color lightened to that of snow. Growing from the sides of his head were a pair of black horns, resembling that of a dragon.

Flickering almost out of nothingness, the same tattoo design on my own forehead appeared on his. However, his markings were a brighter blue while mine was faded. His eyes began to glow a more dazzling blue, resembling the ocean’s currents as light reflects off the water’s surface.

Now covering his body was a floor-length navy-blue coat whose collar was grey fur. It reached down to his boot-clad feet. The coat had no sleeves, displaying the bulging muscles of his biceps.

Elaborate designs in golden thread worked into the fabric. They seemed to be continually shifting as if they had a life of their own, dancing within the fabric.

As I looked at him now, the feeling of looking through glass disappeared. It was almost as if a layer of reality was peeled away from his body, an illusion unveiled.

Below the coat, he was shirtless. My eyes shamelessly racked over his defined abs. As my eyes wandered down to his black leather pants, I quickly lifted my head, before realizing he had seen me checking him out.

His lips stretched into a seductive smile as he stalked towards me. “Can the human boy measure up to me now?” He said, his voice husky. A shiver ran through me as he walked closer.

No, Jax cannot compare, but that’s because Luthais wasn’t human. His beauty was unnatural, unachievable by human males.

Backing away from Luthias, my back eventually hit the dresser. Unable to meet his scorching eyes, I lowered my gaze but blushed as my eyes rested on his crotch.

Placing his hands on the dresser on either side of me, he caged me with his body.

Luthias leaned closer to me. “Three days remain of this cycle. Come with me, and I will give you the world Sienna Ramones.” He whispered, his breath searing hot as it fanned across my skin. “I will come for you every year.” The promise was clear in his voice, his eyes hardened with determination.

Facing away from his glowing sapphire eyes so full of want, I whispered, “I need time to...think,”

That was a lie. There was no way I would give up my humanity for him. No passage of time was going to change my decision.

He didn’t answer me. Instead, he released a sigh. His breath made me shiver as it fanned across my neck.

I gasped as something whose material was cold touched my neck.

Looking down, I saw Luthias fastening a golden pendant around my neck. A sky-blue crystal, resembling the shape of a tear, rested in the grasp of a golden serpent who wound its body around it as if to guard it. The crystal held a glow to it, and it slightly throbbed against my skin.

“I am not of this world, and in order to keep the balance of power among the realms, my strength in the human world is restricted. I cannot always be there to protect you. Even the Azure knight whom you encountered yesterday cannot always protect you. This is called the Cerulean Serpent. It has the power to detect nonhuman creatures in your vicinity. Its power is strong enough to detect the creatures who hid with strong illusionary magic that even the Azure knights may not distinguish from regular humans. When it glows, you run. These coming days you must trust no one.”

“Not even you?” I whispered, turning my head to meet his eyes.

Only he was gone.

He was gone in a blink of an eye, leaving me with a heavy heart and a sense of loneliness. I became alone once more in this big old house. The only noises were that if my breathing and the creaking floorboards below my feet.

I needed to talk to someone, anyone. Even if they don’t believe a word that I say.

Reaching into my jacket pocket for my phone, my hand skimmed the edge of the dagger, and I hissed in pain as it sliced my hand. Strangely, the blood from the wound ran blue, and my heart sank.

I pressed the blade against my hand, slowly slicing the skin. Blue liquid rushed from the wound. I held my hand against my mouth, trying to hold back my sobs. It wasn’t only my hair and eyes that were changing. My own blood was too, and that made it even more real.

I didn’t want this. I didn’t want to turn into one of them. I wanted my mom back. I wanted to see the city’s lights one last time and to know the reason for my dad leaving.

It was all their fault. It was all his fault mom was gone. Let them come, let them kill me. I don’t care anymore. The only thing becoming his queen is my rotting corpse.

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