The Devil and Me

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Chapter 18

I woke up from a slight headache. The pounding in my head is only a bit bearable. My heart is pounding in my chest. The nervousness of events that might happen today clouded my mind.

I walked from my bedroom to the living room. Bright lights from outside illuminated the room. It calmed me down. Not much, but only a bit.

It was difficult to think about what will happen today.

Lucifer will not be merciful. I know that. Gabriel deserved whatever that will happen, but I still could not comprehend his lies and ploy.

My hands were shaking because of my nerves. Lucifer will not understand my feelings toward Gabriel. In my eyes, he was still my friend even though my mind tells me that everything was just a game to him.

The sound of the door opening was shocking. I jumped. My thoughts were hard to escape.

Lucifer slowly walks over to me. His eyes were twinkling with an unsettling feeling. When he finally reaches me, his emotions switch to concerned.

"What is wrong, darling?" He asks me.

I look away because I can't bear to look him in the eyes. "I don't want anyone to get hurt"

Lucifer scoffs, "You know that it has to happen, Stella. You need to push these pathetic soft emotions away. Do you not remember everything that Gabriel has told us? We still need the rest of the information."

I look at him in disbelief, "Soft emotions? Forgive me for not being a heartless devil. I actually am a human with emotions. What if this is all a lie, and Gabriel is being manipulated by the archangel? Excuse me for being a person who actually cares for her only friend"

Lucifer's voice gets louder "Why can't you understand that he never was your friend. You are in denial. That is why you come up with these ridiculous theories."

I wanted to interrupt him but I was too late as he continues, "We will go down to his cell again, and then hopefully, you'll be reminded of what a deceitful being that he actually is."

I stayed silent as I didn't want to make Lucifer more angry. Fighting and screaming at each other is not something that I want to contribute to.

Eventually, I nodded at him, "I get your point. Although, I will not stand by and watch if or when the confrontation gets bloody. You cannot force me. Do you understand?"

Lucifer sighs, "Of course I understand, but promise me that you will not interrupt me while I am interrogating him"

I nod at him. It would be hard not to interrupt, but I guess I have to listen to him. Otherwise, he would just get angry.

"Are you ready?" Lucifer asks.

"Yes" I respond in a quiet voice. The nerves are already making me tremble a bit.

Lucifer then snaps his fingers. I look around and notice that we are in front of Gabriel's cell door. The temperature is cold. I can feel myself freezing. I look at Lucifer and, of course, he is not bothered by anything.

Lucifer then takes my hand, and I feel warm again. I can't feel the cold temperature and I feel safe. I smile at him in gratitude.

The door opens and the horrible smell of blood and death linger around the room. I feel nauseous.

Gabriel is sitting on the floor. His eyes meet mine. His scary red eyes have almost turned a very light pink. His skin is pale and he looks very weak.

He looks at Lucifer, and fear immediately washes over him. He trembles and his facial expression is showing all of his emotions. I know that he is indeed very scared. I look at Lucifer and the sight sickens me. Lucifer is smirking at Gabriel. Lucifer is clearly enjoying Gabriel's state. Gabriel looks broken.

I remove my hand from Lucifer's grasp, and I wrap my arms around myself. The cold temperature is starting again, but I was mad at Lucifer. How could he not care? Gabriel is clearly terrified of him, and yet Lucifer still wants to make him pay.

Lucifer walks to where Gabriel is sitting. "If you answer my questions truthfully, I'll let you go"

Poor Gabriel's eyes widen, "I will do anything, please just let me go. I can't handle all this pain. Have mercy with me"

Lucifer smiles but I know that it's not genuine, "Of course"

Lucifer will never let him go. He enjoys making people pay for what that they have done. His manipulative ways made everything much easier for him.

"Tell me about the archangel. Where can I find him? He needs to know how powerful the devil actually is" Lucifer says while smirking at the end.

"Um, I-I don't know where to find him. I don't remember" Gabriel answers Lucifer.

I flinch knowing what's about to happen, and I close my eyes tightly. Why can't Gabriel just tell the truth?

Gabriel's scream of horror echoes in his cell. He keeps screaming and screaming. I don't open my eyes. I do not want to see what's happening. I just know that Lucifer is torturing him ruthlessly.

Then the screaming stops, "Are you ready to tell me the answer to my questions, disgusting demon?" Lucifer asks.

I open my eyes and look at the blood on the walls. On the floor. On Lucifer too, of course, it is not his. I shake my head, how could I care for this evil devil?

"Y-yes" Gabriel stutters, and then he continues, "I found him near the fountain of hope. He was sitting quietly and watching all the damaged souls in the fountain."

Lucifer had once told me about the fountain of hope. It was an extremely large fountain, where all the damaged souls that did not bear to become a demon ended up. It may sound better than being a demon, but it was so much worse. It was an endless torture pit for all souls, and they could not do anything about it. Whenever someone would walk by, the souls cries would get louder as they dreamed of escaping. The name of the fountain is very ironic. Typical Lucifer.

Gabriel continues, "The archangel thought that he could control me, but he could not. I never saw his face but his voice is very deep. I am sorry but I don't know more about him."

Lucifer sighs, "He just had to be so far away from the palace. The information that you provided is enough. I think Stella wants to talk to you, so I'll leave."

Lucifer left as soon as I blinked. I looked at Gabriel and slowly stepped forward.

"I don't know how to start," I told him.

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