The Devil and Me

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Chapter 5

I woke up with a jolt.

I was thrown in water, and I could not breathe. I opened my eyes, but everything was a blur. My mouth was closed. It was like I was in a pool or something like that. I desperately needed oxygen. I needed to breathe. I desperately needed to get some air into my lungs. I coughed and water came into my mouth. I splashed and tried to swim to the surface but on the surface, there was just glass. I started hitting the glass. I kept hitting and hitting. I could feel a burning sensation in my hands because of how hard I tried to hit the glass. But it was to no use. I could not break it. The glass is unbreakable. Just when I thought I lost hope and I was slowly fading into darkness also called death, I was out of the water.

What did just happen to me?

I was on my arms and knees and I coughed and coughed, taking large gulps of air. My lungs took in all of the air. My clothes were wet, and I was freezing horribly. I shivered and shivered. I could not stop coughing. I looked around but my vision was still very blurry. I tried to blink several times and finally I felt like my vision was back to a somewhat normal vision.

“That was so fun to watch!” Lucifer laughed. It was a very cruel laugh. He is insane and a maniac. How can he do this to me? It was a total and utter nightmare. I really thought that I was going to die. It was like he was mocking me and it felt bad.

“Why did you do that?” My eyes were still a bit blurry, and my voice was hoarse. I knew my voice sounded croaky.

“I have to keep my reputation as the devil darling. Oh and also just for the fun of it.” He said like he was the king of the world. He actually is the ruler of the underworld. I still did not like him being this arrogant.

“There are rumors saying that I have grown weak because of you. Because of the relationship that we have had, and also because I have brought you back to hell. I simply can’t have that. Oh, and also because I just love to torture you and torment you.” He winked at me.

My vision wasn’t blurry anymore and I narrowed my eyes. “I don’t care. You can’t break me. You broke me when you cheated. But I’ve grown to be much stronger. ” I said so confidently. It is true. I feel like I am mentally much stronger than I have been before. What does not kill you, makes you stronger, as the saying goes. Honestly this drowning nightmare made me feel like I was going to die.

I stood up and crossed my arms. I tried to look intimidating.

His eyes turned very dark. I have never seen them so dark before. His eyes were still as fascinating as ever. It will be something that I will forever envy.

“We’ll see about that. You don’t know what I’ve been planning.”

That scared me a little, but I did not show my fear. The five years of absence had taught me to be prepared if Lucifer somehow showed up in my life again. I had to look like I was not scared. Lucifer is like a predator. He likes the fear of others. Especially me. The only person that has ever grown close to the Devil is me. I felt like he thought because of the past relationship that he had to make me feel vulnerable and scared. I will not give him the satisfaction. I simply have to try and intimidate him somehow.

I stood my ground “Game on.”

I winked at him. I will not let him break me. I will not!

Lucifer smirked at me.

Then he started to grow taller and bigger. He is very tall now. He spread his wings. He is in his devil form. His wings were somehow bigger than they were before. I know he has done something horrible, and I needed to figure out what it was. His bigger wings only meant one thing; something terrifying has happened.

“I have some killing to do now. I’ll find you later.” Then he just flew away.

Then I blinked and I was home. I still hated when he used magic on me.

The slow turning progress of being a demon made me feel horrible. I needed to find Gabriel or contact him somehow. Maybe he could help me turn human again or maybe he could stop the progress. He is an angel after all, and Lucifer recently told me that Gabriel is also powerful.

Gabriel once told me that if I ever needed him, then I would have to pray and mention his name. He told me that I can only do this if it is an emergency. Otherwise he would just come visit. I recently got a visit from him, but what if months pass by again. Also, me turning into a demon is an emergency that needed attending as fast as possible.

I sat down and began the progress of summoning Gabriel. I waited and waited and waited. Nothing happened and he did not show up. Then I tried to do it again. He still did not show up. I sighed. My only friend is still to busy to show up, and if he does not show up soon then I will no longer be the same as before. I felt disappointed, I knew that Gabriel could feel me calling for him, but why did he not show up?

My weak body desperately needed sleep, so I decided to go to sleep. I felt an unsettling feeling in my gut when I heard Lucifer’s voice in my head. ”Remember Darling; Game on"

“Game on, Lucifer, game on” I said out loud.

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