Statera: The Balance of Yin and Yang

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This story is dedicated to the girl I call Elora. Without you, this book would not have existed.


My name is Aletheia. Or Theia for short. I am a Congregant. To you, it might seem like I am the focus of this story. But in reality, I like to think that it is Elora. After all, my story is one that could have been easily replaced by someone else’s. Perhaps you might say I am Robin Hood to the Batman in your world – or maybe, not even that, since I do not possess such heroic traits either. I’m nothing special.

In my world, humankind has discovered the ability to use the natural energy of the earth – Yin and Yang. We never progressed to the extent you do in technology, but we make up for it by advancing in other ways. But humans we still are, and war and chaos inevitably find us in some form or another. For years, Yin and Yang has ebbed and flowed, but it has always maintained its delicate balance. In recent years, however, excess usage of Yang and extreme religious beliefs has brought increasing turbulence in the energy that maintains our world, and we need someone that can unite the world to bring it back to balance – our Statera.

That person – the main heroine of our world - is Elora.

Her name and legend have been written down in countless books, but for once this is not the story of the heroine. This is just my story. And the stories of those who watched Elora become the warrior she is.

I do have to forewarn you that I am no heroine nor idealist, neither am I full of righteous heroics, working for the greater good – though there are many of such people. This is just story of a lost woman and her loved ones – a story of someone who has realised that their story is but a supporting role to the cornerstone of the world - and has decided it. If you want a heroine’s story, go read Elora’s.

She is the light of the world, truly.

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