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The Order has fallen, but Canis Majoris is still out there, and they have a plan to retake the galaxy. Ultraviolet, Wiz, and Helios may be able to find allies in the stars of the Andromeda Galaxy — that is, if they can win their trust. But trust is not so easily won, and without the Andromedans, the Defiance's fate is sealed. Time is running out as Canis grows stronger. They have one chance at victory. The fate of the galaxy rests with them.

Fantasy / Adventure
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It had been cycles since the Defiance and I had contained the Vortex, and we hadn’t heard from Canis, Vega, or Proxima since. It was a strange time, an odd lull in the chaos of the celestial war. Of course, it was nice to have a break from fighting, but I couldn’t help but feel on edge. Something told me this was just the calm before the storm.

Many things happened in this time. A majority of Canis’s armies had become neutral in the celestial war since my almost-execution was broadcast to the whole galaxy, not quite on our side but abandoning the Order all the same. A group of wizards previously working for the Order had approached Wiz requesting to join the Defiance. Sirius, Canis’s war general, had offered me his formal apology, then disappeared without a trace.

But most recently, and most pressing, one of the Defiance’s surveillance stars had informed me of a transmission — a message — for me.

From the Andromeda Galaxy.

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