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This is the second installment of the Karina Series. We continue Karina's journey to the Western Mountains that holds Nero's magical objects and a dangerous beast. She hopes that this last detour will free her and her friends from Nero's control but unforeseen events will not allow it. Karina will have a decision to make. To choose between freedom or to feel whole again. Will Karina help the Mad Demon destroy the Great Gods or will she save the world from destruction? So many questions and mysteries that Karina must decipher in order to survive. She does not know how it will end but she will do whatever it takes to see the next sunrise.

Fantasy / Adventure
Kris L. Dark
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“What are we going to do?” the God of War, Tyr, asked.

He was standing in the great hall of Odin, waiting for instructions. The problem with the demons in Midgard were getting worse, and they needed to do something about it. He felt the end coming near, and the King of the Gods needed to know. Locking them away didn’t work, so now the demons must be dealt with accordingly. He had enough evidence for the last millennia to pass such a sentence.

“We will do nothing because the demons are not a problem for us, only for the humans in Midgard. We have intervened enough. It is time for them to take care of themselves.” A voice called out from behind.

Hans stepped out of the shadows wearing his traditional council garb. He always had to put his two cents in as the All-Fathers righthand man. He helped the All-Father to gain wisdom for eons, and Odin trusted Hans with everything. Tyr tried not to roll his eyes as the suspicious man spoke again in Odin’s ear.

“Lord Odin, I think we should let them be, besides I think Tyr’s past with Lilith is swaying him. You know they have history.” Hans said with a sinister smile.

Tyr squinted his eyes at him, seeing Hans trying to sow doubt in the All-Father of his true intentions. It was true that he and Lilith had a past, and at one point, they were close, but that was a long time ago. To him, it did not matter. Only that justice was served. Lilith and Nero have done terrible things to the people on Midgard, and it was Tyr’s duty to make sure that they are punished. The murders, the manipulations, and evil placed on the world. They were contaminating Midgard and the surrounding domains with their misdeeds.

He stepped closer and tried to sound sincere as possible with his deep, booming voice.

“With all due respect, my past has nothing to do with it. I thought the King should know that Nero is in the process of killing his sister, Lilith. He plans to absorb her power and then come to destroy us.”

Hans looked surprised by this news but also excited. His evil smile grew broader, and Tyr assumed terrible thoughts went through his head. Tyr had an idea why the man appeared eager. Lilith’s essence or soul would come through the veil and cross the bridge to Asgard. Since she is not a mortal, she could not go to Hel’s domain or Valhalla, so the Mother of Demons would end up here in front of Odin and the Gods she despises. Of course, Lilith probably does not know that is what happens when they die.

“Even better, my king, we can add her to our collection—one less demon in these domains, the better. Let me know when she crosses over, I want to say hello personally. Now, I believe this conversation is over. I must visit my favorite prisoner. My lord, I know you will make the wise decision.” Hans said as he left the room.

Odin sat on his throne, holding his staff in his left hand. He had said nothing thus far of the whole conversation, and Tyr wanted to know what the King of the Gods thought of this situation.

“Tyr, I think you are too close to this and should take a step back. Let Hans take care of Lilith when she dies; it is not your concern anymore. As for Nero’s plan, it will never work. We are powerful, and they are weak. The demons are no threat to us. So, no need to worry.” Odin bellowed out, not moving from his big chair.

Tyr was silent upon hearing this. He felt that it was a mistake to underestimate Nero and his plans. He shook his head, disappointedly, and bowed as he turned to leave the King to his devices. He didn’t want to say anything more, not trusting himself not to speak out. Before he left the room, Odin called out to him.

“Wait! You are not dismissed.”

The God of War stopped midstride to turn around to face Odin. The All-father was rising from his throne, looking regal and dangerous. His massive body, covered in armor with a giant sword strapped to his side. His grey hair and beard swayed as he walked down the steps of his high pedestal, with one eye staring daggers into Tyr.

“I expect you to pay me respect. You will not disobey my order to stay away from the demons. They are not a threat to us anymore and never will be. Hans sought to that when he laid the curse down.”

With that, The King of the Gods left Tyr alone in the throne room. He was not surprised by the response and not upset about the outburst. It was a common occurrence. Tyr had to follow orders, and it was in his best interest to obey. He thought whatever happened to the demons from here on out was not his problem, but he wanted to make sure that their punishment fit the crime. If Odin didn’t want to do anything, Tyr would respect that, but he didn’t say anything about monitoring the situation. Lilith is close to death, and The God of War will watch very closely to see what happens next.

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