The Glass Cannon

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Chapter 2 - A Village

[Party Invite: Gerald Friedhelm]

“I accept,” I said in my mind and a personal display appeared before me.


[Party Leader: Gerald Friedhelm]


Vayne Mourgent

Lysa Eranthe

Alek Jerion

Ryia Gilow

Garit Beyvas


“So, how did you two end up in this forest?” Gerald asked as we made our way through the forest.

“I tried to take a shorcut,” I said.

“Coincidentally, I did too,” Lysa said.

“Sorry for the abrupt calling then. A sudden quest came up to the guild about a fanged minotaur and, I thought it would be a good chance for Lysa to see how the group works together,” Gerald said as he cut down the branches and trees in front of him.

“Don’t you normally need more people for a fanged minotaur?” Lysa asked, “The last time I fought one, the party numbered at least fifteen.”

“Ah, this is normal for our guild,” I said. “Although Deathwish is mostly known for clearing difficult dungeons, we usually take quests like these from time to time.”

“I see. I’m curious as to how the minotaur will be dealt with now,” Lysa said.


After we exited the forest, we came upon a village.

“Gerald,” I said.


“You failed to mention that the village we’re supposed to be saving is in flames. We were supposed to be saving a village, not a ruin.”

The village before me had smoke escaping from it and pieces of former houses scattered around the place.

“Huh, it wasn’t like that when I left.”

“Were the villagers taken care of already?”

“It was the first thing we did. Still, I didn’t expect the minotaur to reach the village since the kindgom’s knights were keeping it occupied. I guess I’ll call the others now.”

Gerald then manifested in his hands a horn.

“You may want to cover your ears,” I said to Lysa.

Hands over our ears, Gerald blew into the horn and the bellow that left the horn made the air vibrate in the night sky. Not too long later, the rest of the party came.

“Hello Ryia, Alek, and Garit. Can I see the stats of the fanged minotaur?” I asked.

One of them pulled out a scroll and showed it.


[Basic Inspect Stats: Fanged Minotaur]

Level: 69

Race: Minotaur

Class: Monster

Health: 35512/35512

Mana: 132/132






“Does it have any unusual armor or weapons?” I asked.

“None,” one of them said.

“Who’s keeping the minotaur busy?”

“It’s under a strong illusion spell right now and some of the kingdom’s knights are watching it.”

“Gerald, can you go to the minotaur to also keep watch?”

“Of course. Lysa, you should probably come with me too,” Gerald said.

“Wait, how are we going to defeat it? What’s the plan?” Lysa asked.

“We let Vayle handle it from here. All we need to do is stall for time,” Gerald replied.

With that, Gerald and Lysa left and ran towards the village.

“Ok then, let’s get started,” I said.

The remaining party member started to cast magic and which enveloped me in light.

[Blessing of the Wind]

[Blessing of the Earth]

[Blessing of the Shadows]

[Superior Physical Defense Buff]

[Superior Magic Defense Buff]



In the burning village, Gerald and Lysa met up with the knights who were hiding behind a makeshift barricade as they watched over the minotaur.

“That’s a giant of a minotaur,” Gerald said. “But...not the biggest I’ve ever fought.”

The minotaur that stood in the middle of the village, seemingly dazed, was two times the height of Gerald. The minotaur had well defined muscles and two long horns on its head. From its mouth jutted two fangs.

“Is this all the reinforcement we got?” A knight said.

“Not satisfied,” Lysa said.

“No we appreciate the help but, I just can’t imagine beating that thing with this many people,” the knight said in a worried tone.

“Don’t worry,” Gerald said with a bold grin, “your work here is done. Go. Deathwish will handle this now.”

The knights then fled, leaving only Lysa and Gerald in the village.

“Our big boy is about to snap out of the illusion,” Gerald said.

“Is that why you told the knights to leave?” Lysa asked.

“Yes, but also for Vayle’s sake. When he’s in control and in command, it’s best to give him a battlefield he can maneuver freely in.”

“You seem to place a lot of trust in him.”

“The whole guild trusts him. And if you stick with the guild long enough, you may too.”

“Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask you this but, why did you invite me to the guild? You haven’t told me my role yet.”

“I’ll tell you that later because our big boy is now free from his illusion,” Gerald said and pointed towards the minotaur that locked eyes with him.

The minotaur roared and started to run towards the barricade in an attempt to ram it.

Lysa immediately jumped to rooftop of one of the houses and Gerald stepped to the side as the barricade collapsed in one blow from the minotaur. As the minotaur turned around to ram Gerald, Lysa shot a crossbow bolt in one of its eyes.

[Dark Flame]

The bolt was then lit with a black fire and minotaur howled as it held it’s hand over its eye. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Gerald swung his axe on the back of the minotaur’s leg.

[Severing Strike]

A bleeding wound was left on the minotaur which caused it to falter and kneel. The minotaur eventually recovered and with its hands, tore pieces of a nearby house and threw it at Lysa. Lysa immediately jumped away and took cover on the roof of another house. Gerald swung his axe at the minotaur but the minotaur stopped it with its hand. The minotaur’s hand was now bleeding and the axe was embedded in its skin, but with its free hand, it struck Gerald which sent him tumbling.

Disarmed, Gerald manifested a shield on his arm in order to block another punch from the minotaur.

“Come at me,” Gerald shouted.

[Strength of Warriors]

Before the minotaur could land another punch however, Lysa shot a flurry of arrows at the minotaur.

[Dark Flame]

The minotaur once again howled in pain as the black fires burned its body. The minotaur, now very enraged, quickly punched Gerald and started to tear down the remaining houses-hurtling the broken pieces at Lysa who desparately tried to dodge the barrage. She leapt from house to house but, eventually she was stuck by the debris.

The minotaur opened its mouth, and from it came a breath of fire which it used to burn Gerald who recovered from the punch.

“Ooh, that’s hot,” Gerald said as he held dearly to his shield and was being pushed back by the flames.

Once the flames ceased, Gerald started to run away from the minotaur. As the minotaur chased him it triggered a trap spell from Lysa. The trap pulled the minotaur’s leg, preventing it from chasing Gerald.

Lysa soon joined up with Gerald and they ran.

“So what now?” Lysa said.

“We wait.”

“I’m not sure we can keep this up for long.”

“We don’t have to. Look,” Gerald said and pointed at one of the rooftops.

From the smoke emerged a figure.


“What a mess,” I thought as I looked at the crumbling buildings. “At least the villagers were safe.”

I looked around from the rooftop that I stood on and saw Gerald and Lysa. They both looked at me and I gave them a nod, and then they quickly left the village.

The minotaur that was searching for them saw me instead. It locked eyes with me and proceeded to throw chunks of debris at me. Still standing on the rooftop, the debris that was going to hit me was instead deflected and hit my surroundings. The minotaur threw some more debris but the same thing happened. It was then that the minotaur took a ramming position.

Fanged Minotaurs. Not the first time I’ve fought one and probably not the last one either. Since it had no armor or weapons, its safe to say that its stats are similar to the ones I’ve faced in the past (unless it ate something special). It’s weak in magic defense and more so versus dark magic.

“Cursed Weapon Series: Abyss of no Return,” I said in my head.

A void appeared in front of me, and from it came a black sword. The sword had a wicked and ominous look to it. The sword was dark enough that it seemed to swallow the moonlight and left no reflection.

The minotaur was no charging towards me. I waited as it got closer, and closer, and closer. And then,

[Enter the Abyss]

A void appeared that swallowed the minotaur in the blink of an eye. It was as if the minotaur never existed in the first place and was but an illusion.

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