An Eternum's Redmption

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Zeff is an eternum, a person whose soul can reincarnate and inherit the memories and abilities of their past life. Zeff, however, isn’t too keen on awakening the powers of his past and does everything he can to prevent himself from doing so. It was all to protect those he cared dearly for but, unfortunately, his life is at risk if he chooses not to awaken. Given the options to die or awaken, Zeff chooses to die. However, before he is killed, a third option is presented to him. An option that would lead him to find the identity of his past life and either confirm his fears, or refute it.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 0 - Prologue is the day I will die. Not because people want me to die, or because I want to die. It was because I had to die. I will die by my hands and only my hands. For I, despise injustice. And because I despise injustice, I believe those who do evil deeds must never go unpunished, no matter who the individual is. Including myself. Which is why I will die. For I, have wronged others.

Looking at the glow coming from the back of my hand, I chuckled.

Truth be told, I wanted to die the moment I received that gray wing. That gray wing of power. Every passing day since then, I’ve always had the resolve to take my life. So why is it that my resolve falters now?

I already had my sword faced towards me; all I needed to do was stab myself, so why is it that my hand is shaking? One simple stroke was all it would take, so why is that I’m struggling? Despite the need to make things right?

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