The Devil and Me

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Chapter 6

“Stop! It hurts so much!” I screamed. I tried opening my eyes, and I did but there was something black on them. I was blindfolded. My head was pounding. It felt like a very bad migraine. The ground was so cold. My feet were touching the ground and they felt like ice. I was freezing and shivering, which was so weird considering how warm the temperature is in hell.

Memories came rushing back to me.

‘I was with Lucifer then he said he had to kill someone. I was home. Then I went to sleep.’ My head hurt so much.

The words “Game on” were still clear in my head. Is it Lucifer that is doing this to me? What was I thinking? Of course, it was him.

Why was he torturing me? What had I ever done to him? It was all him who inflicted pain to me, not the opposite. What kind of sick creature was he? Why did I not realize he was when we were together? I guess love really makes you blind and I hated myself for it.

I could feel that my wrists were bound in ropes, also at the end of my ankles.

My hands felt so dry. I think I could feel some dried blood around them but I am not sure. The incapability to see was very frustrating. I am totally and utterly helpless.

“I am the devil darling.” I heard a dark and deep voice say. Lucifer’s voice to be exact. Who else would it be?

Something hot, like a flame or something, burned my sides. It would definitely leave scars. I could just imagine myself with a burning scar on my sides. It would be an ugly big scar.

I screamed and screamed until I could not do it anymore. The feeling of melting skin and also the smell of it is almost making me pass out. But I could not. I needed to be strong even though he is pressuring my patience. It is after all his intention to make me break.

“Shut up. It’ll be easier if you just shut up. Although, you can continue to scream, it will much more fun.” He said, his voice sounding sinister and dark. He ripped my blindfold off.

The bright lights burned my eyes and I hissed. I blinked several times to regain normal sight. I blinked and looked around. I was not in a dungeon but I was on the floor but there was some metal plate over the floor. The room is actually very big and spacious. I think this is Lucifer’s torture room because there was a reeking smell of death in the room mixed with the scent of sweat and blood. I felt like I could vomit any second now. I was sitting near the wall and Lucifer was standing in the middle of the room. His hands were like flames and he was shirtless. Strangely his wings were not out in the open.

A knock sounded on the other side of the door.

“Come in.” He said grinning. A dark glint was in his eyes. He has something wicked planned. I could feel it.

The door opened and I immediately looked around Lucifer to see who it was. It was a demon. Those wretched creatures were so disgusting to look at in their true form. Some of the more powerful demons could change their forms into alluring creatures. They only did that to manipulate the poor human souls. Demons are revolting and I almost hated them as much as I hated Lucifer. Lucifer could root in a hole for all I care. He is unfortunately immortal and therefor unkillable. I just needed to find a way to stop him or make him realize to stop bothering me.

‘He must be a slave to Lucifer’ I thought. Everyone was a slave to Lucifer. No one is able to say no to him or else they are getting rid of.

When the demon saw me, he changed his look to look more humane. Maybe Lucifer made him do it or maybe it is also a trick that Lucifer has planned. He wore black skinny jeans that fell over black boots. He wore a loose casual long-sleeved button-up shirt. He had a scar under his eyes, and also on his neck. That creeped me out. Lucifer tortures all demons to make them loyal and submissive. He cannot let them rival against each other because that would cause a lot of problems. I knew all of this because he told me himself. He needed me to know this kind of important information because he said that one day, I will be his Queen. Like that will ever happen now. The demon’s eyes were grey. Cold and grey. His hair was green and red. His hair is actually the only thing that did not creep me out. It kind of complimented his attire.

He gave Lucifer a strange looking knife. The knife had something written on it. But I was not close enough to see what was written on it.

“Get out.” Lucifer told the man. The man left as fast as he could.

“You know what this is?” Lucifer said as he walked closer. His abdomen muscles flexing as he walked.

What a sight.

‘Not the right time to think like that’ I scolded myself. What is wrong with me?

“A knife.”

He chuckled “Yeah. But this knife is very special. You’ll see.”

He walked closer to me. The words “memento mori” was written on the knife. Oh no. The phrase was in Latin and it meant ‘Remember that you must die’. This knife is definitely going to cut painfully. I could not expect anything less of Lucifer’s torture tools. They are absolutely insane.

He kneeled in front of me. His hands losing that red flame and turning normal. My ropes began to shake, and then they disappeared. He took my hand and brought the knife closer. He cut a line right under my knuckles.

It began to burn. Really bad. Then while the burning sensation had not left, my skin began to feel itchy and prickly. I wish the pain could just disappear. It is unbearable. My throat started to hurt from screaming so much.

Tears started to fall out of my eyes.

Lucifer smirked at me. “I just removed the demon venom. So the possibitly of you turning into a demon is gone. For now”

I was relieved and confused. Relived because I would not be a blood-sucking slave demon. And confused because I know Lucifer. He definitely would not do something like that out of kindness. There is some evilness behind all of this.

“It’s because then you can’t heal faster. Now you are going to heal like a normal human being. The pain is going to hurt a lot more.” He looked me in the eyes while grinning insanely. He has gone mad.

My eyes widen. No! he cannot do that. Why?

I looked at Lucifer who was at the door by now. I took a deep breath.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I screamed hoarsely. Or close to screaming, my throat felt so dry. It pained me to scream but I needed his attention.

He left.

But I heard his voice in my head.


You are my toy, and I’ll do whatever I want to do with you. And you are going to accept it as a good pet would do.′

Then his laughter sounded around the room. He was not here but I guess this is because of his powers as a devil.

I shook violently and I began to cry. I eventually fainted out of exhaustiveness.

I can faintly hear the sounds of voices talking in distance. The air inside this room is so dry. I cannot hear anything else besides voices talking quietly. My throat was dry. I was thirsty and hungry. My stomach ached. It also grumbled. I needed food and water. I felt a lot weaker now, as I have turned fully human again and not half-demon. So far Lucifer’s way of torturing me was to starve me.

I tried opening my eyes. It was hard. It was almost impossible for me to open my eyes. I was really tired and drowsy too. Somehow I also felt nauseous. I finally opened my eyes. I was not in the torture room anymore. I have been moved to a cell. It looked like a typical prison cell except that the steel bars had flames around them. No surprise. I am in Hell after all.

Why was he doing this? The question I have always wanted to know.

I sighed. I tried standing up, but my legs gave out. I fell hard. That would definitely leave a bruise. Along with my multiple scars, the bruises would definitely match them.

I was wearing a loose black dress. I had no idea, how I ended up wearing a dress. At least I was not freezing. Hell is hot. It is never cold down here. I remember Lucifer telling me that. So freezing was not on top of my list of horrible things, I was feeling right now. I felt pain everywhere. I wish I was dead.

Oh God, why is this happening to me? I swear I am not even a bad person. At least I hope so.

“God won’t help you. No one will help you.” Lucifer said evilly then chuckled afterward. The man behind all of my pain. I knew that he was not done with me.

I looked down. I hoped he would end this torture. “What are you going to do to me now?”

The air got sucked out of me. It was like some kind of force, forcing my head up to look at him. I opened my mouth, trying to breathe, but I could not. My body would not corporate nor function.

Tears started forming in my eyes and started falling down on my cheeks. I gasped trying to breathe.

Just when I thought, I was going to blackout, lots of oxygen filled my lungs. I took a deep breath and I began coughing hysterically. I could feel my face turning red.

I looked up at Lucifer from the ground. He was shirtless. His abs were showing. Why could he not just be ugly?

He smirked.

I mentally facepalmed, of course, he can read my thoughts. How weak am I?

“Well, what is today’s torture?” I asked him, mirroring his smirk. I replied so arrogantly.

The oxygen trick was, of course, torture but I could not let him think that I am broken. I am a strong independent woman. I will not be a coward. I will not turn into a mute pet for him. I will not. I simply will not.

He wiped the smirk off. His eyes turning dangerously dark. A horrible sound of bone cracking sounded.

I furrowed my eyebrows. What was it?

First I thought it was his wings forming. But then I felt a horrible pain in my left arm. Is he seriously breaking my arm right now? The pain is unbearable.

“AAAARRRRGGG!!!!!” I screamed and screamed until my voice turned raw.

It was like every single bone in my left arm was crushed to dust. Which I had no doubt it was.

Damn it! It hurt like hell. No pun intended.

I finally closed my eyes. I cannot handle this crushing pain.

His whisper sounded in my ears

“Don’t defy me darling. I can easily kill you, but I won’t let you go that easy. I am turning you into my good submissive little pet”


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