The Devil and Me

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Chapter 10

Lucifer looked at me and said “I need to take of some things first. I will come and get you later, then we will interrogate Gabriel.”

What is it that he needs to do? I mean Gabriel needed to be our top priority. This unsettling feeling in my gut was not pleasant. I need some answers and I need them now.

“What is it that you need to do? I thought that Gabriel is a priority?” I asked while sounding irritated.

Lucifer scoffed. “I do not answer to you. It is none of your business. Now leave before I will do something I will regret.”

This man is out of his damn mind.

“Fine. I will just stay here in the living room.” I said.

Lucifer nodded and walked out of the door. I cannot handle when he is acting immaturely. He needed to think this through.

I looked around the spacious area. It looked like a normal living room. There were a few exceptions such as ancient decorations. A rusty-looking sword was hanging on the wall next to a painting of a snake. The snake was painted directly on the wall. It creeped me out because I felt like I had eye contact with a ridiculous painting. A table made out of marble was in front of a chic looking couch. The couch looked brand new as if no one has never used it. It told a story of Lucifer. He aspires to be minimalistic but what is the point if you are never here. What is the point of this big place if it is only him and servants?

I walked out of the room and roamed the palace. The palace looks very ancient and old while everything inside it is new. Probably as ancient as Lucifer. The rocks and bricks are scarred and pitted. The stones felt rough and it leaves my skin cold. I retreated my hand and walked in the many hallways inside the palace.

As I walked I noticed both the servants and the guards. Most of the servants did not look at me. The few ones who did look at me curiously. They are probably thinking why he has left me in this big castle on my own. The guards were terrifying. Most of them had the left side of their face burned. They looked emotionless like a statue. Did they even have emotions?

I decided to walk towards the library. I hoped that Lucifer still had the books in English from when we were together. I could not read nor understand the language that is the ancient books in the library.

I walked inside and looked around the large room. Nothing has changed. There is dust everywhere as far as the eyes could see. Spider webs were around some books. The shelves had so much dust. The crystal chandalier inside the room looked magnificent but also very clean. There was strangely no dust on it. The cracked walls complimented the ground. The ground had dirt on it, and some books were laying around everywhere. Lucifer never cared about the library saying that he already knew everything inside of the books.

I decided to grab a book about the Devil himself. It looked interesting and almost like a memoir. It was very old, and I did not dare guess the age. Someone must have written a lot about him.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. That is strange. Maybe it is a servant because Lucifer does not knock.

Wondering who it could be, I said “Come in.”

A slave looking male demon came in. I was not quite sure if he is a demon because he looked strange. He was covered in a large ripped cloth and some dirty old boots. My eyes narrowed, it was too hot in hell to be wearing such clothes. The clothes were also strange because I have never seen anyone in hell wear anything like that. They all wore black clothes like it was some kind of uniform. But this cloth is a dark blue. The demon rushed towards me. I immediately jumped a few steps backward. If he attacks me I will for sure die. Demons have no remorse. They will kill just for pleasure.

What if the demon wants to kill me?

He suddenly took the cloth off, and I was surprised to see who it was. It was my best friend. It is Gabriel. I could only blink.

How did he get here?

“Stella! Snap out of your trance. This isn’t a trick, it’s real!” Gabriel desperately told me.

“Gabriel what are you doing here? I have contacted you so many times. We need to talk, my friend”

I walked in for a hug, but he jumped away. I was hurt. Did he not miss me?

“I don’t have much time Stella. I want to hug you, but Lucifer would find out. He’ll smell my scent on you. We can’t have that”

Lucifer was a powerful creature. And I hated it. Although Lucifer needs to know that Gabriel is here. Gabriel may know about the warning and Lucifer can detect if he is lying.

“Why does it seem like you want to run away, Gabriel? Why are you hiding? DO you know about the warning?” I asked him.

Gabriel froze. “W-what are you talking about?”

Is he kidding me? Words left me. My best friend was lying to me after all these years. I stared into his eyes. His eyes were a bright blue color. His eyes desperately searched mine. He was waiting for me to answer him.

“Please don’t lie to me, Gabriel. We have been friends for a long time. I am sorry but I need to do this.” I said.

He looked confused for a moment and then his eyes widen. He is realising what I am going to do.

“LUCIFER” I yelled as deeply as I could.

Not even a full second after, he showed up with his eyes full of fury. He had not realized that Gabriel was in the room.

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