It's Only Just Beginning

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Bullied, disgusted, and just done with everything about thier lives five friends wish to be anywhere but where they are. They take a blast to the past, meet some new people, fall in love, go through wars, but then again-- that's only the beginning.

Fantasy / Scifi
Age Rating:

Bitch of a Math Teacher.

Word Count: 825


A tall girl with dark brown features stared longingly out the window. It was the third hour--Science. She inhaled sharply, turning her attention back to the professor who stood at the end of the room.

It was the same routine, everyday, the friends picked the same table at the front of the room every morning, then they would pile into the chairs that sat around it. Jaidion, a short girl of about 5'2 sat in front of her, she had her phone hidden in the crease of her arm, looking at Instagram posts. Brayden, a tall boy of about 5'10 sat beside her, toying with the hem of his shirt. It was the same everyday. Everyone sat in the same spots, the same people, the same schedule.

Ava sighed letting her head hit the table with a thump. Leaning forward in her seat she took in her professor, he was a tall man, in his early-forties, he had a receding hairline that pushed back to reveal thinning hair. She then looked to the tall boy, elbowing him lightly.

"Hey," She whispered, "What time is it?" The boy shrugged, a crooked smile on his face.

Ava groaned, looking to the girl in front of her. "Hey," She kicked her under the table to catch her attention, "What time is it?"

The girl looked down to her phone, "10:15." She replied quietly. Fuck, there was still ten minutes left.

Ava peered back out the window, man- she wished things would change every now and again, just for a change of scenery.

Ava sighed knowing she had to pay attention to pass this Biology class, she turned her face back towards the professor, starting at him with a groggy expression. The professor laughed slightly at the girl promising he was almost done.

The next ten minutes ticked by slowly. When the bell rang everyone filed out of the classroom, chatting before they couldn't anymore.


When they finally made it to their fourth class of the day they lined up against the wall, this hour happened to be math. Ava let her head hit the wall, she hated math. Hated the subject, hated the teacher even more. Everyone in this whole fucking high-school hated her.

Brayden groaned, pulling Ava from her thoughts. He let his body slip down the wall, hitting the ground with a thud, Jaidion tucked her phone into her binder texting someone new.

In all their years in high-school {three to be exact} they had never been through one lesson together in math without texting or passing notes, talking about Jaidions new boyfriend, and in some extreme cases, they talked about their similar dislikes like the math teacher.

They all sat, 'listening' to the lesson, really-- Ava was doodling in her notebook, Jaidion was on her phone, and Brayden was half sleeping.

However, when the fire alarm sounded halfway through the new Algebra topic, Ava stood, raising her hands in fists to the sky, closing her eyes-- thanking whatever higher power was out there. Brayden stirred slightly awake, and Jaidion shut her phone off, sticking it in her pocket.

Everyone in the class stood ready to break free from the lesson, broad smiles graced all their faces. When the grumpy old math teacher, who only cared that she was getting interrupted, yelled at everyone to sit back down and continue to work until they got word otherwise, everyone groaned, pulling out their phones, undoubtedly texting their parents.

Brayden looked over to Ava and gave her a sly smile, he then showed her his phone. The school number was pulled up and he was calling it. Ava laughed so hard she almost fell out of her seat. Ava's phone buzzed in her back pocket, she pulled it out looking at who was texting, it was Jiadion, telling Ava what her mother had said about the teacher.

When the principal finally came over the intercom telling everyone to evacuate, the whole class stood and ran to the door, hoping to be the first out.


Once outside of the old building the small group met up with some of their other friends.

First of the others was a taller blond girl named Rebekah that wore wide framed glasses and a dorky smile, next was a small Mong girl named Chairzhong who wore a sneer because of the heat that would surely make her hair frizz, and last was a tall boy named Eli, who was peeling off layers of clothes as he walked.

Once together Brayden, Ava, and Jaidion ranted about how much of a bitch their math teacher was, while the others talked about what they had done in Government.

When the principal came back over the intercom telling everyone that it was clear to come back in, they waved and shared small, sad smiles and said their goodbyes, going back inside to deal with the bitch of a math teacher.

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