Rejected Alpha

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Rejected alpha by his mate. Will he accept or will he pursue to get his mate back. Will she change her mind or escape from him

Fantasy / Mystery
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chapter 1

Ally wasn't meant to be here, she wasn't meant to be born as a she-wolf and she certainly didn't want to have a mate.

She worked a normal 9-5 job where she was content with her life and regularly visited her adopted parents.

Her brother on the other hand loved being a wolf and was the Alpha of his pack. Alpha Kyle of the silver knight pack. He had accepted his role fully and was busy in his life.

Her house felt different today, as if someone was inside but only one other person had the key and she could trust him with her life.

She walked in and hugged him as it was her only blood relative left.

She could hear a growl when she was hugging him but she decided to ignore and listen to Kyle.

He came to visit Ally to invite for his mating ceremony as he had found his mate.

Ally shuddered at the thought of being in the presence of other wolves, she had known some of them and although they treated her like a sister she didn't want to go.

"I can't go , I don't want to be involved in anyway" Ally said

"Fine , I won't force you but at least meet my mate she wants to see you"

"Ok sure, where is she?"

The most beautiful goddess in the world was standing behind her, she understood where the growl came from. "Ariana, Ally doesn't feel like going to our mating ceremony" Kyle murmured.

"But she is your only blood relative left ,you wouldn't deny your presence on the one significant day of your brother's life" Ariana demanded to Ally.

She had given up all hopes, she was doing this for everyone's safety but her argument was weak.

"Nice to meet you, I will go to your mating ceremony rest assured" she spoke quietly.

"Good, now that's settled. Let's see your clothes" Ariana exclaimed.

Ally took her to her room.

She was horrified at her clothes , why are they so dark and loose.

"That's how I like them" Ally was tired and not in the mood to discuss her clothes.

"We have to go shopping" Ariana excitedly shouted.

"Ok , we will go tomorrow" Ally wanted to sleep and was dreading the day already.

She waved bye to both her brother and his mate.

She tried to sleep but felt unsettled about attending the ceremony. She kept thinking of excuses to come up with on the day but finally gave up. It was just one day of Kyle's life that she couldn't miss out on. Everything will be fine and all your brothers in the pack will protect you so you can go back to your normal life.

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