The Devil and Me

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Chapter 8

I tried to remain calm, but it was really hard. Slowly I started shaking and trembling. As Lucifer noticed this, his smirk got wider. I know that I did not cheat. What is this sick game, he is playing at?

I took a deep breath, to calm my nerves. “Lucifer, you would know if I lied right?” My voice sounded shaky and scared.

I cringed at my voice and cleared my throat. I need to be strong about this. I have to be fearless.

Looking at him, I noticed that he is exactly acting as the devil that everyone writes about. Fire, wings and scary. It is good that nobody believes that the devil actually is that cruel. No one alive except me has met him. Everyone would live in fear and being terrified of existing if they have met him while being alive.

“I would by listening to your heart, but you can control your heartbeat.” He told me.

After he ended his sentence, he threw a fireball right beside me. I screamed and moved. It came so close to me that I could feel the heat even after it became distinguished.

“Ready to be burnt? Or to melt?” He said while his eyes were shining.

Melt? I definitely did not want to melt. My heartbeat was very fast. I’m sure he could hear it now.

He threw another fireball at me. I quickly blocked my head with my hands. When I never felt anything, I slowly moved my arms.

There he was. He is not in his true ‘devil’ form now. He was looking as handsome as always. It was a relief for me, I really did not like it when he got big and scary.

“You think I would hurt you, when you’re not lying to me?” His eyes were twinkling with mischief.

My eyes widen and I could not breathe. I began coughing hysterically. “You believe me now?” I was dizzy and confused.

“Yes, for some reason I do” He smirked at me.

I still could not grasp the fact that he believes in me. “How?”

“I’m the Devil. Stella, you should know that by now. I thought of many ideas to punish you. But then I realized you are telling the truth. I still do not know if you are being sincere or if this is some trick that you have going on with Gabriel. Trust me, Stella, I will find out soon enough. If I find out that you are lying directly to my face again, after all these years. I promise you that you will deeply regret it.” I knew that Lucifer would keep his promise. Although, I really should not have anything to worry about because I know that I am telling the truth.

After Lucifer told me all of this, he suddenly just disappeared. I looked up at the sky. The clouds were a dark grey color, and there were clouds everywhere. The sounds of thunder boomed around me, and it got me nervous. Was this also one of Lucifer’s tricks? It began to rain heavily. This is some kind of storm. I thought that it never rains down here, in Hell. This is not good. What began as some high winds and a smattering of rain has built into the worst kind of storm that I have ever seen. The screaming of the wind is disturbing and the rain is absolutely merciless. The dead trees creak and are being ripped away from the muddy ground. The lightning came like a rip in the dark weather as if behind the dark canvass was a strong light just waiting to flood trough any crack no matter how small. Then some lightning struck right beside me, and I jumped.

I deeply hoped that Lucifer would come and help me. If he did not come soon then the wind would take me away. I could not possibly recover from such. Why did he leave me here, and is he the one making the weather go crazy right where I am?

I tried walking in some direction. I did not know where I would end up. I just knew that I needed to escape this horrible weather. I kept walking and walking. Everything looked the same and I felt like I was going in rings, which is impossible. I could not be walking in rings, everywhere just felt like a drenched dessert. Then to make everything worse, I just suddenly tripped and fell hard on my knee. I scraped my knee on the ground and it is bleeding badly. I tried to stand up and I could not. The pressure was just too much for my knee.

Suddenly the sunlight sauntered in igniting the stormy weather. Although there was a strangeness to the sunlight, it was almost as if a layer of a tinted blue color was added into the sky. A mist gathered in front of me.Through the grey gathering mist came the form of a man. I could not yet see who it was. From a distance, he looked like a regular human. I know that it cannot be a human because humans cannot enter hell without the permission of Lucifer. Lucifer has only given permission to one human. And that human is me. He came closer to me. I did not recognize who it was. I felt strange. There is some kind of energy around this mystery man, and I cannot explain what it is. His energy had a calmness to it.

He stopped when the distance between us was five feet. His eyes were a shining green color, but it was a naturally bright green color. I have never seen anything like that at all. He had a white cloak around him and his head was covered with a hood. The hood is hiding his face, and his bright green eyes are the only thing that I can see.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? Was it you that controlled the weather, if so, how can you do something like that?” I asked him. I needed answers and only he could give it to me. For some reason, I think that Lucifer does not know about this mystery man.

“You will never know who I am, and this is for the best. Now listen carefully human girl. This is a warning to you.” His voice sounded angelic and soft but also firm. It was important that I listened to him.

I nodded and waited for him to tell me the warning. He looked me deep into my eyes.

“Every angel is fully capable of turning into a demon or being a demon. Every single and last one of them. Unless you can feel the dark at it’s fullest and being able to reject it, you do not deserve the light at its strongest and most healing ability. Open means open. When you are open to light then you are open to the darkness. You cannot take one without the other. Many angels have chosen the light regardless of the personal cost, and the demons have chosen the darkness in the vain hope of comfort and ease. You have to expect angels to have a toughness to them, to have a breath of flame, and to have their strong wings made of fire. The angels have opened their child soul to the fires in hell and they have survived. That is truly angelic, but they can be tempted. Tempted to rise to power. Be aware Stella, your faith is truly in your own hands.” After the mystery man said this, he disappeared.

I felt a wave of wind and I was in my own living room. What did he mean? Is he referencing to Gabriel? My mind is currently a surging perplexity. Gabriel has a lot of answers that he owes me. I also needed to ask him about why Lucifer had thought that Gabriel and I were once together.

The warning the mystery man gave me is a mystery. It gave me an unsettling feeling in my stomach. ”Your faith is in your own hands.” The decisions that I am currently making have a lot of influence on my future. But what decisions? Why did he give me that warning? Why did he mention angels and demons?

First, I needed to talk to Gabriel. Then I needed to tell Lucifer about the warning. He must know that I am not in hell anymore. He knows that I cannot leave hell without some sort of power, therefore he must be suspicious. My destiny lies within my own hands. I needed Lucifer’s help. He has to help me or I will feel like I am doomed. Fate can be cruel and ruthless but fate can also help you in desperate times. Right now Lucifer had the power to change my fate. Maybe even his own because the warning is clearly also a message that I need to bring to him. For the first time, in a long time, Lucifer cannot say no to me.

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