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This story is about a girl called Amraa that had to move to new york. Lets see how she can cope with other foreign people.

Khadijah Bello
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Amraa's pov

"Wake up you sleepy head!" Chachee Zeenat shouted. "Don't worry Chachee, i'll be ready in 10 minutes," I said. "Remember we are moving to America today," She said.
Hi! My name is Amraa Siddiqui, I am 16 years old and i live with my Chachee Zeenat, her husband Chachaa Ameer and my 4 siblings Kabeer, Rukhsar, Zara and Ahmad.Kabeer and I are twins but we don't talk like twins do, Rukhsar is 14 and Zara and Ahmad are 6. We are Indian Muslims . We have been living with her since my Maa and Papa passed away 5 years ago in a plane crash. Its hard coping with Islamic traditions in India since we live in Mumbai and our house is very close to the temple so we can hear the priest chanting prayers every morning. The only festivals Chachee Zeenat allows us to participate in are Weddings, Diwali, Holi and New Years. She is a Foreign service officer so she travels often. She used to leave us here with her younger sister (Chachee Kashoodah) before she got married so now they are transferring her to America for 3 years so we are moving there. Earlier this week Chachee Zeenat put most of our clothes in a cargo for America. We would be staying in New York city in our apartment. I wake up move to the bathroom to take a bath when i hear a knock on the door "Amraa, be fast we have to leave for the airport in an hour, " Chachaa Ameer says. "Ok Chachaa, i just need to take my bath," I said.

I quickly jump into the bathroom to take my bath and wash my hair then come out to wear my clothes. After taking my bath, I dry my hair then I put on my pink long sleeves jumpsuit, my veil, black sweater and my black snickers and head downstairs to the dinning room. "Salamualaykum everyone!" I said. "Waalaykumussalaam!" everyone shouted. I sat down and asked, "What's for breakfast Chachee?" and then she said "We are having: chhole bhature, paratas, okra, rasgulla, toast bread and orange juice,". "Rukhsar, no phones allowed on the table!" Chachaa Ameer exclaimed"But Chachaa, I have to say goodbye to all my friends," Rukhsar said with an angry look on her face. "Rukhsar, Chachaa is your elder so you can't talk to him with your face like that" I told her. "But he's talking to me like an annoying teacher" Chachaa laughed and said"Don't worry Amraa, she behaves like that sometimes, and by the way she's still my pyaree (cutiepie)" . "But I don't want to go to America, I'm going to miss holi Chachee, it's in a week!" Zara said "Then who will take care of you?" Chachee said with a frown on her face. "I could go to dadee and dadaa's house," she said. "Dadee and Dadaa are too old to take care of you, they can barely take care of their selves, can't you see Meenakshi and Jalal taking care of them?" Kabeer said "That's right, and as for holi, we can also celebrate it there since we're going to live in an Indian community, " Chachee said "Yipee " Zara said. We all enjoyed brekafast."Ok it"s time to go to the airport, everyone head to the taxi outside," Uncle Ameer said. We all stand up and move into the taxi.
As we reach the airport, Chachaa tells us to wait somewhere then he goes to get our tickets as Kabeer hold's Zara and Ahmas's hands. When Chachaa get's back, he tells us to follow him and just then our plane is called. We move into the plane and we find out that our seats are close to each other in first class. Great. I sit down as the air hostess anounces the plane to take off. "Goodbye India, friends, Dadaa and Dadee till we meet after 3 years" I say as I get ready to sit in the plane for 15 hours and 55 minutes.
On our way to America, I felt like watching films because i'm into sci-fi, adventure, action and horror films.I search for 'HORROR' then I see films like: Annabelle comes home, Child's play,Crawl and it chapter2. I choose 'ANNABELLE COMES HOME' , then I start watching.
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