An Eternum's Redmption

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Chapter 6 - Equipment

Upon daybreak I entered the team dorm. As I descended the stairs, I could see Aldis sitting at the table. He was creating a fire in his palm and then expanded the fire and condensed the fire multiple times. His back was faced towards me and it seemed like he didn’t notice I entered the dorm.

Once I got down the stairs, I too sat at the table.

Even though I was given a key to the team dorm, I didn’t really use the rooms here and instead slept at my individual dorm instead. I would still have my individual dorm until the test was over and then I would have to move into the team dorm.

My eyelids were slightly closed since I may have overdone my training a bit and lost some sleep. It was probably a bad idea as I felt the effects of fatigue affecting my movement and thoughts. I rested my head on my hand as I waited at the table for the last member of our team.

My eyes were starting to close and I tried to keep them up. My head was bobbing trying to stay awake and then I looked at Aldis once more. His head was also resting on his hands. And then I heard a snore.

He was sleeping this whole time? No wonders he couldn’t hear me enter.

The door opened again.

I quickly tapped Aldis’ shoulders to wake him up and he woke up (a bit startled).

Descending down the stairs was Priscilla, carrying something in her arms.

“Good, everybody is here. I brought you guys some cloaks to use and some other equipm-” she said, but then stopped once she looked at me and Aldis. “I know I did say to practice but...I think you guys may have overdone it.”

Me and Aldis looked at each other. His face had dark spots beneath his eyes and his eyes were also slightly closed. It was almost as if I were looking at a mirror and, seeing the sight of his face, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Aldis too, broke into a laugh.

“Oh no, are we going to make it far in the evaluations?” I said.

“I’ll try my best to stay awake,” said Aldis unconvincingly, as he yawned soon after.

“Maybe it would have been best you guys stayed at the team dorm so I could monitor you. I thought you guys were sensible enough to give yourself some time to sleep,” Priscilla said, a tad disappointed. “Well, what has happened, happened. Put on these cloaks and equipment and see if it fits.”

“I’m not complaining but, why the cloaks? Actually, you didn’t have to get me any equipment. I would have eventually gotten some for myself with the reward money from requests,” I said. “I’m just feeling more indebted to you now.”

“First, I got the cloaks because they look rather nice,” Priscilla said as she held up the cloak and inspected it. “Second, I got the equipment out of my own goodwill. Nothing more, nothing less. If you feel indebted to me, you can pay me back with your performance from here on out.”

I know she’s the team leader but, she really didn’t have to go out of her way and buy the stuff. Both Aldis and Priscilla have this sort of blind faith that throws me off. It was the same with my mother and brother. Is it normal for people to be this optimistic? Or is it just me that’s wrong?

“I cannot thank you enough,” Aldis said as he eyed the cloak and other equipment. “I promise you that you won’t regret it.”

The equipment Priscilla had gotten consisted of some gloves and chest plates. Both me and Aldis wore the gloves, the chestplate, and the hoodless cloaks.

With the gear on, the team left the dorm and went to the building that manages the evaluations. In the building, there were many teams there waiting for their turn to be evaluated as well. While we were there, me and Aldis took the chance to rest while we waited for it to be our team’s turn. After a while, we were both awoken by Priscilla who was with Llyod.

“Ah, we meet again Zeff. And nice to meet you Aldis. I’ll be the one overseeing your tests today,” Lloyd said.

Me and Aldis greeted Lloyd as well and then Lloyd who walked us through the halls of the building. We then came upon a revolving circle on a wall. The circle was gigantic and had multiple holes that were shaped as a door. At the bottom of the revolving circle was a door frame.

“The first test you’ll be taking will be in the training ground, The Forest of Fog,” Lloyd said. “The objective here is simple. All you have to do is regroup as you each will be teleported to a random place in the forest. Priscilla, if you may.”

The circle then turned until one of its holes aligned with the door frame. The door frame then lit up and was ready to use. Lloyd pointed towards the door and Priscilla walked into and disappeared.

I then walked towards the teleport and before I entered it, Lloyd said something.

“I have high expectations for you two. You’re the first teammates she’s ever had and, I’m interested to see why,” said Lloyd.

I nodded and then entered the teleport.

Priscilla saved my life and gave me another path when I felt chained between two fates. The least I could do is try my best to repay her by not holding back the team.

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