The Devil and Me

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Chapter 12

I could not sleep. The events that had happened not long ago, made my head hurt. Most of the time when I felt insomnia, I could only sleep when I was exhausted. I was definitely more than exhausted. I could feel the tiredness in my chest. My thoughts passed by in slow motion. I would get a few hours of sleep on good days, while on bad days, I would get lucky if I got any sleep at all. Currently, my mind begs for unconsciousness just to get some rest, but how could I rest when my only friend is hurting badly, and the only person to stop the pain, is a heartless monster?

The anxious feeling of stress has never left me. What if the mysterious man is some kind of trick from Lucifer to make me doubt Gabriel? Gabriel could be innocent and now he no longer has wings. Angels without wings could never return to heaven. The stress spread through my mind like paint on a canvas.

I tried to clear my head to stop myself from worrying too much, but it was an impossible task for me.

The book about Lucifer is still a mystery, and I needed to get it back. There must be a reason that he is keeping it from me. He does not want me to read it but why? Who is the author?

When I realized that sleep would not consume me, I decided to try and find Gabriel. I walked towards the door, and quietly opened it, and stepped outside in the hallway. It was very quiet, almost too quiet.

‘He must be in the dungeon cells’ I thought. I wondered how to get into the dungeons without getting noticed. Lucifer knew everything that was going on in his castle. I just hoped that I would remain lucky and not get noticed.

The hallway was dark and torches of flames were on the walls. I tried my hardest to remain silent. The guards were walking rounds around the castle, so I also needed to walk fast.

I saw some of the guards rounding the corner of the hallway that I was in, so I quickly hid behind a figure made out of stone. I was pretty sure that someone had been turned into stone, but I paid no mind to it. When I saw the guards walking past me, I let a breath out. Too close, I thought.

I slowly walked backward until I felt a wall behind my back.

"Who are you hiding from, darling?" His breath was near my ear. My heart jumped in my chest and I looked at him. The Devil. Lucifer. I turned around and faced him.

I was hiding from him.

"I know that you were hiding from me, darling. I just thought it would be fun to let you play hide and seek with the guards." Lucifer said while chuckling.

I raised my brows in irritation. "Well, then you also knew that I was on my way to Gabriel. My mind is almost exploding from worrying"

He sighed looking bored. "You know that I cannot let you see him. Trust me, darling, you do not want to see him right now."

I opened my mouth to say something but then he suddenly put his arms around me. What is he doing right now?

I slowly hugged him back. "What is wrong, Lucifer?"

Lucifer took a deep breath and looked at me in the eyes. "I have missed you."

One sentence. Four words. So much emotion in his voice. It affected me a lot. I was completely shocked. But when he said this, I realized something too. I missed him too. I did not dwell on the thought because it would make me cry. The good memories of us were still hidden and sealed away deep in my soul. That book had been closed a long time ago. This sentence almost made me open up the book again.

"Lucifer, do not manipulate me. I miss the old version of you. I cannot trust this version. You have turned cold and dismissive. And you blame it on me for cheating, for which I know that I have not. I would never ever ever cheat on you. I was head over heels in love with you." Tears sprung in my eyes and I looked at him.

Lucifer fists his hands. "Darling, please let me in. Don't shut me out. I know that you did not cheat. I know that now, and that is because of Gabriel. I assure you that he will be punished. Unfortunately, I did cheat because I thought you did too. I wanted to break your heart as much as you shattered mine. Please forgive me, darling. Eternity without you is the one thing that I cannot handle."

I was at a loss for words. Lucifer finally opened up to me. His sweet words warmed my soul. Although, I did not know if I could trust him. Lucifer always had his way of manipulating people. These trust issues cannot just disappear from one day to another. I needed some time to think.

Also, what did Gabriel have to do with cheating? Gabriel could not possibly be the cause of this. He is an angel. Angels are always good and have always been blessed with such powerful goodness. Unless there is something wrong with him.

Suddenly, it just clicked. Gabriel never appeared when I had called for him. Angels must appear when they are summoned. The black pool of blood. His blood is colored black.

"Oh god, Lucifer." I looked at him with wide eyes.

How could this be possible? What has gotten into Gabriel's mind? Does he have a death wish?

"You finally figured it out, darling. That is simply why I cannot let you see Gabriel now." Lucifer said while smirking at me.

My trusted best friend that I have known for over five years. Gabriel has been manipulating us all along.

Gabriel is a demon. He disguised as an angel, but why?

"That is what we have to figure out." Lucifer said.

I had been betrayed by my only friend. The shock was too much to bear. The last thing I remember before passing out, was Lucifer holding my hand.

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