The Devil and Me

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Chapter 11

“Stella, are you out of your mind? I told you I have something to do! Why are you interrupting me?” He asked angrily.

I pointed at Gabriel. He is standing behind Lucifer. Gabriel’s expression turns emotionless. He did not look scared but I am sure that he is. Lucifer scares anything and anyone. Gabriel is just trying to act tough. I know that he is a powerful angel, but no angel is more powerful than the Devil. Even some of the archangels are scared of him. I could not blame them because he is absolutely ruthless. A living nightmare. A monster.

Lucifer turned around and looked at Gabriel. His fury directed at him. Gabriel’s emotionless expression wavered for a moment, and I saw the fear in his eyes. He blinked a couple of times and took a deep breath to look intimidating to Lucifer. It was a waste of time really because nothing intimidates Lucifer. He is a fearless monster.

“Gabriel. What an unpleasant surprise. Where have you been?” Lucifer asked.

Gabriel’s mouth turned into a flat line. He did not answer Lucifer. Does he have a death wish?

Lucifer raised one of his eyebrows. Then he looked cold and detached. But I knew that him being calm, only meant one thing. The calm before the storm. He looked sinister and terrifying.

“You dare to ignore me? I must say that you are bold. Bold and ridiculously stupid. I will have mercy on you if you answer me now.” Lucifer said.

My eyes widen. I hoped that he would not hurt Gabriel. I also hoped that Gabriel would answer him because I did not want to see him hurt. I knew that Lucifer would torture him if Gabriel annoyed him further. I looked at Gabriel. He looked Lucifer dead in the eye and spit at the ground in front of Lucifer.

I gasped. The room turned deadly silent. The silence gnawed at my insides. The deadly silence hung in the air like the suspended moment before something fragile falls and shatters on the ground. The silence was the most terrifying part. It was eerily unnatural.

Lucifer growls like a wild animal ready to attack its prey. The sound almost makes my ear bleed. I knew what is coming next.

“Lucifer please don’t hurt him! He is my friend, please do not hurt him.” I begged Lucifer. He acted like he did not hear me but I knew that he heard me. He ignored me purposely.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a knife appears in his hands. He smirks at Gabriel. Gabriel’s eyes widen and he realizes that he will not win this battle between him and the psychotic monster. Gabriel’s wings appear and he tries to fly away.

“Go, Gabriel! Go!” I yell.

It is too late. Lucifer grabs him by the ankle and throws him on the ground. Chains appear right beside Gabriel’s ankles and they lock around his ankles. Gabriel still tries to fly away but the chains are unbreakable.

This is really bad and I cannot do anything about it. I am not strong enough to interfere but I knew that Lucifer would not kill Gabriel. We needed Gabriel to tell us about the warning. It calmed me down a bit, but it hurt me to see Gabriel in chains.

“I will never tell you anything, you sick monster!” Gabriel yells out while he still tries to break the chains.

Lucifer laughs at him. His laugh sounded psychotic. “They all think that they are unbreakable but they are were much breakable. Just wait until I am done with you. You will tell me anything that I want to know.”

Lucifer walks over til Gabriel and grab one of his wings. Oh no. Is he really going to do what I think he’ll do? He cannot do that. It was very cruel.

I run over to Lucifer. “No! Don’t do this. We can get him to cooperate another way. Please.”

Lucifer pushes me aside. “Darling. Never interfere. You said that you needed my help. We will do things my way. If you dare to interfere again, then I will literally let you rot here in Hell.”

The tears begin to appear in my eyes and my eyes turn glossy. I nod at him. I have to try not to interfere. Lucifer is in one of his evil and dark moods. There is nothing that I can do to stop him. I just silently have to watch him do this.

Lucifer grins. Gabriel is looking nervous. He does not know what Lucifer has in store for him. Poor Gabriel. This is all my fault. I should just have shut up about the mysterious man and about the warning. I just cannot keep anything to myself.

Lucifer brings the knife down and slowly cuts off one of Gabriel’s wings. He does it very slowly taking pleasure in torturing an angel. Lucifer despised angels.

Gabriel’s screams are all that can be heard in this big library. Gabriel also somehow screams with his body. His bright blue eyes are wide with absolute horror. His moth is open with the sound of terrifying screams coming out of them. His fists are clenched and his nails are digging deeply into the palms of his hands. I can see the blood coming out of his hands because his nails have cut through his skin. He is in so much pain.

His left wing is on the ground. A deep wound is sliced in the flesh of his back. Blood is heavily oozing out of his back, and there is a black or bluish bruise forming around the mark of the wing on his back. I know that pain is spiraling all over his body.

The worst kind of a pain to do to an angel was to cut off their wings. Lucifer once told me so. They feel like they have been cut in half. Almost like half of their body is missing. Lucifer told me that a long long long time ago when he just had entered hell as a fallen, he cut off his own wings. His wings had not turned red like all other fallen angels in Hell. They had remained white and pure. Then he decided to cut them off, and he told me it was the worst kind of pain that he had ever experienced. His wings, however, had grown back but they were black. A wing color that only he bears.

Many angel prisoners had their wings cut off, but only Lucifer’s had grown back and returned. I think that it is because he is the devil.

The scream tore through me like a piece of sharp glass. I could feel my pulse quickening and my eyes widen. My heart is thudding and beating like a drum. The blood drained from my face. I screamed again. This time it was more desperate and terrifying.

Lucifer had also cut off Gabriel’s right wing. He is merciless. Tears start flowing down my cheeks. I feel so sorry for him. I feel angry that I cannot do anything about this situation.

Gabriel looks like he is about to pass out from the amount of pain. Lucifer leans down and whispers something to him. Gabriel looks petrified and starts to shake. The is a pool of blood around him. Gabriel looks at the blood and faints.

Wait. The blood is black. The pool of blood is black. Only some creatures have black blood. Those creatures were demons. Is Gabriel a demon? how can that be possible?

Maybe some angels have black blood too. It just does not make any sense.

I look at Lucifer with my teary and slightly swollen eyes. “How can you be so ruthless?”

Lucifer just smirks at me. “I am the devil, darling”

I sigh and look at Gabriel. My heart clenched. I cannot imagine all the pain that he has been through. My eyes wander around the pool of black blood.


“Yes?” He sighs sounded irritated.

“Did you notice that Gabriel’s blood is black?” I asked him timidly.

He looks at Gabriel’s unconscious body. “I have noticed, yes. This no winged angel needs to answer some questions.”

Lucifer continues. “The blood smells like demon blood. I need to investigate this matter. I will have someone come here and throw Gabriel in the dungeons. Somebody also needs to clean this awful mess. He has bled a lot.”

‘It is the mess you made’ I thought bitterly.

“I will continue to read your mind, so you better not say anything that will irritate me” He smirks at me.

“I will try not to,” I said.

“Good. Now go to another room or just somewhere else. I will go and investigate this. I will be back in a few hours. Only interrupt if it is an emergency. I will punish you if it is not. Okay?” Lucifer stares at me intensely.

I gulp. “Yes, I understand”

He disappears into thin air. I look around for the book about Lucifer. I quickly find it and hide it under my shirt.

I look at an unconscious Gabriel and whisper “I am so sorry this has happened to you.”

Then I leave the room hurriedly before any servants or guards enter. I run down the hallway into the living room. I am the only person in the living room. Lucifer loves his privacy so no servants are allowed to enter there.

I sit on a comfortable couch and open the book. The book smelled like dust and when I opened the book, I began to cough. It seems like the book has been closed and hid away for a very long time.

A story about Lucifer himself. How exciting and nerve-wracking. I would finally get to know his secrets. His life when he was not cruel. The book it self was well hidden, but I found it by coincidence. Sometimes luck was in my favor.

I slowly began to read. At first, I did not understand the language but then the letters moved around. Now it seemed like the language is modern English. How odd. The book must contain something supernatural. Who wrote this book?

I read and I read and read until my eyes began to hurt.

Apparently Lucifer has been ripped away from his parents, the moment he was born. He has never met his parents. His parents committed suicide after he was born. An unknown person brought him to a secret place. He was brought there, to learn about angels. From a young age to the age of 18, the unknown man taught him about angels. There was no angel before Lucifer. Lucifer was the first angel. The book just does not say how he became one. It does however say he was the first angel to ever exist.

Lucifer had spent his early years learning about angels. It was decided on his eighteenth birthday that he would become an angel. Lucifer had no say in this matter. Lucifer felt very unhappy. He certainly did not want to be an angel. He often wondered how it would be to grow up being loved. Having a close family. He knew that he had only been born because it his duty to be the first angel to exist ever.

Many years after turning. The angel Lucifer still had goodness in his heart before darkness took over. He envied every human on earth. Their carelessness and oblivious to everything else. Envy chewed at his heart slowly turning the goodness into-

“What are you doing?” Lucifer walked into the room. His voice booming around the walls of the room.

I almost choked on the air. “Oh-h hi. I am not doing a-anything”. My voice stuttered. I had been caught. I was a horrible liar.

I still had the damn book in my hands, and it was too late to hide Lucifer’s eyes narrow on my book. He noticed that I had the book of his life. His life was written in this book. The book is so interesting, and I cannot let him have it back. I need to know more about him.

Lucifer had never opened up about his past. His past had forever remained a secret, hidden well in the dark.

I immediately closed the book.

“Nothing. I’m just reading.” My beating heart was doing nothing, to hide the fact that I was scared. My heart pounded in my chest. Anxiety slowly coming to surface.

In a blink of an eye, he was in front of me. He took the book right out of my hands. He did it so fast that I almost did not notice. He blinked and took a deep breath. Rage. He was angry. Furious and irritated. I knew he hated that I had read the book.

“You will never read this damn book again. You will keep your mouth shut. Understood?!” He almost yelled out.

I nodded.

“I NEED WORDS! Use your voice!” He yelled.

“I understand, I will never tell anyone about it,” I said weakly.

Honestly, I had invaded his privacy but I was just so curious. I couldn’t help myself.

He looked like he wanted to do something, but he held back. “We will confront Gabriel tomorrow. Until then you will stay in this room.” After he said this, he left me.

I was left in the room, shocked and slightly scared. How do I get the book back? What had turned Lucifer into the monster that he is today? Gabriel also never left my thoughts. I worried about him. I hoped that he was okay.

Until tomorrow I just have to rest. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster ride all day. I was absolutely exhausted. I needed to rest. Badly.

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