Stellar Wind

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This epic adventure begins in Haiti in the year 1712. A hurricane cripples the illustrious merchant ship forcing her to seek safe harbor in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Stellar Wind moored there for over a fortnight undergoing major repairs. The weary crew spilled eagerly into the town which was famous for its mestizo whores, sugar, slaves, rich French colonies and voodoo. People around the world knew Stellar Wind and her Captain, William Morag. He had earned a legendary reputation as a gentleman and he was considered a brilliant captain and was a well-respected man of Scottish blood. A well-kept Captain Morag had left his proud vessel in search of a bit of comfort from a lady friend who lived just passed the port area. A fortnight later a churlish man returned with four slaves carrying a small wooden table. Morag was barely recognizable, ill-mannered and blaspheming to all and swinging his sword in the air like a madman. A few month after Stellar Wind made sail, and struck out from Haiti First Mate John Henry and Cookey found themselves on a mission that they could have never imagined: Murder the Captain. But why? And what did this little table have to do with so many deaths? A true fact: This evil table can be found in Parinacota, Chile inside the tiny village's adobe church.

Fantasy / Adventure
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