The Bride of Death

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(My old account was HappyCamper1684) Read the prologue. Basically, Eve is the daughter of gods, and immortal because of it. Even if her and her grandmother are demi-gods. That is, until she is informed that she is the bride of death.

Fantasy / Romance
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I didn't want to be this way.

My father was absent in my life, my mother with him. That left me to be raised my my 48 year old grandmother, Miss Bellavinne Jones of an unnamed kingdom far far away from the land I know as home, Paris, France.
We had moved here when the Eiffel Tower was first starting to be built. My mother and father are gods, and my sister, that happens to be my twin, is also a goddess. I just turned out to be a normal demi-god. My mother had found no use to me, seeing as I only got beauty and charmspeak from her, and my father had went with everything my mother said. So, she had given me to my grandmother, and in hopes to sooth any tension out between them.
My mother, who had thought she was a princess her whole life, had been stolen from my grandmother by the King and Queen of an unnamed kingdom that my grandmother would never tell me the name of. The King and Queen couldn't have any more children, so they gave my grandmother a place to live, because she had my mother out of wedlock. She was sixteen, and she loved her baby, and thought that if maybe she could live and work in the castle, she could provide for her child.
They took my mother from my grandmother, but gave her work in the kitchens, forgetting she ever existed, and selling her daughter off to a 'monster.' But, enough of that.
My name is Eve Bellavinne Jones, and I am the Bride of Death.
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