The Devil and Me

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Stella Adams thought that she would never see him again. She was wrong. Lucifer, the devil himself, suddenly shows up in Stella's life again. Only to ruin it. They were once together. The Devil and a human, but they are not anymore.

Fantasy / Romance
Ruby Sapphire
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Chapter 1

I walked out of the grocery store with many heavy bags. They were so heavy for a petite woman like me. Unfortunately, I did not have a car yet, so I had to walk home. The weather outside was also very warm, and it was making me sweaty. I never liked buying groceries because of the circumstances.

My house was a couple of streets away, but the bags were still so heavy. I honestly needed to go to the gym.

“Dammit, why do I have to buy so many sweets and candy? Stupid” I said to myself. I had to learn not to buy so many things at the same time. But I just could not help myself. It is just the way I am

Suddenly out of nowhere, there was a sound of chuckling. Then a deep voice said, “Do you need help darling?”

My whole body froze. I stood still. No, it could not be. It is absolutely impossible. I specifically told him to stay the hell away from me. What was he doing here? What did he want from me?

But, of course, there was only one person in the entire world with exactly that voice.

“You’re back” I said monotonously. Shit. This meant so much trouble. He is here because of some reason, but what reason?

I turned around and looked at him. He had not changed at all. He is exactly the same as he was before.

He is still as attractive as I remembered him. He matched the description ’Tall, dark and handsome” perfectly. Though, it was the eyes that always fascinated me. His eyes were a stunningly beautiful shade of black that always sparkled whenever he is feeling mischievous.

Lucifer, the devil himself, is back. The cruel monster that broke my heart is back. I hated him.

I felt so angry.

“How dare you!? I told you to leave me alone!” I screamed at him.

He fucking cheated. Not once but twice. Twice. I never figured out why. What did I do to make him cheat? He promised me a long time ago, that it would only be the two of us. He broke my heart. I have tried to move on but seeing him now, makes me feel vulnerable.

Though I seriously need to toughen up and get my shit together. I cannot keep screaming at him. I knew I sounded like a lunatic.

“Sweetie, you know that I can’t stand being away from you.” He said while his midnight black eyes were sparkling.

I looked into his eyes. The eyes I used to love.

“That is a lie and I know it. Stop lying to me.” I said very pissed. I could not stand being hurt again.

He looked at me and then he sighed “Come on. Let’s take this at home”

He winked at me, then suddenly we were home.

“No. No. No! You don’t get to use your magic with me! I hate you. Get out!” I said looking into his eyes.

Lucifer narrowed his eyes and walked in front of me. He put his mouth right by my ear, “Make me” he whispered.

I fisted my hands. I cannot control my temper. Son of a bitch. I pushed at his chest. Of course, it did not do anything at all because he is much bigger than me and much stronger.

I mentally facepalmed. Not time for those thoughts. I need to forget him. Erase him. Make him go away. He needs to disappear from my life. Absolutely gone.

“You know just because you are the devil, does not mean that you can be evil towards me” I said while continuing, “You have to follow my rules and not control me. I am not scared like when I first met you. You do not scare me anymore.“. For the first time in a long time, I felt satisfied with what I said.

Then I looked at Lucifer and immediately regretted that I opened my mouth in the first place. His amused expression had turned emotionless. Why do I do this to myself? Can I just shut up for once?

“I could scare you again love. I have told you many times that you should not underestimate me. Don’t underestimate me.” He said with a dark scary voice.

I folded my arms across my chest “I would like to see you try.”

He smirked that evil smirk.

Suddenly, my living room turned very hot. The temperature is suddenly extremely hot and warm. It is a horrible feeling.

I began sweating and taking deep breathes. Just when I thought things could not get any worse, I looked down at the floor. There is lava everywhere. The floor turned into lava except where I stood. But the edges of where I stood began melting.

There was a red kind of lava everywhere. Everything is burning. I knew that if I slipped then I would die. I was terrified. Why do I always get myself into trouble?

I looked at Lucifer, and he just stood on the lava as if it wasn’t warm or anything.

“Lucifer stop this right now!” I yelled. I began to panic. What if he had really planned to kill me?

He just laughed. At that moment, I knew that he did not care for me. I was shaking and standing on one foot right now while he was laughing.

“Scared now?” He mockingly asked.

I gulped “Yes! Now please get me out of here!”

He looked at me and clicked his fingers. And it was all gone. It was almost like an illusion, but I knew it was real.

Lucifer knew I did not like lava or fire or warm things in general. I loved the cold.

I looked at him and if looks could kill he’d be 100 feet under.

“You knew.” Was all I said.

He shrugged “There is a reason I’m the devil darling.”

“There is a reason I’m the devil darling.” I mocked him.

I pointed my finger at him “Get out.” then pointed my finger at the door. I hoped he would listen to me for once. I was still shaking, I freaking hated lava.

His eyes turned completely black and his voice got a lot deeper. His beautiful black wings came out. They were so big and magnificent. I knew he is the only one with black wings. And he was shirtless. I also hated that he still looked handsome.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” He said.

“Then listen to what I say,” I told him frustrated.

Suddenly he was in front of me. He grinned his sharp white fangs showing.

“No. You are not allowed!” I told him, slightly scared.

He darkly chuckled “I said don’t tell me what to do.”

Then he bit me. I could feel the fangs piercing my skin. And feel the blood leaving my body. Dizzy and lightheaded I told him to stop. He did not listen. He never listens.

I put my hands on his solid chest and tried to push. I could not, he was way too strong.

Slowly I closed my eyes.

Everything turned black.

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