The Devil and Me

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Chapter 4

When I woke up, the only feeling I felt was anger. I am seriously angry. I am both pissed and angry. Mostly pissed though.

Why was I fainting all the time? It was annoying the crap out of me. There must be something wrong because I don’t just faint. Am I really so weak that I keep fainting all the time? Maybe it is the energy around Lucifer or something. I just know that something is wrong. I can feel it in my gut.

I looked around. I am currently in the room that I was in before. I am slowly beginning to despise red even more, if it was possible. I seriously do not know why Lucifer loves the color red so much.

“Because it reminds me of blood. As you know, the color of blood is red. ” Lucifer said chuckling darkly. At least that answered the question.

I scrunched my nose. “That is disgusting.” It is a very vile thing to say.

He just shrugged. He obviously does not care. He never cares about anything. I once thought that he cared about me. When he broke my heart, I knew that it was a game from the beginning. I was just stupid enough to fall for it. Although, I would like to think that I am wiser now. The naive twenty-year-old girl is long gone. Five years have passed since the breakup, and I have learned of my past mistakes.

Lucifer knew everything about anyone and anything. He probably knew about the fainting.

A question popped into my mind. I could ask him about it.


“Yes my dear Stella?” He said

I scoffed. The name callings annoyed me beyond the end. He knew I disliked them. He does not have the right to call me names anymore. He lost that privilege a long time ago.

“Why am I fainting all the time? I hate it and it makes me feel weak. And I am not weak!” I told him. I knew that I was weaker than him, obviously. But I did not use to faint at all. I feel like there is something fishy going on, but what exactly?

I was so frustrated; I could not think straight. The headaches are also a horrible pain that I feel like I cannot handle. The only thing I feel like doing is sleeping. It is also typical of me to sleep my problems away. I knew they were not going to disappear just by sleeping, but at least I did not have to worry about them in an amount of time.

He smirked at me. It looked wicked. He has planned something. Something absolutely horrible.

I did not like it at all. I felt slightly panicked, but I took some deep breaths to calm myself down.

He finally opened his mouth “Well darling, I am turning you into a demon.”

A demon? As in the horrible creatures that live in Hell? The evil spirits that haunt everyone with their disgusting inhumane looks and their awful lust for human souls. I could not let my soul be tainted like that. Did demons even have souls? He could not possibly do this to me.

My eyes widen. I could feel the rage boiling deep inside me. I was beyond angry. I was also beyond terrified. How do I prevent this from happening?

“YOU WHAT!?” I yelled from deep within my lungs.

He smirked again “You heard me but don’t worry. You won’t be evil unless you want to or I want you to. You won’t have wings. You only have to drink blood.”

I almost threw up at that thought. Everything about being a demon is disgusting.

How could he? Why? When will I turn completely?

“You’ll know why soon. You turn completely in a few weeks.” He said. His eyes are emotionless. His expression is also unreadable.

I crossed my arms across my chest “I don’t want to.”

I felt very childish now. I did not know how to react. I do not know what to do. My life is miserable already and it just got a whole lot worse.

He just laughed.

“You can’t do a thing about it. Remember I bit you? I started the progress exactly in that moment. I can turn you human again. But I don’t really feel like doing that. Try to be optimistic and look at the bright side. If you are a demon, then you can serve me for all eternity.”

I narrowed my eyes. “So basically, I’ll be a slave vampire? No thank you.” Then I continued when he did not respond “I can kill myself you know. And I’ll go to heaven.” I said so arrogantly. I mean I hoped that I would go to heaven. I did not think myself of a bad person. I also did not want to commit suicide. I just hoped that I could convince him somehow by saying all of this. There is a low chance that this can persuade him, but there is not anything else that I can do.

His eyes turned serious and dark “You can’t kill yourself and even if you did, you still wouldn’t end up in heaven. I made sure of that when we were still together. I sealed your soul in hell. There is nothing that you can do to escape from me. You would end up in hell, as a soul I personally would torture. You can never be free. ”

My eyes widen and I felt like I was going to faint again. I’ll be with him forever. That is really not good. Then I remembered something.


“I love you Lucifer. You know that right?” I told him while looking into his eyes.

He kissed me softly on the lips.

“I know that love. Why are you saying that?”

Tears formed and started to fall “Because I’ll eventually die. Then we aren’t together anymore.”

I began to cry.

I was on my period, so I was really emotional. Hormones are everywhere.

His eyes twinkled like he knew something I didn’t.

That was weird but I didn’t pay much attention

I realized that he knew this would happen, did he not? He knew that he would cheat on me and make me sad. This is not the loving and sweet Lucifer I once knew.

I searched for Lucifer, but I could not find him. I searched the whole palace and found some interesting places, I needed to go back to them and investigate what in the world these places are. I still did not find him.

I sighed walked to the room. I sat on the bed. I was very tired, because of that stupid demon-thing. I hated being tired. But eventually, I laid down and fell asleep.

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