The Devil and Me

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Chapter 15

Gabriel gulped and then he whispered, "I can't handle the pain anymore."

He then sighed and continued, "I will tell you whatever you want. I promise. Lucifer, you'll know if I lie, so I promise that I will not lie."

Lucifer smirks. An uneasiness settles over me. The truth will finally come out. I will know what the angelic demon had planned before he was stopped. I slowly walk over to where Lucifer stands. He stands in the middle of the room, right in front of Gabriel.

Gabriel looks at me. His now red eyes were full of pain and sorrow. Why was he feeling sorrow?

Gabriel begins to speak while holding eye contact with me. "When you and Lucifer first met, a lot of rumors began to appear. Rumors that the Devil, Lucifer, had found love. Rumors about that he has grown weak. He has a weakness. That weakness was you. Many demons thought that you made him weak; they thought Lucifer is beatable. I was one of those demons. I wanted to beat Lucifer. I want his throne. I did not realize that the rumors were exactly just that. They were just rumors."

Lucifer interrupts him by laughing loudly. "Demons will never get smarter. I am the most immortal creature to exist. Of course, it is impossible to beat me. Such silly thoughts."

Gabriel glares at him and continues. "I didn't know that. I disguised myself as an angel with the help of a powerful creature."

My eyes widen. Wait what? "Who was it, Gabriel?" I asked.

Gabriel sighs. "I don't know really or how. He appeared with a cloak with fog surrounding him, and I could not see him properly. He knew that I wanted to disguise myself to trick you and Lucifer. He had the ability to do that, and he did it. I was about to thank the man, but he disappeared."

I look at Lucifer to see him already staring at me. He nods.

It must have been the mysterious man, who gave me a warning. That man also had a cloak. I do not know who else or what else it could be.

Lucifer looks tired and sighs. "That man has also approached Stella. I am most definitely sure that it is an archangel. Only archangel has such abilities. They are also very powerful. Archangels are the purest of all angels, so why does this particular angel has darkness in him?"

Lucifer did not have the answer to his own question, and Gabriel is just as clueless as him.

"We must find him" I tell Lucifer.

Lucifer agrees. "Yes, darling. But first Gabriel needs to tell us the whole story. I will not accept disobedience. You will tell us the rest Gabriel, or else you will be punished and tortured to death. A very slow death."

"My original plan was to befriend Stella and find out your weakness. I did just that. Stella slowly began to trust me, but then I realized that you did not have any weaknesses. I asked her several times on several occasions, and she always told me the same answer. I continued to try and figure out if you have any weakness at all, even after the two of you broke up." Gabriel said.

The emotion of sadness hits me hard. I was just someone that he needed to use to weaken Lucifer. Our friendship was never real. The betrayal hurts. He is so manipulative and I had been so naive. Why was I so clueless? How did I not figure it out?

I just thought that he was curious as an angel. I never would have thought that he was just going to use me like that.

I stare at Gabriel. "How could you do this? Did you not care for my feelings at all. I considered you as my very best friend. Do you know how much it hurts to hear this?" I felt empty. The only friend that I have had used me for his own advantage. I had been so blinded by the feeling of comfort.

The loneliness was the emotion that led me to Lucifer, that very long time ago. The loneliness was the key to our first encounter. I tried to clear my thoughts. I did not want to think about that right now.

Gabriel looks at me with his red eyes glowing. "You were never anything to me. It was all fake. Honestly, it is kind of pathetic that your only friend was an angel. A demon disguised as an angel."

I feel something wet on my cheek, and I realize that I am crying. Lucifer quickly walks toward me and hugs me.

When I open my eyes, I notice that we are in the living room.

"Why did you take me away? I was not finished talking to him!" I yell at Lucifer.

It was probably for the best that he took me away, but I did not want that. I wanted to scream and yell at Gabriel, but at that moment, I was completely frozen.

Lucifer sighs and walks a couple of feet away from me. "You know that you can't handle this now, Stella. I know that your trust and other issues can't handle this. It is for your own good. Also, I am very angry at Gabriel, but I cannot handle seeing you hurt. You're my first priority, darling."

I wipe my tears away. "I don't want to look weak, Lucifer. I can't be like that again."

Lucifer smiles at me. A true and genuine smile. I have not seen him smile in a very long time. "I know that, darling. You are not weak. You are one of the strongest persons that I know. I care about you, Stella. I hope you know that."

Lucifer's words warms my heart, and I feel like melting away. His kind words were like music to my ears. He has finally begun to open up again.

I smile back at him. "Thank you, Lucifer. I care about you too"

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