The Devil and Me

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Chapter 14

The first thing I noticed was how dark the room was. I blinked several times to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. It did not help at all. I knew that Lucifer had no problem seeing, but I nudged him with my elbow. He noticed what I was trying to do, and the room lit up.

Goosebumps appeared on my skin, and I suddenly felt how cold the room was. My eyes roamed the room and there he was. Gabriel. Gabriel was laying on the floor with his back turned toward us. He was shirtless and had a pair of wretched pants on. He looked horrible. His back had several bloodstains, and his skin looked so pale. The bloodstains were black because demons blood is black. I just could not figure out the whole wing thing. If he is a demon, then why did he have wings?

If he noticed that we entered the room then he definitely did not show it. I think that he is passed out from the pain. He must be in a lot of pain. No one truly knew how merciless Lucifer could be.

Lucifer clears his throat. Gabriel begins to shake. He slowly stands up and sits on his knees. His face is void of any emotion, but his eyes were full of fear. He is terrified of what will happen next.

My heart pounds for my former best friend. I keep reminding myself that he is not, who I thought he was. Gabriel's eyes flicker towards mine and my eyes widen. I do not think that I can handle confronting him, but I know there is no other way to get answers.

Gabriel once had the most beautiful bright blue eyes. Now their color is just a deep red color. The eye color that every demon had. It scared me to look at him.

I could feel Lucifer's eyes on me. He was waiting for me to confront him. To ask him about his betrayal and why. I could not bring myself to speak. I opened my mouth to ask him why, but not a single sound came out.

The panic began to claw at my chest. My breathing got heavy. I was never good at these kinds of feelings. I was afraid of hearing Gabriel's answer. I absolutely did not want to hear him say that he has been using me. Even though, deep down in my heart, I know that it is true. I was a puppet to him. A puppet that could lead to the end of Lucifer. Or so he thought.

Lucifer walks in front of me as soon as he realizes that I am having a panic attack. He knew that I needed to handle the panic on my own.

Lucifer chuckles darkly and begins to question Gabriel. "Who do you think you are? You really thought that you could kill me? How did you disguise yourself as an angel?"

Gabriel stares up at Lucifer and glares at him. "I did trick you for five years. You thought that I was an angel. I tried to manipulate Stella. To make her tell me all of your weaknesses. She kept telling me that you had none, so I kept my demon form hidden to try and figure out another way."

Flames light up in a circle, surrounding Gabriel. I could feel Lucifer was angry. I knew that he wanted to end him. Burn him. I could not let that happen.

I took a deep breath. My eyes teary. "Gabriel, why did you do it? Who helped you? It is not possible for demons on their own to disguise themselves as angels. To even grow wings."

Lucifer interrupts me. "Never has it been seen that a demon could grow wings. Who helped you and why?"

Gabriel is sweating because of the heat coming off of the flames. I also think it is because of his nerves. He must be nervous. Lucifer could be very dangerous when he wanted to.

Gabriel spits toward Lucifer. "I will never tell you. It will be over my soulless dead demon body."

Lucifer shakes his head. The flames slowly creep closer to Gabriel.

"You see these flames? This is not just regular fire. When you feel the flame, you'll feel like you have touched the flames of the sun. It'll burn badly, but it will not kill you. It will hurt so much that you'll want to die. I will not let that happen. You'll remain alive until you answer the questions."

My hands began to shake. I wished that Gabriel would just give him the answers. I could not stand the sight of this.

Gabriel gulps but remains silent. What a big mistake. The flames get closer to Gabriel. Gabriel begins to scream. It made my blood run cold. The sound could make glass shatter. I knew that he is in so much pain. The smell of burnt flesh hits me. I almost throw up.

Lucifer smirks and then the flames disappear. My heartbeat slowly calms down. I hoped that Lucifer would not do anything more. Gabriel's skin is ruined. Demons could heal, but I knew that Lucifer is suppressing Gabriel's power to heal. Gabriel's skin has different kind of burn marks on them. Some of them are big and red while others are small and black.

Lucifer looks evil. He is in his right element. His dark and gruesome side is not satisfied with Gabriel's attitude.

'PLEASE STOP THIS! Lucifer, he is hurt!' I think while staring at Lucifer. Lucifer's ability to mind read is something that I won't forget.

Lucifer snaps his head towards me, and I hear his voice in my head.

'Darling. How can you feel sympathy toward this traitor? He deserves so much more pain. I will not stop until I get some answers. And you, darling, cannot stop me'

'Stop this, maybe he'll answer your questions now' I think back.

Lucifer nods his head. His expression is emotionless.

"Are you ready to give me some answers?" Lucifer asks Gabriel.

Gabriel looks over at me, and I hold my breath.

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