The Devil and Me

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Chapter 16

It is currently the day after I had confronted Gabriel. Lucifer is nowhere to be seen. He told me that he had business to attend in the throne room of hell.

I felt well-rested. I felt good about myself and I was in a great mood after yesterday. Lucifer and I's relationship was getting better. It was at a slow pace, but I did not mind. Lucifer is breaking my walls down, one by one.

I was also slowly stepping out of my comfort zone. I still have not forgiven Lucifer entirely. The misunderstanding is still a part of both of us.

Gabriel had the answer to the misunderstanding. He was the one that created it, but I still do not have the complete answer. What would have happened if both Lucifer and I found out that it was all a ploy for Gabriel?

I still clearly remember the day that I met Lucifer for the first time. What a fun memory. I smiled to myself.


After a visit to an old and dusty library with lots of stains everywhere on the floor, I had found a very old book. I found this library by accident. I was walking down the streets downtown, to refresh my mind. I stumbled upon it.

Reading is something that I will forever adore. I absolutely love to read, especially when I need a break from the harsh winds of reality. Sometimes I just needed an escape.

High school was a nightmare. I was just so happy that it finally ended. I could not bear to watch people anymore. In all the years of high school, it never succeded for me to find a friend. The loneliness was terrible. There was, of course, no kind of bullying. I guess I just had a harder time making friends than others. They were lucky to find true friends among the sea of fake friendliness.

The librarian was sound asleep when I reached the counter desk. I tried to clear my throat loudly, but she did not wake up.

"Excuse me? Miss, are you awake?" I asked but she was still asleep. I tried asking again and again. After five tries I just gave up and walked out of the library with the ancient-looking book that I had found. I was, of course, going to return it after reading it.

I quickly walked toward my apartment. I did not like the downtown city at night. Horrible people could be found on the streets, and I did not want such an encounter.

I finally reached my apartment. I immediately sat down on my couch and looked at the book. The book was very old and dusty with no description or title at all. I opened the book and the first thing that I notice is that it is full of drawings.

There was all kind of drawings of creatures that I have never seen before. Some of them had wings and others had tails and horns. They were fascinating to look at. I kept looking at different pages when I stumbled upon a drawing. The drawing was of a man, and there were drawn details upon this drawing. Many more details than the other drawings. There were big wings surrounding this man, and it looked like the wings were darker than the other. His face looked beautiful but his eyes were closed.

This book must have been a drawings journal or something like that. Why would it be in a library?

I noticed there was one line of writing in maybe Latin or Greek. It was right under his feet. I tried saying the words, just for fun. I tried three times and I probably pronounced everything wrong.

After this drawing, the pages after it was empty. The artist must have forgotten about it or something.

I heard a chuckle followed by a "Humans are so ignorant."

My eyes widen and I scream while looking at the source of the voice.

It was him. It was the man of the drawings. How was this possible? Did he follow me here from the library? Maybe he was the owner of this book and just wanted his book back. It still does not answer how he came through my locked door.

"Who the hell are you? Get out, or else I will call the police" I threatened him.

He smirked at me and I notice his eyes. His eyes were incredibly unique. A magnificent color of black, that I did not think was possible having.

"Well, little human. You just summoned the Devil. Say what you want and I'll make it happen if you agree to my deal." The beautiful man answered.

I scoff "Who are you trying to fool? This is clearly a lie."

He sighs and looks deeply into my eyes. Suddenly I see horrible things. Tortured souls, disgusting looking creatures, and a throne room. I blink several times and it is gone.

"How did you do that?" I ask him.

He raises a brow and he is clearly annoyed. "I told you. I am the Devil. You have a one-time opportunity to make a deal with the devil."

I don't know why but I believe him. I also think that I should not make a deal with the devil. But then again, he could help me.

I sigh and look at him. "What do you want in return?"

"Your soul" He states.

I did not have anyone to care about me anyway, so why shouldn't I do it? Maybe horrible things will happen, but I do not have anything to lose.

"I no longer want to feel lonely," I tell him.

He looks very surprised for a moment and then his face turns emotionless.

"You could have anything in the entire world. Money that will never end. Fame or success. And you just don't want to feel lonely? Are you sure that is what you want?" He asks me.

I never once had a chance with friends. I never got to experience anything. I was just a shadow. The sleepless nights of overthinking. The hurt of being alone always.

I nod. "I am sure"

I feel a pinch in my neck and I touch it. There is a little blood on my fingers, and then I look at him. He bit me in the neck, what the hell?

"It was to seal the deal. The blood bounds it. You just got yourself a deal with the devil."

Flashback finished

That was how I first met Lucifer.

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