The Devil and Me

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Chapter 7

I opened my eyes. I must have fallen asleep. Or rather passed out. I scoffed. Little me cannot handle pain. I felt weak. Lucifer knew where to press my buttons.

I quickly looked down at me arm, expecting it to be deformed or something odd looking. But as I look down at my arm, my eyes widen. It did not hurt, and it was not broken. Lucifer must have healed it when I was out.

I still felt like something is way off. I shook my head. Maybe it was because I was not getting any fresh air or something. I tried standing up but I could not.

I tried moving my legs, but I simply could nor. I took deep breaths, trying not panic. I tried to remain calm and collected.

What did he do to my legs?

My eyes started to blur and I blacked out


The raging headache woke me up. It hurt so much. Did I bang my head against the wall? It was unbearable pain. I tried to focus on something else.

I looked at my legs. Hope filled me, Maybe it was a dream? Maybe did I turn crazy. Or maybe I was delusional. I tried moving them but they would simply not budge.

Did he paralyze me?

“Well yes, I did.” His voice traveled around the room. Booming on the walls.

I felt irritated and forgot about my legs. “Stop reading my thoughts!” He keeps invading my privacy! It annoyed me so much. I almost screamed at him for reading my thoughts. I am just utterly exhausted and I am starving. Can he just listen to me for once? Is it really that hard for him to be merciful?

“Do you really think that I’ll listen to you?” He said sounding smug. He looked around the room in thought.

Then I felt a warm gush of wind, hitting me. And there he was. Lucifer was standing in front of me. Shirtless with black pants. His black big wings spread out.

His wings looked so soft, nothing like himself. I wanted to touch them. He once told me that his wings have healing powers. They were truly magnificent.

I looked anything but magnificent. I do not know how long I have been in here for. My hair is all over the place, there are sweat and blood stains on my clothes. I feel awful and I could really use a steaming hot shower. A shower, what a privilege that is.

“Oh and by the way, do you like your legs?” He chuckled at the end.

I was scared. Maybe I never would feel my legs again. I hid my fear and anger was replaced instead. Never show your fear Stella. Never.

“You think that will make me be ‘obedient’?” My voice came out harsh and cold. I could not let him think that I was scared. I just could not give him the pleasure.

He narrowed his eyes and they turned dark. Like midnight black. The white around his eye color turned black too. ” I could make you blind too. If that’s what you want”

Everything turned dark. I made sure that my eyes were open. They were open. He made me blind.

Tears started to form and spill down my cheeks. I was now both paralyzed and blind.

I gathered the strength to ask “Why are you doing this to me?”

I felt his hand touch my cheek. “You know why Stella”

“No! I DON’T KNOW! Please just tell me. Tell me please.” I pleaded and pleaded. This was not like me at all

Suddenly I could see and feel my legs. Never have I ever been so relieved.

I looked at him, and he was standing right in front of me.

He took my hand, and pulled me against him. He put his hands on my waist and pressed me closer to him.

There were only a few inches between us. The warmth immediately filled me. Not that I was feeling cold or anything.

I am so confused. What is he doing?

He then whispered against my ear. “You were with Gabriel. I know you slept with him.”

I was shocked and confused and sad, all at once. He really thought that I was the kind of person that would do something like that? He really thought so low of me? Gabriel and I were only friends. It is nothing more. Where did he get this dumb thought? Oh no. Is this the reason why he cheated on me?

He let go of me and looked me into my eyes.

“That’s right my star. I know that you are a manipulating liar. It crushed my heart knowing that you have been with another, and an angel at that. How could you? I mean how dare you? You tried to break ME that way, but guess what darling. I am standing here as strong as ever without any feelings left toward you”

He stared at me. And I stared right back at him. I made sure to look him in the eyes.

He must be playing with me. It’s a trick or something. I would know if I cheated on him. I do know that I have not. I will never be that kind of person.

“It’s impossible. You are lying Lucifer!” I told him. He must be playing mind tricks with me. He must. There cannot be another reason for him to say something like that.

“Why would I lie about such? This is why you are suffering Stella!” Lucifer said looking irritated. Oh. He really thought that I had cheated on him? He did not trust me? He knows that I will never do something like that.

His chest was going up and down. Trying to control himself.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Lucifer? I did not do such things. You know I would never do that to you. And Gabriel is only a friend. Nothing more. You were the love of my life. And when YOU cheated, it completely broke my heart. That is why I left. That is why we haven’t spoken in 5 years until you showed up again.”

Lucifer was really angry, all of a sudden. ” I do not tolerate liars Stella! You know that, then you are lying to my face? It’s a clear form of disrespect that I simply will not tolerate!” He yelled out.

Me? a liar?


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