The Devil and Me

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Chapter 17

"What are you thinking about?" Lucifer's deep voice interrupted my thoughts.

I look over at where he is. He is standing by the door with a hidden smirk. I know that he knows what I was thinking about.

My lips turn into a small smile. "I was thinking about how we first met. Do you remember?"

It was a foolish question, but a small part of me longed for him to remember. The uncertainty of me not knowing if he remembered was killing me. Lucifer once told me that he can lock some of his memories away if it was bothering him.

Lucifer stares at me as if I am dense. "Of course I remember, Darling. How could I forget? It was the day our relationship started."

I laugh a little. "I know that I'm being silly, but it is important for me to know that you remember"

Lucifer walks over to me and softly kisses me on the cheek. I smile up at him. Why was he so tall?

"I promise that I'll never forget" Lucifer says.

Before I could say something, he continued.

"I know that you still have doubts about me. I can't express how regretful and sorry I am. I don't get tricked by archangels often, not even to mention demons. I should have known that it was all a ploy. I would never ever have hurt you if I knew what I know now." He sounded so sincere. His eyes were full of emotions. Regretfulness and sorrow.

I hold his hand and sigh, "Time is precious and time will heal my emotional wounds, Lucifer. You were the first one to help me. To heal me. When you left, you broke me so I was so much more shattered than I ever was before."

His grip tightens on my hand, but I continue. "Of course I know that this all happened because of a ploy, but we still do not have the full story. Although, I promise that I will try to mend our relationship again. Just at a slow pace"

Lucifer looked hurt. I have not seen him like that ever. I thought that he was incapable of being hurt. I know that my words hurt him, but I cannot forgive and forget so fast.

My issues were still deep within me. Too scared to loosen up. Wall are built so high.

Lucifer then nods, and lets go of my hand. He then leaves the room. Leaving me all alone.

I needed to be alone too. I needed time to think. Think about us. Gabriel and the archangel was still bugging me, but I knew that I could not do anything without Lucifer.

I walked around in the living room to try and clear my mind. I felt stressed because of everything that has happened. I could not reach the perfect relaxed life. I felt like everything I did had some serious consequences and I could never get a break.

I had yet not figured out the purpose of this life. Is everything postive just an illusion?

Wait what is that? I thought as something shiny sparkled and interrupted my thoughts.

It was hidden away behind a curtain in front of the window. It was placed on a small round table, but what was it?

I walked closer and looked behind the curtain. I saw a drawing. A drawing that was framed. A drawing of a certain pair of eyes. It was Lucifer's eyes. I could recognise them anywhere. Although it was most certainly also because I knew it was my drawing. I made it for him a few months after we met.

There were so many emotions in his eyes. I wanted to capture a moment when he was vulnerable and honest, and I did. I gifted it to him, and he loved it.

Drawing was my only reality escape at that time, and actually it still is. I remember I wanted to give him something special because I thought he was special to me. We were not a couple then, but the drawing helped things move along.

At the moment of our breakup, he told me that he burned the drawing. He also said some horrible things about it. I remember how badly it hurt my poor heart and emotions.

Apparently it was all a lie. I picked the drawing up and slowly a smile began to appear on my lips. I knew what he said was just a lie. The drawing meant a lot to him, I could feel it.

Why did he not tell me that he kept it?

"Because I did not want to look emotional and vulnerable. Especially after you broke my heart" Lucifer whispered in my ear.

I stepped back, clearly shocked, "I told you that I don't like when you read my mind."

Lucifer smirks at me "You know I can't help it. Your thoughts are really loud."

I did not realise that I giggled until I heard it. Lucifer's smirk turned into a genuine smile.

"I did not look at the drawing until a year had passed. I was angry and hurt, but after the year had passed, I slowly began to look at it. It reminded me of you. I missed you badly, Darling"

I shook my head, "I can't believe everything that has happened to us. We have literally been through hell and back. Thanks for keeping the drawing, Lucifer. It means a lot."

Lucifer sighs, "The drawing will always be dear to me. Although, darling, we need to figure out what to do with Gabriel. He needs to be punished so much more. I will not rest until he has suffered, and then I will hunt the archangel down, and bring the same fate to him. Nobody ever messes with the Devil, and gets away with it"

I disliked when Lucifer turned into the dark and evil devil. He could be very hard to control, but I knew that it had to be done. I could not deny that we needed answers.

I nod slowly, "Tomorrow is the day then."

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