The Devil and Me

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Chapter 13

I am currently sitting or rather laying on a couch in one end while watching Lucifer on the other end of the couch. Lucifer sat close to me. He is still holding my hand, while softly caressing it. After I fainted, I woke up to this. I did not mind it at all.

I did not move my mand. Not because of fear, but because it felt nice. It felt like the old times. Warmth spread through my heart when I thought of that. Lucifer did not look at me. He was focusing on something else. I softly smiled. I liked him being like this. The kind and loving Lucifer, not the evil and monstrous Lucifer.

Although the emotion of uncertainty soon replaced my calmness. I still did not feel like I could trust him. His mood swings were an impossible task to handle. He could turn into a completely different person. A person that wanted to be feared, but at the same time loved.

Something must have happened to him before he became the Devil.

"I really thought that I had lost myself when I found out about your cheating, which I now know is not true. The thought of, the only person that I had ever cared deeply for, betraying me, was too much to handle. I did not know what to do. I only knew that I wanted to hurt you as much as you hurt me. The biggest mistake that I have ever made. The dark side of me became uncontrollable, and only when I visited you again, after five years, I felt like myself." Lucifer said while looking sincere. I knew that he was not lying.

Lucifer being this sweet felt like I had turned into mush. I know how hard it is for him to say all of this. Lucifer hates being weak and showing emotions.

I looked him in the eyes and said "You wanted to hurt me at the time, and you really did. It took me a long time to get over you, especially because we were so close. I thought that I was one of your victims. You made me feel that way, and my whole world felt so different without you. I felt lonely every single day without you."

Sadness flashes in Lucifer's eyes.

I continued "But I am very glad that you are telling me all of this. Although, we still need to fix our relationship. We still need to figure out this Gabriel stuff"

Lucifer nods agreeing.

Now that I knew he was a demon, I could finally face him and ask him why. The fresh wound of betrayal still as fresh as it was when I found out about him.

Lucifer suddenly stood up and said "Yes, darling. We need to get some answers from that demon Gabriel!"

Lucifer held my hand and told me to close my eyes. Two seconds after, he tells me to open them.

When I open my eyes, I notice that we were standing in front of a big grey steel door. Flames were on the door. An endless flame that keeps burning. There were four guards standing outside of the door. Two guards on each side.

"Is this the door to the dungeons?" I ask Lucifer.

Lucifer nods. "Yes. Behind this door are two other doors. Three doors for three kinds of levels. The first door is for the weaker demons or other creatures that are feeling defiant and rebellious. The second door is for the more powerful demons that are tougher to break but also smarter. The third door is for the most powerful demons or other creatures that are thinking of betraying me. They are my favorite because they think that I am capable of being beatable. They are far off, I am the most powerful creature, I cannot be imprisoned or killed. Only archangels have some power to beat me, the oldest ones."

I listened carefully to what Lucifer said. An archangel must have helped Gabriel, thinking that he is a true angel. What a great mistake, I really hoped that, that was not the cause.

"So, Gabriel is in the cells behind the third door?" I guessed.

"Yes. That is correct, darling. Gabriel is now in his true form, so do not be surprised. Maybe he'll act hostile toward you because he has not fed in days. I have also had guards torturing him slowly. I'll, of course, do the rest of it myself." Lucifer said while smirking at the end.

I grimace. I hated violence. It would never sound normal to my ears, hearing Lucifer speak like that.

Lucifer nods at the guards. The guards step aside while bowing to Lucifer. He is the king of the underworld after all. The big grey steel door with flames, slowly open up.

We walk inside the hallway behind the door. I look around and see demons in their cells. Some of them are shivering when they see us. They are absolutely terrified of Lucifer. Some of them are speaking and yelling to Lucifer in a language that I cannot understand. Lucifer glares at them and the hallway turns silent.

We then reach another door, similar to the first one but this one is bigger and without flames. The door opens and we continue walking down the hallway. This time, I notice other creatures than demons. Fallen angels with only one wing, the other wing must have been cut off. This room is so silent that I can only hear my own breath.

I hold Lucifer's hand, and he squeezes my hand, to reassure me that I am safe. The hallway's temperature becomes colder and colder for each step that we take.

We finally reach the third and last door. This door is the same size as the other but painted a deep colored red. The color is very unsettling because it reminded me of blood.

The door opens, and I take a deep breath. Lucifer lets go of my hand and walks inside first. I walk behind him.

It is time to confront my former best friend. The demon that disguised himself as an angel

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